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US Search is an organization that offers access to public documents to aid with personal searches and the discovery of relevant background data. US Search review guarantees to deliver a detailed report that contains contact information, social media profiles, criminal histories, property records, and more so that you may verify someone’s identification, find a long-lost buddy, or investigate a new acquaintance. Get your report instantly by searching using a name, phone number, physical address, or electronic mail. How trustworthy and precise is US Search, though? What advantages does it have over competing people-searching services? Also, how valuable is a single report versus a subscription? In this analysis, we’ll look at US Search’s specs, pricing, benefits, downsides, and user reviews to see if we can shed some light on these topics. Regarding person searches, US Search review is a veteran among the competition.

Culver City, California-based PeopleConnect Inc., which owns Intelius and, is behind this site. US Search employs a custom-built search engine to scour through billions of public records from various sources, including but not limited to court documents, social media, property records, and more. The information is then compiled into a report that may be viewed online or saved as a PDF file for later review. With is us search legit free basic search, you may learn the person’s age, where they’ve lived in the past, and whether or not they have any close relations. You can get a free report with limited information about a person. Still, a paid premium report will give you more information, including their phone numbers, emails, aliases, associates, properties, lawsuits, and criminal history. The only way to get a report from US Search review is to pay for their monthly service.

US Search

Us Search

US search opt-out is a comprehensive online public records search service that provides access to various types of information and data about individuals.


Regarding retrieving data from public records, US search opt-out is helpful but could be more high-quality. All of US Search’s databases are freely accessible to the general public. The primary value of this service lies in the fact that it consolidates numerous reports into one unified document. US Search will return a long list of search results based on the information you provide about the person you’re trying to locate, whether that’s their name, phone number, address, or email address. A report with further information about the desired individual can be purchased after they have been selected. In addition to rapid search reports, US search opt-out provides in-depth people searches and background checks. When time and money are of the essence, go with the quick search reports. Personal details include names, ages, phone numbers, email addresses, aliases, and birth names.

US Search: Types of Searches and Reports

It will cost you more money and take longer to perform an advanced person search. Information such as associates, properties owned or rented, house worth estimations, lawsuits filed or judgments against them, and misdemeanors and crimes committed in any state or county in the US are all included. Performing a background check is both the most expensive and thorough choice. Social media data (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), sex offender data (national registry), images (Google Images), friends (Facebook), financial assets (bankruptcies), court records (civil and criminal), and current and previous contact information are all included, in addition to everything else found in the more advanced person searches. There are a few extra options available in us search free trial that some people may find helpful.

US Search: Special Features and Tools

For instance, by simply inputting an email address, you may access a wealth of information on a person, including their name, social media profiles, and past addresses. A person’s identity, previous addresses, utility verification (landline or cell phone), carrier information (Verizon Wireless), spam score (low or high risk), and more may all be found with just their phone number and the reverse phone lookup feature. The us search free trial also includes a tool called OmniSearch. If you have more than one piece of information about a person (such as their name, phone number, and address), you can enter them into this tool and generate a single report that includes everything. If you have incomplete or erroneous information about someone and want a fuller image of them, this can help.


Pricing information from us search free trial needs to be more transparent. It is unclear how much it costs to use its services because there needs to be pricing information readily available on the website. Instead, the costs will only appear once you conduct a search and choose a specific individual. The cost can range from free to hundreds of dollars, depending on the report type and whether or not you decide to subscribe. Instead of purchasing a single report, you can have unlimited access to ussearch login people and phone lookups by signing up for a monthly or quarterly membership. The service has a $19.86 monthly fee or a $49.85 quarterly fee ($16.62 monthly fee). If you don’t cancel your subscription through phone or the website, it will be renewed automatically. Paying for a background check or an extensive people search will cost you more than your monthly subscription.

Background checks are $59.95 each, while the more comprehensive “advanced person search” costs $39.95. US Search will charge you more if you need information above what is included in the preliminary reports. An extra $2.95 per report applies for access to certain types of information, such as social media data and sex offender records. However, for only $1.99, you can try ussearch login risk-free for five days and conduct as many searches as you like. Unless you cancel before the end of the trial period, you will be charged monthly after that. The services of ussearch login can be paid for with PayPal or any of the major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover).

Pros Of Us Search

Search Services

US Search has some advantages over other people’s search services. Some of them are:

  • It has a clean and user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate and find what you are looking for.
  • It has a hassle-free cancellation process that allows you to cancel your subscription by phone or online without any hidden fees or penalties.
  • It uses 256-bit encryption to protect your data and privacy.
    It updates its sources daily to ensure its reports are as current.
  • It offers a trial offer that gives you unlimited searches for five days for $1.99.

Cons Of Us Search

US Search also has drawbacks that may make you think twice before using it. Some of them are:

  • The reports are often inaccurate or incomplete. Many users have reported finding outdated or incorrect information about the person they searched for. Some users have also reported not seeing any report for the person they searched for.
  • It charges extra fees for additional information not included in the standard reports. For example, if you want to access social media data or sex offender data, you have to pay an extra $2.95 per report.
  • It does not offer a single report option; instead, you must sign up for a monthly or quarterly subscription that gives you unlimited access to personal and phone searches.
  • It does not comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), meaning you cannot use its reports for official purposes like employment or credit checks.

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Us Search Review: User Feedback


Through public records, is us search free a website that enables users to search for individuals and obtain background information. You can search using a person’s name, phone number, address, or email address, and you will be provided with a report that contains various records, including criminal records, property records, and social media profiles. However, what do those who use is us search legit think of it? What level of contentment do they report regarding the service? And what are the most frequent criticisms and compliments that they have? In this post, we will analyse the user feedback provided by is us search free based on reviews gathered from various online publications.


ConsumerAffairs is a website that compiles ratings and reviews given by individual customers for various goods and services. In addition, it offers editorial content and assistance from industry professionals on different subjects. On ConsumerAffairs, is us search free has received 113 ratings, averaging 2.2 stars out of a possible 5. The overwhelming majority of the reviews are unfavourable, with 65% awarding only one star and only 26% awarding five stars. Most customers have voiced concern that the reports provided either need essential information or contain erroneous information. Many users have reported discovering information that needs to be updated or corrected regarding the person they seek. There have been reports from some users that they did not locate any report at all for the person that they searched for.

One User Wrote

I was seeing someone online and decided to do a background check on them before we met in person. It cost me $39.95. The returned report included his name, age, and location history. No phone numbers, no email addresses, no aliases, no associates, no properties, no lawsuits, no criminal records, nothing. I attempted to contact customer care, but the representatives needed to be more patient and able to answer my questions. They told me they could not refund me because I had already viewed the report. In addition, they stated that because they only use public records, they cannot guarantee the integrity of their accounts. I have thrown away my money by paying for this service.

Another User Wrote

“Because I had never met my real father, I was interested in learning more about him through US Search, so I joined up for the service. After entering his name and birth date, I have not received any results from the search. I attempted several various permutations of his name but to no avail. I tried to contact customer care, but they informed me that they could not assist me because they only use public records. In addition, they stated that they could not terminate my subscription because I had already used their service. I had the impression that this firm took advantage of me.


Con Pro

US Search is a people search service that allows you to search for anyone in the US using public records. It offers three types of reports: instant search reports, advanced person searches, and background checks. It also has additional features like email search, reverse phone lookup, and OmniSearch. US Search has many drawbacks that may outweigh its benefits. The reports often need to be more accurate and complete, and you must pay extra fees for some information not included in the standard definitions. You also have to sign up for a monthly or quarterly subscription that gives you unlimited access to personal and phone searches, and you cannot use the reports for official purposes like employment or credit checks. Most of the user feedback for US Search is negative, with customers complaining about the quality and accuracy of the reports and the difficulty of canceling the subscription.