GPS Trackers Spark Nano Review

The BrickHouse Security Spark Nano 7 is a GPS tracker with a 4G LTE connection, which means it is suitable for live tracking. This is designed specifically for automobiles and valuables, but it may also be used to monitor a youngster or an old relative who wanders out on their own.

Because this is dependent on having a 4G connection, you will need to consider the cost of a subscription in addition to the price of the actual item itself. But if you have alerts set up, you could find that you don’t need to utilize this feature very often, which helps increase the battery life.

The magnetic casing is an optional accessory that makes it simple to attach to a vehicle out of sight. This gives you the peace of mind that it can be monitored if necessary. For this reason, we have included a recommendation for this product on our list of the best personal GPS trackers.

Design and Features

Since it is a little device, the BrickHouse Security Spark Nano 7 may be discretely stored in a vehicle, a purse, or connected to any object of value to track it. It can even be linked to the collar of a pet. Since this is intended for automobile use, it comes with a magnetic case that may be purchased separately. This case is a Brickhouse security spark nano 7 GPS tracker for vehicles weatherproof and magnetic so that it can be attached to the underneath of a vehicle.

Also, the device has a button that serves as an SOS alarm and may be activated by pressing it. This notifies the associated account’s app of the alert. Hence, even though this may be helpful for parents with a youngster or elderly relative, it is not linked directly to the emergency services in the same way as certain specialized person-focused trackers would be.

The device has a rechargeable battery that, when fully charged, may provide up to 15 days of standby time or up to 15 hours of continuous tracking usage before recharging.

According to the firm, the 4G cellular connection is countrywide, meaning users should maintain connectivity wherever they go in North America. If you need tracking into Canada or Mexico, it also states that you are authorized to do so.


For frequent updates, you may get updates every sixty seconds with the BrickHouse Security Spark Nano 7. But, if you are getting closer to the device’s position and need a higher level of precision, you can switch on the Fast Track mode, which enables you to track far more quickly and in a manner that is more analogous to real-time.

Even though the battery life in full tracking mode only lasts around 15 hours at most, the standby mode functions well. When it determines that there is no motion, this will cause the location transmitting to be immediately terminated. When it comes to prolonging the standby battery life to attain the maximum of 15 days that is advertised, this works quite well.

This tracker(You may be interested in Tile Mate tracker) comes equipped with a fantastic new function called geofencing, which enables the user to restrict the tracker’s movement by marking off an area on a map in advance. You are instantly notified if it departs that place. This may also be used professionally to verify unexpected halts on cargo or by parents keeping an eye on their children while they are at school. This application is not quite as effective as the AngelSense Guardian but is still quite useful.

Service Plans

You will need to pay for a service plan in addition to the cost of the magnetic car tracker device since it utilizes features like notifications and geofencing. Unfortunately, these plans are among the most costly out of all the units we’ve examined.

A basic level is available for $30 per month, a Plus plan is available for $40 per month, and a Premium level is available for $50 per month. These plans provide varied degrees of location updates, notifications, and device security. You may save a little money by paying for a subscription upfront for three or twelve months. Find out all you need to know right here.

While the cheap cost of the tracker itself helps to balance the price of the plans, on the whole, you are paying quite a bit more for this GPS device than you would for some of the other options that are now available.

Should You Get the BrickHouse Spark Nano 7?

This is an excellent choice for anyone interested in tracking a car, whether for personal or business reasons. For the greatest results, you will need to invest in a case that is both waterproof and magnetic, and you will also need to pay for a subscription to use the 4G connection.

This strong and stealthy brickhouse security spark nano 7 4g gps tracker is great for monitoring vehicles and valuables since it has exceptional tracking capabilities, helpful geofencing warnings, and smart battery life. However, better and more personalized solutions are available if you want to follow youngsters or elderly relatives directly. If you’re going outside for an adventure, a device like the Spot Gen4 is a far more appropriate alternative to consider.

Positioning Your Device

With a clear sky view, your Spark Nano will always provide the most accurate location data. It can send and receive signals through materials such as glass, plastic, and fabric but cannot transfer signals through metals. While positioning the gadget, keep this in mind.

It is important to refrain from putting the gadget in the trunk of a car. It may or may not report from the glove box or below the seat. Nevertheless, since each car is built differently, the degree to which this interference is experienced might change depending on the vehicle. If you want to keep your tracking activities under wraps, the Waterproof Magnetic GPS Case can be your ideal option. When positioning the device below a vehicle, ensure that the side containing the LEDs is pointing downward toward the ground and that it is as near to the edge of the vehicle as feasible.

Spark Nano GPS Track

Getting to Know your BrickHouse Locate GPS Mobile App

You may find the BrickHouse Find GPS mobile app in the Google Play and iOS App Store. This app can access the same extensive tracking capabilities as the web-based GPS platform. Every smartphone or other mobile device operating on Android or iOS can use the software. The following is a list of some of the features that are featured in the app:

  • Monitoring of the present position of the device as well as historical information, including all journeys and stops.
  • Reports that are accessible via the online platform may be performed and shared with other parties.
  • Capability to both receive and control alerts.

Login Screen

When you log in to the mobile app, you must use the same username and password you use on the online platform.

Unit Selection

You will be presented with the screen below when you first launch the application. You first need to go to the top right corner of the screen and click on the symbol that looks like an eye. From this point forward, you must pick the devices you want to present on display. You may match anything on the online platform, choose anything separately, or select everything simultaneously. This is the course of action that is advised.

App Settings Page

Tap the “More” button in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen to access the settings page. You will arrive at the page that is shown here. On this page, you can choose the source of your map and determine whether or not you want certain elements to be displayed on the map. These things include unit icons and geofences, names, and zoom buttons.

Enable Notification if you want to be notified through app if any of your alerts are triggered based on the criteria you put up on the online platform. This may be done by enabling the Notifications feature. If you choose “Send mobile notification” as one of the steps, you will subsequently be able to get alerts from the app on your mobile device.

Map View

To access the map screen, tap on the “Map” icon, as seen to the right. You may move about the map by dragging it by hand or using the zoom controls at the bottom (if enabled in the visibility settings). You may now bring up more precise information on a device by touching its icon or searching for the device by its name in the search box at the top of the page. After selecting a device, you will be able to see the most recent tracking information and data going back farther in time. You may choose a device from the Monitoring page and the Map page. Tap the buttons at the bottom to go between pages at any moment.

Monitoring Your Device

This page displays the most recent tracking information for the device you have chosen to monitor. You should be on the “Info” tab, located on the right and labeled (1). (2) Displays the most recent data, which includes the device’s present position, the last time it was reported, its speed, and information from the most recent journey that was monitored, such as the duration and distance of the trip. (3) A drop-down menu will appear if you click on the three vertical dots at the top right of the screen. You can send a command from this menu, share the device’s current position with another user, go from your location to the device in question, or run a report.

Spark Nano Monitor Device

Monitoring Your Device (Historical Data)

Choose the “History” option to see the locations where your device has been tracked. You will be able to see all the journeys and stops your device made during the day from this location. You will see each journey’s total time, distance, and average speed. To display a Track from a particular trip on the map, choose a date and then touch on the trip you want to see.

Report Execution

You may also run any report accessible via the Locate GPS platform’s online interface using the app. Click the Execute report button after selecting the report Template, Unit, and Interval. The report will open as a PDF on your mobile device, which you can then send to others.


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