Best Dash Cam

Being prepared with best dash cam footage from the road can be invaluable, especially during unforeseen mishaps or disputes. Every top-notch dash cam consistently captures the unfolding events on the road, but the best ones often come packed with extra bells and whistles. Think of features like driver aids, which can nudge you back to safety if you drift off your lane or inch too close to the car ahead. Some even have the capability to alert emergency responders, pinpointing your location should accidents occur.

The world of dash cams is ever-evolving. While an entry-level dash cam can still grant you that essential layer of security, many users nowadays are leaning towards comprehensive coverage. This means not just settling for a view of the road ahead but also opting for dual kits or upgrades that include both front and rear cams to keep tabs on the full spectrum of events around your vehicle. So, here are the 5 best dash cam 2023 for you to choose from.

1. Garmin Dash Cam 67W – Best Mirror Dash Cam

Garmin Dash Cam 67W

Key Features

  • Video quality: 1440p with HDR at 60fps
  • Viewing angle: 180 degrees
  • Integrated GPS: Yes
  • Screen: 2.0-inch LCD, 320 x 240
Pros Cons
  • Compact design, making it one of the best dash cams for car users who prefer a discreet look.
  • Useful voice control, adding to the convenience.
  • HDR video quality ensures clear footage.
  • Magnetic mount for easy and secure attachment.
  • On the pricier end, making it a significant investment.
  • Requires separate purchase of a MicroSD card.
  • Driver warnings can sometimes be more intrusive than helpful.
  • Wide lens occasionally results in distorted visuals.

Building upon its predecessor, the 66W, the Garmin Dash Cam 67W emerges as arguably the best dash cam 2023 has brought to the market. New features such as Live View monitoring and Parking Guard add layers of utility, transforming it into more than just a dash cam best buy. Its compact design ensures that this best front and rear dash cam doesn’t obstruct the driver’s view. Voice control is another highlight, allowing hands-free operation.

However, its top-tier qualities come with a higher price tag. Moreover, the extra cost for the MicroSD card may deter some potential buyers. Though marketed as one of the best car dash cams, the wide lens can sometimes distort images, especially at the peripherals. Nonetheless, considering its features and performance, it undoubtedly deserves the top spot among the best dash cams for car enthusiasts.

2. Nextbase 622GW – Best Buy Dash Cam

Nextbase 622GW

Key Features

  • Video quality: 4K at 30fps / 1080p at 120fps
  • Viewing angle: 140 degrees
  • Integrated GPS: Yes
  • Screen: 3-inch HD IPS touchscreen
Pros Cons
  • Superior 4K video quality, making it the best dash cam front and rear in terms of resolution.
  • Integrated GPS provides accurate location & speed data.
  • Alexa voice assistant built-in for seamless voice commands.
  • Emergency SOS with What3Words location support, potentially life-saving.
    • Its larger size can make installation a bit cumbersome.

The Nextbase 622GW, a successor to the 522GW, stands out as the best choice for those seeking a 4K dash cam without hardwiring complexities. The video quality leap is evident, offering clearer, sharper footage, which might make it the best dash cam for truckers who require pristine detail.

The addition of What3Words is a notable feature. This global system allows users to communicate their exact location using just three words, which can be pivotal in emergencies. Coupled with an intuitive app, this dash cam best buy ensures that accessing, reviewing, and saving clips is a breeze. The device’s larger size might pose installation challenges in smaller vehicles, but its myriad features make it one of the best front and rear dash cam options available in 2023.

3. Vantrue E1 – Best Dash Cam For Uber

Vantrue E1

Key Features

  • Video quality: 2.5K
  • Viewing angle: 160 degrees
  • GPS tracker: Yes
  • Memory: microSD (card not included)
  • Smartphone app for settings adjustments
Pros Cons
  • Delivers satisfactory video quality, capturing sharp visuals.
  • A compact and aesthetically pleasing design ensures minimal distraction.
  • 2.5K resolution is only attainable at 30fps.
  • Absence of left/right adjustment can restrict its positioning and field of view.

The Vantrue E1, with its unobtrusive and sleek appearance, is an effective dash cam choice for many. With the ability to record in 2.5K at 30fps or Full HD at 60fps, users can opt for detailed captures or smoother footage, providing flexibility based on personal preferences. In our hands-on experience, the cam produced sharp footage irrespective of the time of day, demonstrating adeptness in varying lighting conditions. The polarising filter was particularly noteworthy, as it effectively minimized dashboard reflections, enhancing clarity.

While its magnetic mount is functionally competent, the inability to adjust the cam sideways may restrict its optimal placement, especially for vehicles with asymmetrical windshields. The 1.54-inch screen facilitates setup, but for nuanced settings adjustments, the smartphone app proves more efficient. Though it may not be brimming with driver assistance features, its focus on delivering premium video quality with core features like Wi-Fi and GPS makes it a worthy consideration for those who prioritize video fidelity over auxiliary features.

4. Thinkware X1000 – Best Rated Dash Cam

Thinkware X1000

Key Features

  • Video quality: 1440p
  • Viewing angle: 156 degrees
  • GPS tracker: Available via an optional accessory
  • Memory: Comes with a 32GB MicroSD card
  • 3.5-inch touchscreen interface
Pros Cons
  • Features an intuitive touchscreen interface, eliminating the need for a secondary app.
  • The package includes two cameras, offering both front and rear coverage.
  • Hard-wiring the device can be a complex task, demanding meticulousness.
  • Starts recording immediately upon connection, which can be inconvenient.

The Thinkware X1000 is an all-encompassing dash cam solution, offering both front and rear recording capabilities right out of the box. One of its standout features is the sizable 3.5-inch touchscreen with an icon-driven UI, which simplifies configuration and use. The touchscreen eliminates the need for a mobile app, streamlining the user experience.

However, the setup process could be more user-friendly. The need for multiple adhesive pads and hard-wiring for unlocking certain features may deter the less tech-savvy user. Additionally, the inclusion of GPS and radar detection functionalities only via optional accessories feels a tad restrictive.

Despite these shortcomings, once installed, the X1000 is a reliable performer. Without any tweaks, the device managed to produce commendable footage from both its cameras. The recordings displayed sharp details and an appreciable dynamic range, even under low-light scenarios. For those seeking a hassle-free dash cam solution with comprehensive coverage and minimal reliance on secondary devices, the Thinkware X1000 emerges as a robust contender.

5. Viofo A139 Dash Cam – Best Front and Back Dash Cam

Viofo A139 Dash Cam

Key Features

  • Video quality: Front – 2560 x 1440p; Rear and Interior – 1920 x 1080p
  • Viewing angles: Front – 140 degrees; Rear and Interior – 170 degrees
  • GPS tracker: Integrated
  • Memory: Supports MicroSD (card purchase required separately)
  • Three-camera system: Front, Rear, and Interior
  • Sony Starvis image sensors for low-light performance
  • Viofo app compatibility with iOS and Android
Pros Cons
  • Comprehensive coverage with a three-camera setup, ensuring maximum visibility.
  • The design is compact, ensuring minimal obstruction when placed on the windshield.
  • Relatively user-friendly, especially for those accustomed to dash cams.
  • Footage quality is not top-tier when compared to other models.
  • Installation can be time-consuming
  • Viofo app could benefit from refinements for a smoother user experience.

For users seeking comprehensive coverage of their vehicle, the Viofo A139 emerges as a significant contender for best cheap dash cam, thanks to its unique three-camera setup. Primarily targeting professional drivers or those who wish for an in-depth recording of their vehicle’s surroundings, including its interior, this model offers substantial value.

Its compact design ensures that even with three cameras, the windshield remains largely unobstructed. However, this thorough coverage comes with its own challenges. The setup, due to the need to wire and adhere each camera separately, can be intricate. This might be daunting for those unfamiliar with car installations. Further, while the Viofo app serves its purpose, it’s not the most refined, possibly making navigation and settings adjustments a tad cumbersome for some.

On the performance front for best buy dash cam install, the use of Sony Starvis image sensors is commendable. The front camera offers satisfactory footage in most standard driving conditions. However, under challenging scenarios, the resolution might seem lacking, especially when compared to 4K rivals. The interior and rear cameras, with their expansive 170-degree field of view, excel in providing a broad perspective. The interior camera, with its infrared capabilities, is particularly impressive, capturing clear footage even in near pitch-black conditions.