Instax Square Sq40 Camera

Introducing the Various Parameters of Instax Square SQ40

If you’ve harbored the idea of owning an Instax camera but got discouraged by the vivacious, eye-catching design of the Instax SQ1, then the Square SQ40 could be your dream come true.

On the outside, the Square SQ40 mirrors the specs and embraces the 62 x 62mm square film similar to its predecessor, the terracotta SQ1. Yet, what sets it apart is its less flashy, faux leather casing. Dressed in a dignified black and silver finish, the SQ40 delivers a discreet and ageless design. For those smitten by the Instax Mini 40’s aesthetic, the SQ40 provides a chance to own a similar design, albeit with support for a larger film.

Many Fujifilm Instax cameras stick to a specific blueprint. For those curious about kickstarting their journey with a camera like the SQ40, our Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 review elucidates the process. Simplified, it involves inserting the two CR2 batteries, adhering to visual instructions to slot in the film, propping open the lens, and voila!

Fujifilm’s knack for retro design is exemplary, and the Instax SQ40 underscores this. While the cheerful and vibrant Instax Mini series has its admirers, my allegiance lies with the timeless black faux-leather finish of the SQ40.

Its silver accents, circling the lens and the shutter button, amplify its charm. I might have appreciated a more defined silver top plate. During my review period with the Instax square film, the leather half case wasn’t at my disposal. However, from the pictures I’ve observed, it seemingly amplifies the camera’s vintage appeal.

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Key Features

  • Classic design with a black faux leather finish
  • Automatic exposure complemented by a flash for better-lit photos
  • Selfie mode featuring a mirror for better framing
  • Uses Instax Square film for square format photos
Pros Cons
  • Classic black and silver design
  • Simple to use
  • Produces bright, stylized photos
  • Close-up images might turn out blurry
  • Instax film can be pricey

Characteristics of Instax Square SQ40 & Its Novel Features



The Instax Square SQ40 from Fujifilm brings a fresh dimension to the world of instant photography with its array of features. At its core, the camera boasts a SQUARE format, which provides photographers the opportunity to explore their creativity without bounds. This broader frame ensures that every shot has a unique touch and structure.

Auto Exposure

A standout feature of the SQ40 is its auto exposure capability. This ensures that the photos remain vibrant, even in poorly lit environments, all without the user having to fiddle with intricate settings. This is especially handy for novices and for spontaneous shots where adjusting settings can disrupt the moment.

Modern Trends of Selfies

The camera also caters to the modern trend of selfies. Achieving a perfect selfie is as easy as twisting the lens ring. The integrated mirror further assists users in getting their framing right, ensuring that they are always at the center of their memories.


The SQ40 shines in versatility, providing a close-up range of 30 to 50 cm. This makes capturing intricate details a breeze. As for the film, the camera utilizes the FUJIFILM INSTAX SQUARE instant film, which has proven its quality over time. The resulting photo dimensions are a balanced 62 mm × 62 mm, ideal for instant prints.


The lens of the SQ40 is intricately designed, consisting of 2 components and 2 elements, and specifications of f = 65.75 mm, 1:12.6. To aid framing and composition, the camera is equipped with a reverse Galilean viewfinder, which magnifies at 0.4× and has a target spot for accuracy. The general shooting range of the camera starts from 0.3 m, but for distances between 0.3 m to 0.5 m, it’s recommended to switch to the selfie mode for optimal results.

Electronic Shutter

When it comes to capturing the moment, the SQ40’s programmed electronic shutter operates between speeds of 1/2 to 1/400 sec. It has an added functionality of slow synchro, particularly useful for dimly lit conditions. The exposure control is automated, adjusting between levels 5.0 to 15.5, equivalent to ISO 800.

Automated Ejection

After the click of the shutter, the film ejection process is completely automatic. Typically, the developing time for the film is around 90 seconds, although this can vary depending on ambient temperatures. The camera also features a constantly firing flash, fine-tuning its brightness according to the environment. This flash can recharge in under 7.5 seconds with new batteries and covers an effective range from 0.3 to 2.2 m.

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Lithium Batteries Support

In terms of power, the instax square link SQ40 relies on two CR2 lithium batteries. Under standard testing conditions by FUJIFILM, these batteries can support about 30 INSTAX SQUARE film packs. Furthermore, to conserve energy, the camera is designed to power off automatically after 5 minutes of inactivity.

User Friendly

There are additional user-friendly features, including a film counter that keeps track of how many shots you have left and a film pack confirmation window. This ensures users are always aware and prepared. Dimension-wise, the SQ40 is compact, measuring 134.2 mm in length, 120.2 mm in height, and 60.5 mm in width. Despite packing in all these features, the camera maintains a light footprint, weighing in at a manageable 453 g, excluding the batteries, strap, and film.

How to Use Instax Square SQ40?

How To Use


  • Firstly, unbox the camera and familiarize yourself with the buttons and functions.
  • Insert the two CR2 batteries, ensuring the polarity matches the camera’s instructions.
  • Load the FujifilmInstax square link Open the film compartment, align the film’s yellow indicator with the camera’s, and securely close the compartment.

Powering On

  • Open the lens to turn the camera on. You’ll notice the LED lights activate, signaling the camera’s readiness.

Choosing Modes

  • The SQ40 comes with multiple modes. For selfies, simply twist the lens ring to activate the selfie mode.
  • The auto exposure adjusts itself to the ambient light. In low light scenarios, the camera’s flash will automatically engage.

Taking Photos

  • Look through the viewfinder, compose your shot, and then gently press the shutter button to capture your photo. The photo will automatically eject from the top slot.

Powering Off

  • To turn off the SQ40, simply close the lens.

How to Take Good Photos with Instax Square SQ40?

Understand Lighting

  • While the SQ40 has an auto-exposure feature, understanding lighting can greatly enhance your shots. Natural light works best. If indoors, position your subject near windows or sources of soft light.

Steady Hands

  • Keep your hands steady to avoid any blurry photos. Using both hands and tucking in your elbows can stabilize your shot.

Use the Right Mode

  • Ensure you’re in the correct mode for your shot, especially if taking a close-up or a selfie. The designated modes can optimize the focus and exposure.

Composition is Key

  • Follow the rule of thirds, positioning key subjects off-center. The SQ40’s square format offers a unique canvas, so get creative with how you position objects.


  • Try different angles, play with shadows, and don’t be afraid to capture candid moments. The charm of Instax is its ability to capture spontaneous and organic moments.


The Instax Square SQ40 is a blend of vintage design with modern technology, offering photography enthusiasts a unique experience. While it holds onto the nostalgia of instant photography, its features like auto exposure and the selfie mode ensure that users have tools necessary for today’s photographic needs. As with all photography, mastering the SQ40 takes practice, but the journey is as rewarding as the destination, with tangible memories captured in every shot.

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How many photos can I take with one film pack in the SQ40?

One film pack for the SQ40 contains 10 shots.

Do I need to shake the photo after it ejects to develop it faster?

No, shaking the photo doesn't speed up the development process and might even damage it. Just lay it flat and wait for the image to appear.

Can I turn off the flash?

The SQ40's flash fires automatically based on the lighting conditions and cannot be turned off manually.


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