GPS Trackers Angelsense Review

The AngelSense Guardian subscription plan includes an embedded GPS (You may also like Rand McNally’s OverDryve 7 Pro) and a cellular tracking gadget from AngelSense. This device has a ton of helpful functions that are geared primarily toward locating children, the elderly, and those who have physical or mental challenges. Its primary purpose is to monitor these types of people.


This comes from a firm that is only focused on performing this particular function, which means that the product was developed with the needs of the parents and guardians in mind. This means that the tracking can be done quickly and accurately and that the specialized software that provides map-based tracking may be used with simplicity.


In contrast to many of its rivals, this gadget is constructed so that it cannot be removed, making it an excellent choice for those in danger. In addition, it has a button labeled “SOS” and the capability to communicate in both directions. Since it has so many useful capabilities, it is regarded as one of the finest personal Angelsense guardian GPS 1 trackers on the market.


Structure and Characteristics


Since it has the appearance of a vehicle battery more than anything else, the AngelSense Guardian is not likely to win any accolades for its design purely on aesthetics. But that’s not the point: the things buried under the surface are the ones that matter.


This consists of an SOS button and a two-way speak button at its basic level. This indicates that it comes equipped with a speaker and microphone. In addition, there is a volume rocker on the side of the device, and the power button can be found right next to the USB charging connector.


The unique pin and key method used to connect it to the wearer’s garment is one feature that especially impresses us. The construction is similar to anti-theft systems; the only way to open it is with a magnetic key. If the user has sensory difficulties, the tracker will not be able to be removed since the fabric casing and pins will prevent it from being removed from a purse or pocket.


The Guardian Kit also includes a travel case that has a USB charger built into it as well as a sensory-sensitive wearing sleeve. Thanks to its three permanent fasteners and one magnetic key, it may be used on various surfaces, including clothing and bags.


As someone hypersensitive to sensory input, I couldn’t tolerate wearing the AngelSense for a long time. I also requested my daughter, who is 14 years old, to try wearing the sleeve that was linked to her blouse, but after a few minutes of wearing it, she wanted to remove it since she discovered that it was uncomfortable. After I had it securely fastened in my pants pocket, it didn’t feel too uncomfortable, but I was aware of its existence throughout the day. Ultimately, I attempted to wear the AngelSense around my neck by threading a string through the loop and wrapping it around it, but the experience was still unpleasant. The firm sells additional items, such as an undershirt, a belt clip, and a watch band, all intended to make the user’s overall experience more enjoyable but must be bought separately.


The angel sense guardian Amazon tracker has some level of resistance to water, so children may wear it even when they are wearing wet clothes or while playing in the water, but it is not completely waterproof. If your child plans to swim while the pouch is connected, you must acquire a water-resistant attachment. I’m not a fan of how much additional money AngelSense has you spend to make the gadget wearable because of the need for attachments that are both waterproof and tailored to suit your body.


AngelSense is not only designed for children but also for people who have particular requirements; thus, this should be taken into consideration. Certain features of the tracker’s design were inspired by the idea that it wouldn’t be very useful if it could be readily removed by adults irritated by it.




Acquiring precise knowledge of one’s whereabouts in almost no time is now possible thanks to the widespread availability of 4G LTE and angel sense guardian GPS tracker. This information is useful when the app displays the position on a map. Nevertheless, you can also use geofencing, which will notify you if the tracker moves outside the specified region.


Receiving warnings based on movement took around half a minute longer than the industry standard, which is a significant improvement over the alternatives. Since this is compatible with LTE and Wi-Fi, it enables increased tracking precision even when used within buildings. It eliminates the need to wait for a GPS signal to become available.


The guardian and the wearer can have a straightforward conversation because of the function that allows for two-way communication. There is also a mode for covert listening that enables the parent or guardian to listen in on what is happening around the wearer without the wearer or anybody around them being aware that they are being listened to.


The alarm function is another helpful addition to the gadget since it gives you the ability to have the watch emit a loud noise that will assist you in locating the user should they be hiding.


The battery lasted twenty-four hours before it needed to be charged again. When you plug it in, a voice will tell you it is “charging,” letting you know the battery is being replenished.


Service Plans


It is important to remember that an additional fee must be paid every month to use personal GPS devices. (Garmin Drive 52 & Traffic is for you)After all, a sim card must be inserted for this gadget to function properly, and you must pay for notifications and customer support.


When making payments for this, AngelSense has three different choices. If you want to make payments every month, the cost is $40 each month. If you want to subscribe for a whole year, the cost is $29.99 a month or a one-time payment of $300 (which, to put that into perspective, is equivalent to $25 per month). While the price is fair, this is an additional expenditure you may not have planned.


AngelSense Service


You will get access to all of AngelSense’s features, including an infinite number of guardians for the device, real-time tracking through the app, complete customer support, and limitless alerts. In addition, you will receive all of AngelSense’s features. The service is somewhat pricey even though it provides a thorough experience. Throughout our research, the BrickHouse Security Spark Nano 7 was the only item with a higher price.


You can cancel your membership and get a refund for AngelSense kit, activation fee ($59), and service costs within the first 30 days of use; however, you will be required to return the product in the packaging it was originally bought. For instance, if you want to return the device within that period, you won’t be able to take it out of the plastic casing it arrived in since you won’t have permission to do so. Because of this, you won’t be able to give the service an honest trial run before paying for it. AngelSense did not respond to any of the several queries that sought clarity on the particular process for dealing with customer returns. When deciding to use the service in any capacity, this fact must always be kept in mind.


Tracking with AngelSense


Tracking is one of AngelSense’s strong suits. Since I have an older kid who is just starting behind the wheel, I decided to try out the AngelSense by installing it in the center console of his car. My mind was put at ease when I realized that even if the battery on my son’s iPhone died, I would still be able to find him and that he would still be able to get in touch with me in an urgent situation.


In addition to continually monitoring where your kid is, the gadget offers safe zones that may be customized, automated geofencing, transit tracking (for those who, for example, ride a bus every day), and a daily timeline that includes a complete location history. If your kid or another loved one separates from you, the Runner mode will give you an updated position every ten seconds. The tracking is precise, and I could even determine when my adolescent relocated their car to a new parking spot in the school lot.


If you don’t have a smartphone but still want to keep tabs on your children’s whereabouts, you might consider AngelSense a viable option. Smartphone programs like Find My, Life360, and Locate My Kids provide this service for free. The fact that it was developed for people with special needs means that it has additional features, such as an artificial intelligence learning function that can identify when your loved one is not in a usual area, such as when they are absent from school. Other factors may also improve the tracking experience, including the following: The smartphone will never enter sleep mode and always give out intelligent alarms. It will also provide search and rescue functions if your kid has an emergency.


AngelSense Calls and SOS Feature


As was previously indicated, a normal AngelSense kit membership only allows for sixty minutes of voice calls each month, despite the fact that the device can support both one-way and two-way conversations. You will be able to listen in on your child via a one-way call, but your youngster will not be able to hear you. Since two-way calls allow for regular conversation between you and your kid, both of you can take advantage of the device’s built-in speaker. Your kid will be able to make calls using the Call Request button located on the device, while you will be able to initiate one-way or two-way calls using the AngelSense app, which is available for both Android and iOS. The only person the gadget can contact is a registered parent or guardian.


A Tracker With Capabilities That Comes at a Premium Price


Caregivers of people with special needs may be interested in AngelSense since it has several features that might be valuable to them, such as an SOS button, a listen-in option, and AI alerts. In addition to that, it has superior tracking skills. Throughout the testing, however, I did find that it was sometimes painful to wear, which indicates that youngsters may be reluctant to wear it. The same is probably true of adults as well, but the fact that the design is non-removable is essential for individuals who need monitoring but could otherwise remove it. Lastly, the AngelSense is more expensive than similar trackers on the market. As the winners of our Editors’ Choice competition for child trackers, we have Jiobit and Verizon GizmoWatch 2 to suggest heartily.


AngelSense Capabilities


Should You Buy The Angelsense Guardian?


This is the perfect tracker for individuals responsible for dependents who struggle with their physical or mental health, such as guardians of the elderly or parents of young children. It has all the capabilities that you could desire, coupled with exceptional accuracy and a speed of alert, which sets it apart from the other options on the market.


Due to the need for a subscription, this is not the most affordable option for cellular service. However, considering its functionality and features, the price is reasonable. Naturally, if you want something for less serious applications, we recommend the Samsung SmartThings Tracker.


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