Inflatable Hot Tubs Coleman Review

Inflatable hot tubs like the Coleman SaluSpa are more cost-effective than professionally fitted tubs while yet providing all the comforts of home.


Economically viable

Floor padding

User-friendly interface


It seats six, but it’d be tight.

There is a conflict between the heater and the bubbles.

At the end of a long and stressful day, there is nothing quite like the sensation of slipping into a toasty, bubbling hot tub. With the Coleman SaluSpa, you can now enjoy your exclusive spa-style hot tub right in the comfort of your home.

The Coleman SaluSpa parts is designed to accommodate as many as six people, and it features a total of 140 air jets that are capable of providing a revitalizing soak for tired and achy muscles. With the computerized control panel, please choose the desired water temperature and pressure for the jets, then sit back and let them do their thing. This hot tub can meet all your needs, whether you’re looking for a relaxing evening bath or a full-on pummeling.

Inflation and deflation of the Coleman SaluSpa may be accomplished using the pump that is included, and lift handles make it simple to move the spa throughout the deck or yard in any direction you choose. It weighs 88 pounds, making it lighter than other inflatable hot tubs on the market. When it is not being used, it may be collapsed into a smaller size and put away.

This hot tub from Coleman lives up to the company’s reputation for producing high-quality and long-lasting items for the great outdoors. The building of your coleman saluspa tub only using reinforced PVC with vertical beams will provide you with the security of knowing that your visitors will be secure and comfortable while the relaxing massage system is in operation.

Concerns pertaining to hygiene are not a barrier either. The Coleman SaluSpa is equipped with a chemicals dispenser that is permanently fastened to the hot tub’s interior. Its chemical dispenser distributes a consistent quantity of chloride into the water in order to maintain the water clean and free of harmful bacteria.

In this review, we take a more in-depth look at all of the amenities that come standard with the Coleman SaluSpa. This includes taking a look at how customers rank the hot tub on online retailers such as Amazon. And if you decide that this particular coleman hot tub amazon is not the one for you, don’t worry; our shopping guide to the finest inflatable hot tubs (opens in a new tab) is guaranteed to contain the model that is the ideal match for you.

Coleman Saluspa: Design

The Coleman SaluSpa has a width of 6 feet long, 4 inches, and a depth of 28 inches, and it is capable of holding up to 242 water gallons at a time. The container is constructed out of 2 layers of PVC that are strengthened by a polyester mesh coating that gets placed between the two PVC layers.

The tub’s vertical beam structure offers extra support using vertical vinyl slats inside the inflated tub wall. If someone leans against the tub wall, the inflatable tub can easily support you—the tub’s exterior is covered in a vivid coleman hot tub 2 person green PVC made of synthetic material. The only color that is offered, it fits in nicely with most lawns despite being the sole option. The entire kit weighs 88 pounds when it is empty, which is not a bad weight for a portable inflatable tub because it is empty.

Durability And Usability

The Coleman SaluSpa is built to last because of its durable build. The bathtub is designed to accommodate up to six persons in a relaxed and comfortable manner, and a padded ground mat further enhances this experience. The bottom cloth not only prevents dirt and debris from getting into the inflatable hot tub with jets but also adds an additional layer of padding between the tub’s occupants and the ground below.

The pump and heater in one unit have digital controls and can reach temperatures of up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit when it warms the water. Since the water heats at a speed of two degrees Fahrenheit each hour, it will take all night for it to attain a maximum temperature if it is heated at this pace. This indicates that on the day that you intend to utilize the hot tub, you should begin the process of installing it and heating the water in it.

One of the most common criticisms leveled against the SaluSpa is that it does not automatically heat the water or run the bubbles. Because running your jets might cause the water temperature in your tub to decrease, you won’t be able to run them for an excessive amount of time without seeing a substantial change in the temperature. The Coleman SaluSpa has a feature that we really enjoy, which is that it can monitor the temperature of the water in your spa and turn on the heater if it senses that the temperature has dropped too low.

The control panel is attached to the tub in the form of an egg, and it is positioned such that it is conveniently accessible from within the tub itself.

The Coleman SaluSpa comes equipped with an air blower that is responsible for supplying the tub’s 140 bubble jets with air. These jets are of a great grade; nevertheless, they cannot compare to the jets you will receive if you invest in the very finest hot tub.

During the assembly process, the air compressor can also be employed to inflate the tub, and it is equipped with a pressure gauge to ensure that the tub is not overinflated. Because they are incorporated into the tub, the valves should make it easy for you to inflate them and prohibit air release when the hose is disconnected. In the box, you will get a specialized wrench for tightening, enabling you to lock the valve setting and prevent leaks from becoming more severe over time.


The Coleman SaluSpa warms up at a rate of around 2 degrees per hour on average. The SaluSpa comes complete with a tailored top cover that is constructed from the same emerald PVC material that is used to cover the exterior of the tub. The top cover has a foil lining, which allows it to retain heat better. Moreover, an inflatable disc rests atop the tub, below the fitting cover. There are multiple clips that can be used to fasten the cover all the way around the exterior of the tub, and there are also built-in handles that can be used to adjust the bloated tub before water is added to it.

Combined with the ground mat, the valve wrench, and the pressure sensor, the Coleman SaluSpa comes with one filtration system, a chemicals floater, a patch kit, and many instruction resources that cover the process of setting up as well as maintaining the spa. Customers have mentioned that this inflatable runs through filters rapidly. Thus it is recommended that you purchase extra filters when you make your purchase. The warranty provides limited coverage for a period of one year, as usual.

The Coleman SaluSpa is an expandable hot tub that was built specifically for use in residential settings, and this article provides a review of that product. The evaluation goes into the construction, how long it lasts, how easy it is to use, and how well it performs. The Coleman SaluSpa offers room for a maximum of six people and boasts 140 air jets, making it possible to enjoy a bath that is either soothing or stimulating.

A cushioned ground mat and reinforced PVC construction make the hot tub extremely comfortable, and it also features vertical beams that give additional stability. The combined pump and heater unit has a maximum operating temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit, although it takes quite some time to attain that temperature. While within the hot tub, the control panel may be reached and used with relative ease.

A chemicals dispenser is included with the hot tub to maintain the water’s cleanliness and hygiene. It is mentioned in the review that SaluSpa does not feature an automated water heater or bubble function and that some customers have complained about the poor quality of both air jets. On the other hand, the 2 person inflatable hot tub is widely regarded as a high-quality and durable device that provides a soothing spa-like experience without requiring you to leave the convenience of your own home.

User Reviews

On Amazon, customers give the Coleman SaluSpa an average rating of 4 stars out of 5. An average of 4.3 stars was given to both the comfort and simplicity of assembly. In addition to that, it carries out very effectively in terms of both the setting of its timer and its sturdiness.

“This spa is exceptional in every way. It was simple to put together, and it heated up really quickly. It has a wonderful cushioning to the bottom; thus, sitting in it is possible and quite comfortable.” One reviewer states that it accommodates four people far more comfortably than it does six but lauds the product’s ease of use. “Now that we’ve owned this for more than a year, we can confidently say that we couldn’t be happier with it! But, we were not ready to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a hot tub despite the fact that we truly wanted one. This one can be assembled, disassembled, cleaned, and maintained with minimal effort.”

Is The Coleman Saluspa Worth The Money?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Coleman is one of the most famous best inflatable hot tub currently available on the market. This hot tub is inexpensive and very long-lasting, and it offers a relaxing experience comparable to that of a spa at a price point that is very difficult to improve. The Coleman SaluSpa has received much positive feedback from customers on how simple it is to assemble and use. Many concerned about their finances are pleased with its performance despite its relatively modest cost.

Whether or whether the SaluSpa is a worthwhile investment for a particular person depends on the person’s own interests and priorities. The SaluSpa might serve as a suitable alternative for people who want a hot tub but don’t want to spend a lot of money on one and want one that is also portable.

Because of its strengthened PVC and vertical beams, in addition to its 140 air jets, it has a solid construction that makes for a really pleasant experience. In addition to ensuring adequate cleanliness and water upkeep, the incorporated chemical dispenser is also responsible for this.

On the other hand, those who prioritize more modern features, such as more powerful jets, a more rapid heating system, and automatic maintenance, may consider purchasing a more expensive hot tub. In addition, people who wish to use the SaluSpa on the spur of the moment without making any preparations in advance may find the spa’s sluggish heating rate to be an inconvenience.

A relaxing and pleasurable time can be had in the hot tub provided by the Coleman SaluSpa, which, all things considered, is an excellent value for the money it costs. It may not include all of the bells & whistles that are included in more costly versions, but for those individuals who are searching for an alternative that is both inexpensive and portable, it is unquestionably something that should be taken into consideration.

The Coleman SaluSpa has a maximum capacity of six persons. However, that number may feel cramped once everyone is inside. If, on the other hand, you are searching for a jacuzzi that is spacious enough to accommodate four persons, possesses an astonishing amount of jets, and is simple to inflate, deflate, or store away when necessary, this is the type of hot tub that you should have.


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