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If you are unable to get to the grocery store for whatever reason, using the services of the top firms that provide emergency food storage will help ensure that you will never have to worry about your pantry running out of food. It doesn’t matter if you’re stuck indoors because of a sickness or bad weather; the services that emergency food storage firms give may be quite helpful in a variety of situations.

In fact, the top firms that specialize in emergency food storage will deliver your order directly to your door, so you never have to leave the comfort of your own house. Moreover, if you’ve asked for canned or dehydrated food, the majority of the items in your emergency food storage pack will have a long shelf life.

Because it is probable that you will set away what you purchase for an extended period of time, the best emergency food storage providers make certain that the items they send are as space-efficient as they can be and do not require refrigeration or freezing prior to use or storage. In the meanwhile, many of the businesses that provide emergency food storage companies will also bring fresh produce, such as meat, vegetables, and fruit, if you would rather have the option of preparing a meal from scratch than eating something out of a can or a package of prepackaged food. Options for meal plans are also rather widespread.

In the event that you have never utilized a service of this kind before, our curated list of the finest emergency food storage providers is an excellent place to begin. In addition to the business that we consider to be the absolute best in every respect, you will also discover here a firm that provides a service that, in our opinion, gives you the most value for your money and another that is well-known for serving the cuisine with the most flavor. Emergency food storage companies are always there to help you on longer journeys as well.

An additional business that distinguishes itself if you have certain dietary restrictions, are vegetarian, or require items that are gluten-free is emphasized as well. In addition, in order to provide you with the highest level of assurance possible and give you complete peace of mind, we have ensured that each of the firms that provide emergency food storage is in full compliance with the most recent health and safety regulations.

1. Wise Company

Wise Company


  • Because Wise develops packages for two individuals rather than one, their prices are greater, but the value they provide is higher overall.
  • 6-month package for $4,999.99, with a shelf life of 25 years.
  • Buckets serving as the packaging for the product.
  • The daily calorie intake is 4,400 (2,200 per individual).
  • There are culinary options available for breakfast, lunch, and supper.

Kits Come in a Variety of packages

  • Just the morning meal.
  • Kits for the long term.
  • 72-hour emergency kits.
  • Just the main course.
  • Eggs are solely in powdered form.
  • Ultimate bundle kits ranging from 30-day emergency food supply  to 6 months in duration.


  • Guaranteed full refund within 30 days.
  • Included in the price are 4,400 calories per day.
  • Kits are available for both short-term and long-term use.
  • Shelf life of up to 25-year emergency food supply.
  • Personalized containers for the cooking process.
  • Storage and packing materials that are lightweight.
  • To prepare, just add some water.


  • When it comes to particular diets and sizes, there is less selection available.
  • A higher expense to begin with.
  • Products cannot be resealed after being opened.

The use of freeze-drying and dehydration processes in the production of Wise’s products sets them apart from other firms in a significant and distinctive way. The Wise Company offers Emergency Kits for singles, couples, and families, in addition to their ready-to-eat Food Kits in everyday use like camping and hiking. They include survival kits, emergency supplies, vehicle kits with jumper cables, and pet emergency kits for dogs and cats alongside long-term food storage.

A dependable emergency food supply provider that offers a wide variety of family-friendly products to pick from when disaster strikes. Wise requires that people prepare meals that are suitable for both long-term preservation and day-to-day consumption and that these meals include both high-quality basic foods and freeze-dried foods. Also the emergency food storage companies shelf life is amazing so one can never go wrong.

The long-term choices come in adequately sealed containers that allow them to have a shelf life of up to 25 years. The ingredients have been dehydrated or freeze-dried, and they are packaged individually in sealed pouches. This facilitates easier access.

Wise takes great pleasure in offering meals that are the simplest to make without compromising the product’s shelf-life or lifespan. Everything that Wise prepares also originates from the United States of America.

In addition, Wise Company is concerned about maintaining its quality for all of its clients. They have confidence in their goods and provide a thirty-day, full-refund trial period so that you may evaluate them and choose whether or not they will meet your needs.

2. Food Insurance

Food Insurance

If you’re looking for a good deal on high-quality, widely-available emergency food supplies, go no further than Food Insurance.


  • Options for making payments and reduced pricing make it affordable
  • Options of one month to a year


  • Organic and soy-free alternatives are limited,
  • Lack of liquids

With attractive payment plans like pay-as-you-go, Food Insurance makes stockpiling food a lot more manageable monetarily. That’s why this shop is ideal for those who want to be well-prepared in case of an emergency without breaking the bank. Every time we check, there are a ton of discounted products, and a price filter makes it easy to find only the meals within your budget.

Food Insurance offers delicious freeze-dried and dehydrated meals in bulk or individually. It doesn’t stock a huge selection of labels, but what it does stock is rather varied. You may narrow your search by selecting a specific dietary restriction, such as “gluten-free” or “soy-free,” if you happen to be following one of these diets.

In 2009, Daily Bread spawned a subsidiary named Food Insurance to provide complementary services. The Kaysville, Utah-based company is well-known for its high-quality, delicious emergency food products sold at competitive costs on the web. Author and talk show host Sean Hannity recommends Food Insurance because of its flexible, layaway-like payment options and “pay as you go” or “create your own” plans. Being one the best emergency food storage companies, their services are top-notch.

The firm exclusively buys food production from reputable and high-quality producers, and it sells freeze-dried and dehydrated food items, as well as water storage, even rescue supplies, emergency stoves and ovens, emergency backpacks and bags, and bug-out bags. They usually have BOGO deals (buy one, get one free) and have a very interesting free blog. Joining the Food Insurance Preparation Club is completely free, and members are eligible for special pricing and benefits for referring friends, in addition to receiving free samples and other perks.

3. Thrive Life

Thrive Life

Cost of a Complete Kit

  • Costing $1,764.79 is a three-month supply of energy.
  • There is a monthly shipping option.
  • Consists all of commodities packaged in #10 cans.
  • Meats, veggies, fruits, and dairy products are all fair game.
  • Kits, Categorised Available
  • Kits with enough supplies for a month.
  • Kits with enough supplies to last a full three months.
  • Packs with several flavors that only last a short time.
  • Prices start at under $3 for a single item.


  • All of our products employ only natural, healthy components.
  • Conveniently packaged canned foods.
  • Competitively low costs.
  • There are separate configuration choices available.


  • There are no long-term storage facilities.
  • There is no bucket or sealed bag-style long-term packing available.

In a world where many emergency food supply companies prioritize quantity over quality, Thrive Life stands out as a pioneer in the industry by putting an emphasis on nutritious meals. They not only give the most cutting-edge dishes in comparison to the competition, but their preparation is also ahead of the curve. However, if you’re searching for tastier solutions, we advocate Thrive Life.

Thrive has the ability to preserve meals that otherwise would spoil quickly. Some examples of these are freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, as well as dairy and meat products.

Only three months’ worth of supplies are supplied in bulk, making the available bundles more suitable for the occasional consumer. However, you have many options for tailoring your own bundle to include just the meals you desire.

Thrive Life has the finest food options for creating a family package. There are a ton of suggestions and recipes available on the Thrive Life website to help you use the food there in a variety of ways. You won’t even get close to the cutoff of 20 years in this way. This isn’t simply emergency rations; you can really consume it. It is one the best emergency food storage companies.

It’s good to have specialized shelving, but it’s not essential. Thrive Life’s rates are low in the absence of it. Meal kits, To-Go bowls, and snacks have shorter shelf lives than the 25-year limit on their individual goods. Thus the business recommends eating them within six to nine months of purchase, one year, and two years, respectively.

4. Augason Farms

Augason Farms

Cost of a Complete Kit

  • Augason Farms has varying prices for its long-term kits. To create your own unique bundle, simply combine multiple bulk pales of the same food item.
  • A quantity pale of dried apple slices, for instance, can feed 53 people for about $79.99. The sum of all of these calories comes to 6,890.

Kits Come in a Variety of Forms

  • Temporary supplies.
  • Packs of ten #10 cans each.
  • Water-tight containers for each person.
  • Term deals and wholesale sets.
  • Containers for storing liquids.
  • Kits with ready-to-eat food.


  • Durability between 25 and 30 years.
  • You may choose from a wide variety of sizes and meals.
  • You may get it in bundles of five or ten #10 cans.
  • All big kits ship for free.
  • All of the ingredients in these dishes are entirely organic.


  • There are no free samples to try.
  • There are no year-long supplies on hand.
  • These pouches are not resealable.
  • Stoves are necessary for cooking.

Soups, freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, legumes, and drink mixes are just some of the other staples that Augason Farms offers. There is no potable water or water purification systems available. Even if you have a good supply of emergency food on hand, it won’t do you much good if you don’t also have access to clean, hot water. In addition to their food supplies, Emergency Essentials also provides options for obtaining water.

Prepackaged meals from this business are the way to go if you’re planning on camping or require this cuisine for a limited period of time unless you really believe you can go with a 52-ounce container of cheese-blend powder quickly. You may purchase bigger food storage containers in bulk that hold enough food for a few years’ worth of meals, but there are other solutions for storing food for a shorter period of time in the event of an emergency.

Augason Farms stores both vegetarian alternatives and actual meat in their freezers. Vegetarians can choose from alternatives like bacon-flavored nibbles and mock meats that taste like chicken and beef. The meat in beef and chicken bits is available in a can as an add-on item. Freeze-dried beef with chili mac and cheese is one of the pre-made dishes it offers. If you or a member of your family suffers from celiac disease, you’ll be happy to know that Augason also has a wide variety of gluten-free options.

5. BePrepared


Except for people with very specific dietary requirements, the food and food preservation supplies at BePrepared should be sufficient for any emergency.


  • Distinctive and extensive menu
  • Tools allow for convenient, centralized stocking.
  • Water alternatives


  • Fewer possibilities for those with special diets

The name of this kit, “BePrepared Emergency Essentials,” is spot on. It sells pandemic, catastrophe, and quarantine packages in addition to storing food from a variety of storage providers. Depending on your needs, you may place an order for one month’s worth of food and supplies or for a whole year’s worth.

When tragedy hits, it might not be easy to know what to do. BePrepared has water-preparation gear and other emergency supplies, and its website offers advice on handling the situation. However, it’s not a good option for people who have gluten sensitivities. When it comes to the long-term preservation of dry foods, BePrepared has thought of everything. The firm offers a wide variety of dairy products, soups, sweets, and beans in addition to meats, cereals, fruits, and vegetables.

Its bundles may be purchased for any duration between one month and a whole year. Only BePrepared, unlike every other food storage company we researched, provides a full year’s worth of MREs. When time is of the essence, or you’re in a dire situation, a Meal Ready to Eat is a terrific choice. There are sufficient amounts of calories, vitamins, and proteins in each meal. BePrepared does not provide extensive support for specialized diets. However, a small number of organic and lactose-free options were returned in our search.

Gluten-free choices, a crucial option for those suffering from celiac disease and other health issues, were surprisingly absent from the urgent food supply. It was an unexpected omission. While BePrepared does provide a wide variety of healthy, staple foods, it does not include any gluten-free, soy-free, or peanut-free alternatives or provide any guidance on where to acquire them. Wise Company provides a service for those who follow restricted diets by storing their food.

If you are wondering which emergency food storage companies offer samples? Then most of them does offer samples.


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