Best Side by Side Refrigerators

The most extraordinary refrigerators with a side-by-side layout provide ample storage capacity, allowing you to store your food for a more extended period of time while maintaining its quality. If you invest in a high-quality side-by-side refrigerator, you’ll be able to stock your entire home with all of the cold food and beverages you require. Thanks to the vast room that these units provide, you might store a greater quantity of sauces, along with fresh fruits and vegetables. You’ve got a top-notch appliance on your hands when you consider that its modern design also improves the aesthetics of your kitchen.

You get double doors, which means two sets of door storage for easy access to beverages, sauces, and whatever else you need, which is one of the excellent advantages of these side-by-side refrigerators. Another fantastic aspect of these refrigerators is that they are side-by-side. Find out more about the Best French Door Refrigerators.

In addition, there are often a lot of shelves, which enables you to store your food supplies and make them easily accessible carefully. The fact that this happens makes your life simpler, but it also has the potential to save customers money by allowing you to keep the doors of the refrigerator closed for an extended period of time.

You are now able to control anything from any location thanks to the addition of new capabilities that come standard on many high-end models, such as WiFi and app connectivity. Some of them also include a door-in-door feature that enables you to reach a small area of the component without opening the entire door. This is an excellent method to obtain access to frequently used products without opening the entire refrigerator door and wasting energy.

Having said that, the side by side refrigerators for sale shown below are some of the most well-regarded side-by-side models now available for purchase. In our list, you’ll find more economical selections, wider choices, and models that are packed with features to meet the majority of your requirements. But, if none of those options work for you, you should check out reviews of the top-rated French door freezers and refrigerators to discover anything more suitable.

1. Samsung RS27T5561SR

The RS27T5561SR is the most expensive but also the most useful kitchen partner you can buy, with features such as a camera that records the contents of your refrigerator and a family calendar.

Samsung RS27T5561SR


  • Starting at around $1979
  • The volume of 26.7 cubic feet
  • The FamilyHub app collection is diverse.
  • Garantie de 5 ans
  • Exterior Touch-Screen
  • More water supplies are required.
  • a network of vents
  • Dispenser with ice and water
  • Exterior that resists fingerprints
  • Home LED lights


  • The “Smart Home with Family Hub”
  • Cooling through a network of vents


  • Expensive
  • shelved that can’t be moved

The Samsung refrigerator is a must-have for those interested in innovative home technology. Even though it’s more expensive than other refrigerators, this one will change how a family utilizes their kitchen forever.  Explore further with The Hessaire Review of Portable Evaporative Coolers.

Several top side-by-side refrigerators include convenient grab-and-go features built right into the door. This Samsung model goes a step further by adding a camera to its external touch panel that displays a live feed of what’s in your fridge, as well as technology that can recognize the individual items within. This fridge is like having an assistant in the kitchen, with a screen and controls that let you do anything from plan meals to go grocery shopping for what you’re missing and even prepare the oven.

The SmartHub’s outstanding feature set is matched with equally powerful refrigeration hardware. There’s enough storage for everything you need to keep within the 26.7 cubic-foot refrigerator, and you can help yourself to ice and water from the built-in dispenser. No expense was spared on the design of this high-end model, as seen by the choice of two sophisticated colors for the side by side refrigerators stainless steel exterior: silver and black.

The Samsung RS27T5561SR gives you security, as well, with its five-year sealed system guarantee. The fact that it has earned the Energy Star label means that its use won’t have as great of an effect on the environment or your wallet.

2. Amana ASI2575GRS

This refrigerator is around average size for a side-by-side, with a capacity of 24.6 cubic feet. It’s not the most cost-effective or environmentally friendly choice, but it’s well-made and worth the price.

Amana ASI2575GRS


  • It has a 24.6-cubic-foot capacity
  • There are three color options. However, it is not Energy Star certified.
  • The water dispenser has a one-year guarantee and requires plumbing installation.
  • There are three movable compartments in the doors.
  • The depth is about average.
  • About $84 per year in operating expenses


  • Economically sound.
  • Options for Facings


  • Minimal guarantee
  • Hardly the most eco-friendly design

The Amana ASI2575GRS includes a water dispenser and ice maker as standard equipment. The water is filtered, and the ice can be either cubed or broken, depending on your preference. You aren’t going to be able to add both water and ice at the same time if your machine has a dual pad system. But you will be able to select the type of ice that you want before adding your water.

This fridge boasts auto-defrost and comes in your choice of black, white, or stainless steel. The Amana ASI2575GRS has electronic controls that are simple to operate, as well as a freshness control that helps extend the life of your perishable food items. There are three movable shelves within the refrigerator door. There’s plenty of room for six cans or a few larger cartons of soda in these one-gallon containers. The Amana has glass shelves in the refrigerator and a Dairy Bin for storing milk and other dairy products.

While the Amana ASI2575GRS isn’t packed to the gills with extras, it also doesn’t cost as much as similar models that have WiFi and other smart capabilities. You can use Amana NTW4516FW Top Load Washer instead.

3. LG LFXC22596S

With a spacious 22 cubic feet of storage space, the LG LFXC22596S is a premium French-door refrigerator.



  • Refrigerator with French Doors
  • Cubic Footage: 22
  • Door-in-Door design; 35.75″ × 68.88″ x 32.75″
  • Certified by ENERGY STAR® and using SmartThinQ® Technology


  • Capacity to store a lot
  • The door-in-door design makes it simple to get to frequently-used storage compartments.
  • The energy-saving, ENERGY STAR®-certified refrigerator can be managed and monitored thanks to SmartThinQ Technology remotely.
  • Contemporary style.


  • Compared to competing models, its price tag is hefty.
  • Door-in-door functionality might be unneeded or bothersome to some users.
  • Due to its placement, the bottom-mount freezer has limited vertical storage capacity.

Its energy efficiency is enhanced by the fact that it requires less time to access commonly used products thanks to its Door-in-Door design. With the SmartThinQ® Technology, customers can easily regulate the temperature and monitor the fridge from anywhere with an internet connection, including their smartphones. The LG LFXC22596S is also ENERGY STAR® certified, which means it satisfies stringent energy efficiency criteria established by the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States.

The LG LFXC22596S’s pricing is a significant negative. It’s pricey compared to similar models. Therefore it might not work for individuals on a strict budget. Some users may consider the door-in-door function to be unneeded or annoying, particularly if they like to organize their belongings in a manner that differs from the default setting. And the bottom-mount freezer won’t have enough room for your higher products.

The LG LFXC22596S is an exceptionally well-designed and feature-packed refrigerator that comes with a sizable capacity for storage as well as excellent ratings for its ability to conserve electricity. Its hefty cost means it might not be a good fit for everyone.

4. Samsung RS27T5200SR

The Samsung RS27T5200SR is an excellent side-by-side fridge because of its spacious interior and convenient water and ice dispensers.

Samsung RS27T5200SR


  • Size in Cubic Feet: 27
  • The Twin Cooling Plus technology and its dimensions of 35.75 by 69.87 by 33.81 inches
  • Dispenser for ice and purified water outside the building
  • Inverter Technology, Digital
  • Power Freeze & Power Cool alternatives for LED lighting, as recognized by ENERGY STAR
  • Glass shelves that won’t break if you spill
  • Lockdown alarm


  • Roomy 27.4 cu. ft. of space Stainless steel that resists fingerprints
  • Automatic ice maker


  • Expensive

The Samsung RS27T5200SR refrigerator is among the top side-by-side models on the market because of its spacious interior and high-quality design.

Obviously, all of it adds up to a hefty price tag. Internal air conditioning and a large quantity of readily accessible storage space, however, should keep operational expenses to a minimum. With its anti-fingerprint treatment, steel will maintain its pristine appearance for years to come.

Is this Samsung side-by-side monster with an LED light and an automatic ice maker the best choice for your home? If you’re looking for an alternative, check out our reviews of the top-rated French door refrigerators and mini-fridges.

The Samsung RS27T5200SR looks the part of a cutting-edge refrigerator that would be a welcome addition to any home’s kitchen. This is true of both the white and black stainless steel finishes, as well as the standard stainless steel.

No matter what design you choose, the anti-fingerprint treatment will protect it from the marks made by dirty hands opening the front. This design is perfect for households with young children who are prone to leaving their mark on the fridge.

5. LG LRFVS3006D

The LG LRFVS3006D is an elevated French door chiller with a huge 29.7 cubic feet of storage space.



  • Type: Refrigerator with French Doors
  • 7 cubic feet of space
  • Dimensions: 36 x 70.25 x 33.75
  • InstaView™ Door-in-Door® feature
  • Technology from SmartThinQ®
  • Craft Ice+TM


  • A large amount of space
  • The InstaViewTM Door-in-Door feature makes it easy to get to things you use often.
  • SmartThinQ® Technology lets the fridge be controlled and watched from a distance.
  • The Craft Ice+TM feature makes round ice balls that melt slowly for cocktails.
  • Certified by ENERGY STAR


  • Compared to other models, it’s pricey.
  • Some users may not need or want to use the craft ice feature.
  • Because the freezer is on the bottom, there isn’t much room for taller items.

Its InstaViewTM Door-in-Door® feature lets users see inside the fridge without opening it, which may also help save electricity by decreasing the amount of time the door is open. This same SmartThinQ Technology lets users control and monitor the fridge from a distance, making it easy to verify the temperature or change the settings.

The LG LRFVS3006D’s price is one of its flaws. It’s pretty pricey compared to other TVs. Some customers also may consider the craft ice option superfluous or cumbersome if they do not regularly use it, and the base freezer may have a restricted storage room for taller products. Other versions are not ideal for individuals who are on a low budget.

On the whole, the LG LRFVS3006D is a refrigerator with a lot of features. It has a large storage capacity, is energy efficient, and has unique features like the InstaViewTM Door-in-Door® and Craft Ice+TM characteristics. Even so, its high price may not be right for everyone, and some people may not need the craft ice feature.

Its French door design and huge capacity make it an excellent choice for households or people who party regularly. The door-in-door function also makes it simple to access often-used products without having to open the entire fridge, which may help conserve energy and minimize the time spent hunting for items. In terms of appearance, the LRFVS3006D has a modern and sleek look with a stainless steel finish.

Between the LG LFXC22596S as well as the LG LRFVS3006D are elevated refrigerators with amazing features and extensive storage capacity. Despite the fact that the LFXC22596S is somewhat smaller and does not have some of the distinguishing characteristics of the LRFVS3006D, it remains a well-designed and power-efficient refrigerator. Nevertheless, the LG LRFVS3006D has extra features like the InstaViewTM Door-in-Door and Crafted Ice.


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