Amana ASI2575GRS Review

The Amana ASI2575GRS is a large refrigerator with plenty of storage space for your food and drinks at a reasonable price. The combined capacity of this side-by-side fridge’s fridge and freezer adds up to 24.5 cubic feet. A water and ice dispenser is also included, making it easy to get filtered water, ice cubes, or crushed ice whenever needed. Black, white, and stainless steel are your colour options. The Amana ASI2575GRS is available in black, white, and stainless steel finishes, allowing you to choose the white Amana side-by-side refrigerator for a clean and classic look. The Amana ASI2575GRS is equipped with user- and maintenance-friendly features. The shelves and drawers may be arranged in a way that best suits your needs, and there are also removable bins. The crisper drawer is climate regulated, so your produce will stay fresh longer. It also features an automatic defrost function to keep the freezer from freezing.

The dispenser’s dual pad mechanism lets you quickly and easily choose between water and ice. To further safeguard against leaks, the dispenser can be locked. The Amana side-by-side refrigerator parts may have higher operating costs than less energy-hungry models because of its poor energy efficiency. The limited one-year guarantee may also be insufficient for some consumers. Unlike in several competing models, a third drawer, freezer shelf, and intelligent capabilities are not included. Here, we’ll evaluate the Amana asi2575grs water filter in detail to find out how it performs, how well it’s designed, and how well-supported it is. We’ll also check how it rates in comparison to comparable side-by-side fridges. We’ll also include some customer comments and ratings from customers who have purchased and utilized this fridge.

Amana ASI2575GRS

Amana ASI2575GRS

The Amana side-by-side refrigerator parts is a 24.5-cubic-foot side-by-side fridge with a water and ice dispenser.


  • Refrigerators with a side-by-side design.
  • Price: $1,348.00
  • The combined volume of the fridge and freezer is 24.6 cubic feet.
  • Finish: black-on-steel
  • Dispenser: Dual-pad, filtered water and ice dispenser
  • Shelves: four glass and three adjustable wire ones in the fridge and freezer
  • The fridge has five, and the freezer has four bins, three movable bins.
  • One refrigerator drawer is a humidity-controlled produce drawer.
  • Electronic temperature controls and Temp AssureTM freshness controls are installed as controllers.
  • The refrigerator and freezer have energy-efficient LED lighting.
  • Optional auto-defrost function
  • Limited guarantee for a year


  • Value for money is high.
  • Advantages such as ample space and adaptability in data storage
  • Filtered water and ice dispenser for your convenience.
  • Stylish and contemporary layout
  • Simple in operation and upkeep


  • Inefficient in terms of energy use.
  • Limited-time warranty
  • Could use a third drawer, freezer shelf, and intelligent features; currently lacks these.

Review and Feedback from Amana ASI2575GRS Users

Gallon Door Storage Bins

The combined capacity of the refrigerator and freezer in the Amana ASI2575GRS, which totals 24.6 cubic feet, is quite enormous. A water and ice dispenser is also included, making it easy to get filtered water, ice cubes, or crushed ice whenever needed. Black, white, and stainless steel are your colour options. The one-year warranty covers All parts and labour for an entire year.


The Amana refrigerator side-by-side troubleshooting delivers good results for the cost. It includes a cooling and preservation system, and its shelves and bins may be moved and rearranged to suit your needs. The fruits and vegetables are kept fresher for longer thanks to the refrigerator’s humidity-controlled crisper drawer. The water and ice dispenser is easy to use and can be locked to prevent spills. An automatic defrost function is included in the fridge to keep everything frost-free.


The Amana ASI2575GRS’s contemporary style is a welcome addition to any home’s cooking space. The fingerprints and smudges are less likely to stick to the stainless steel finish. The LED lighting on the fridge’s inside is efficient and luminous. The dispenser’s dual pad mechanism lets you quickly and easily choose between water and ice. If it gets dark, you can turn on the night light function of the dispenser.


Users who have purchased and utilized the Amana asi2575grs manual have generally praised its features and performance. Users have commended the product’s large storage capacity, valuable features, user-friendliness, attractive design, and excellent price. Its simplicity in setting up, using, and keeping up has also been well-received by its audience. Users who have had trouble with or complaints about the Amana ASI2575GRS refrigerator have also been heard. Users have voiced their displeasure with the device’s volume, energy economy, warranty duration, and the absence of certain functionalities. Its quality, durability, reliability, and customer service have all been criticized by its users.

Storage Capacity and Flexibility

Storage Capacity and Flexibility

Ample Storage Space

The Amana side-by-side refrigerator dimensions large capacity makes it a good choice for homes of varying sizes. This refrigerator has a generous 24.5 cubic feet of storage space, making it ideal for families or households. There are 22.25 cubic feet of storage space between the refrigerator and freezer sections.

Adjustable Shelves

The Amana ASI2575GRS’s adjustable shelves are a notable feature. Full glass shelves in the fridge can be moved around to accommodate things of varying heights. Because of this adaptability, you may arrange the interior to suit your needs, making it simple to put away tall bottles, giant platters, and other bulky goods.

Door Bins

The large bins on the refrigerator door provide extra space. You may modify the height of these bins to accommodate containers of varying sizes, including gallon jars, and make more room on your shelves. Use the door bins to store these items to have drinks, condiments, and dairy products within easy reach.

Deli Drawer

The Amana asi2575grs manual has a deli drawer ideal for storing deli meats, cheeses, and other delicate foods. This drawer has its temperature regulation, so your deli foods will keep tasting great for much longer. The deli drawer is convenient for storing and retrieving your favourite deli foods without sacrificing freshness or convenience.

Full-Width Pantry Drawer

The full-width pantry drawer is another standout feature of the Amana side-by-side refrigerator dimensions. This roomy drawer is ideal for stowing away trays, platters, and other large goods that wouldn’t usually fit on conventional shelves. The full-width layout makes it convenient to store many things and get to them quickly, making it a good choice for hosting parties or keeping bulk items.

Freezer Organization

The Amana ASI2575GRS’s freezer is well-designed with space utilization in mind. It has two movable baskets for organizing your frozen goods by kind, making it simpler to find what you need. The baskets move quickly, so getting to your frozen food is a breeze.

Ice and Water Dispenser

The Amana asi2575grs is an excellent appliance because of the exterior ice and water dispenser. This dispenser, mounted inside the freezer door, makes cooled water and ice cubes easily accessible. It has a simple interface and a child lock feature for extra security.

Freshness Features

The Amana ASI2575GRS has several features to keep your food fresh. It has humidity-controlled crisper drawers to keep fruits and vegetables tasting and looking their best for as long as possible. As a bonus, the FreshFlowTM Produce Preserver may absorb ethylene gas, a natural ripening agent generated by some produce items, helping to keep fruits and vegetables fresh for longer.

LED Lighting

The Amana asi2575grs features efficient LED illumination throughout. This lighting system illuminates the entire fridge evenly and brightly, making it easy to see and grab food even when the lights are out. LED lighting lasts much longer than incandescent bulbs and uses significantly less energy.

Cooling Performance and Energy Efficiency

Cooling Performance

Dual Cool® Evaporators

The Dual Cool® evaporators in the Amana ASI2575GRS refrigerator set it apart from other models. With this cutting-edge technology, the fridge and freezer may be set to different temperatures without affecting one another. Dual Cool® evaporators assist in maintaining appropriate temperature and humidity levels, protecting the quality and freshness of your food by blocking airflow between the two sections.

Temp Assure™ Freshness Controls

Temp AssureTM Freshness Controls are standard on the Amana side-by-side refrigerator water filter replacement, letting you set and keep your food at just the right temperature all the time. This capability allows for exact temperature management, which is essential for keeping various foods at optimal storage temperatures. The Temp AssureTM Freshness Controls assist in extending the life and nutritional value of your perishable foods by maintaining the optimal temperature for their storage.

Consistent Temperature Distribution

Refrigerators that maintain a steady temperature inside are essential for keeping food edible for as long as possible. The Amana ASI2575GRS, with its cutting-edge cooling technology, is an industry leader in this respect. Thanks to the carefully positioned vents and fans that push cool air throughout the fridge, your food will be kept at just the right temperature. Perishables can better maintain their taste, texture, and quality thanks to the uniform cooling airflow.

Humidity-Controlled Crisper Drawers

The Amana refrigerator asi2575grs has humidity-controlled crisper drawers, which are crucial for keeping produce fresh for longer. The humidity levels in these drawers can be adjusted to provide the ideal conditions for storing and preserving food. The crisper drawers help keep fruits and vegetables fresh and bright for longer by controlling the humidity.

Energy Star® Certification

Choosing a refrigerator with good energy efficiency is essential. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established very high standards for energy efficiency, and the Amana ASI2575GRS has been certified as meeting or exceeding those standards. This seal of approval shows that the appliance uses less energy than similar models without sacrificing performance. The Amana ASI2575GRS is an ENERGY STAR® certified refrigerator that will help you save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Advanced Insulation

The Amana refrigerator asi2575grs is highly efficient since it uses cutting-edge insulating materials and manufacturing methods. The refrigerator’s high level of insulation keeps cold air in and warm air out, significantly reducing the unit’s need for power. The better insulation allows the appliance to maintain a consistent interior temperature, extending the shelf life of your food.

Efficient Cooling System

The Amana ASI2575GRS’s cooling system was developed with efficiency in mind. It uses modern compressor technology, which allows it to run quietly and efficiently while consuming less power than older models. The efficient cooling system makes fast temperature restoration following door opening possible, which also helps keep energy consumption to a minimum.

LED Lighting Efficiency

The LED illumination in the Amana side-by-side refrigerator water filter replacement improves vision and helps save money on utility bills. LED lights are more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs, reducing overall power usage without sacrificing light output or lifespan. The Amana ASI2575GRS’s LED illumination contributes to its low energy consumption and long service life.


The Amana ASI2575GRS is a 25 cu. Ft. side-by-side fridge with a twin pad exterior ice and water dispenser, with a width of 36 inches. It has a dairy bin, cubed or crushed ice storage, a gallon door storage bin, a temp ensure freshness control, an adjustable door bin, glass shelves, and internal lighting. It retails for $1,349.00 and comes in a black-on-stainless. If shopping for a side-by-side fridge and prioritizing space and simplicity, look no further. Temp guarantee freshness controls, gallon door storage bins, and adjustable door bins are just a few of how this refrigerator aids in maintaining the quality and organization of stored goods. It’s also stylish and contemporary, making it a great addition to any cooking space. If you’re in the market for a cheap side-by-side fridge with a dual pad exterior ice and water dispenser, consider the Amana ASI2575GRS.


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