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You may look for public records from the comfort of your home using Intelius, one of the numerous firms that do background checks. This information is often accessible to the general public; however, Intelius compiles records that have been digitized. To refresh your memory, not every public record has been digitized by the authority that controls it. If the record has not been digitized, it will not be included in the report generated by a person’s search or background check. A person’s basic contact information, including their address, phone number, and email address, as well as their social media accounts, lien and asset information, criminal and traffic histories, and any other information that is publicly accessible may be included in a report.

However, because of the nature of search and background check services (as well as the commercial practices of these firms), the information included in reports may be lacking, erroneous, outdated, or ascribed to the wrong people. This is fairly frequent, and throughout our examination of Intelius, we made provisions for it and considered it.

As a result, the FCRA Act precludes using Intelius or any other consumer people search and background check service to determine housing, employment, educational grants, or credit qualifications. However, people often utilize these sites to look up people for the following reasons: to research an internet buyer or seller, a potential date, or the contact details of an old classmate.

So, Is Intelius Legit?

Yes. Even though Intelius may only be utilized strictly unauthorizedly, the service it provides is completely lawful. Many people are probably concerned about how much of their personal information is available online in one location. As a result, we would like to take this opportunity to remind customers that all of the information available on Intelius and services similar to it is publicly available and can be discovered through methods other than repositories like Intelius. You may be interested in Jackson Hewitt Tax Service.

Sign Up and Cost

During our Intelius evaluation sessions, we found the signup plans rather difficult to decipher. This is because not all possible variants are shown in a single location. Customers who are clear about the purpose of their purchase will have the easiest time navigating the many Intelius signup options available to them.

Even if you have a general idea of the sort of report you want, you may still be uncertain about the specifics of each report type and the information that is shared throughout the many reports. Even after dissecting every possibility for a whole hour, we could still not determine which alternative would allow us to put our resources to the best possible use.

Obtaining a Premier membership trial, which comes with a voucher for “one background check a month,” is the most efficient option to obtain a single report. This trial also includes several other benefits. After that, you can immediately redeem the coupon for your report. If you think it will be helpful, continue your membership; if not, you will know to stop it and have spared yourself some effort and expense.

It is still possible for clients to feel lost on the signup page, and there are a few nuances to be aware of that are not immediately obvious, so we advise anybody considering signing up with Intelius to read the small print. Once you decide which report opting for, customers may still feel confused by the signup page.

Many customers who left reviews lament that they were charged to their bank accounts monthly for a membership, even though they maintain that they never gave their consent to be charged for one. Be aware that if you purchase any report, you will be required to cancel your free trial if you do not wish to continue to subscribe to the Intelius Premier plan, which provides unlimited monthly services and is automatically added as a trial offer to all of the plans that we viewed. If you do not wish to continue subscribing, you will be billed after the trial period ends.

For this review, we decided to go with Intelius Premier, which was available for a discount of fifty percent for our first month’s subscription (for a total of fourteen ninety-five dollars, plus tax, for the first month of a subscription that is automatically renewed every month for twenty-nine dollars and five cents). The price of other plans may vary anywhere from one dollar to forty dollars per month, but the Premier package offers what seems to be the greatest value right now for everyday usage.



Customers are not herded into a “funnel” before being asked to pay for the information they need, as with many other firms. In many cases, this “funnel” is the main reason why users are unhappy with a service; they were under the impression that the service was searching in real-time for free information in public records. Instead, they had to wait almost 10 minutes. For this reason, they erroneously assumed that the service was actively searching public records at the time. Since Intelius does not have a sales funnel that includes that false promise, its customers have a better shot of really achieving their goals more quickly.

Subscription model

Intelius offers a subscription plan after the first purchase of a report, and the information on this strategy is hidden deep inside the small print (Intelius Premier). It is not apparent why this is the case, but owing to the unpredictability of the reports, we tend to choose subscription models to provide these services. A pay-per-report plan is not the best option for regular users because there is a possibility of report duplicates, false profiles, and an excessive number of profiles for a common name. Therefore, it makes more sense for regular users to have a plan with a high limit or unlimited report views.

Extra features

Even if Intelius reports aren’t very robust, we were pleasantly delighted to learn that an Intelius Premier membership comes with a free reverse phone number lookup. This is a function that would normally cost extra.

Intelius Brand

Data visualization

One of the most useful aspects that Intelius provides is a variety of methods to present the information, which allows users to see the relationships between objects. You may view where the known addresses of a person are located about one on a map of the United States, for instance, rather than simply seeing the addresses themselves. Intelius may assist you if you are the kind of person who can more easily assimilate knowledge when it is presented visually.


The preparations and the funds

Intelius’s many different plans might be confusing if you don’t already have a good sense of what you’re looking for in a service, so be prepared to do some homework before signing up. Intelius might serve its consumers better if it included a comprehensive plan comparison page that dug further into the details of what’s included in each pricing tier. The bulk of the complaints about Intelius might be alleviated if the company made it more obvious that signing up for Intelius Premier would result in automatic billing, even if we advise users to read the small print carefully to avoid any unpleasant surprises. This has happened despite our firm belief that consumers should read the small print to avoid being surprised by an unexpected fee for Intelius Premier. While this may be a minor annoyance, it’s important to remember that Intelius isn’t the only provider to use such tactics.

When viewing reports, it is not obvious what is meant to be included in the report and what can be deemed an add-on after the payment has been made. For instance, while using the voucher, only the criminal records of the person’s state of current residency are checked. This is the case in most cases. Your credit card will be charged an extra $19.95 to widen the search scope to the whole country. And, as it happens, the present state of residence is not always accurate. These add-ons may pile up quickly and cost you a lot if you want to be comprehensive. And, as it happens, the current residence is not always correct.

Additionally, a significant amount of the information that can be discovered for the price of a fundamental subscription to other services, such as asset information, can only be viewed for an additional fee in addition to the price of Intelius Premier. This additional fee is required to access this information.


In the same spirit, every report we reviewed had several report mistakes and omissions. Some complaints were submitted more than once, and the reports for certain individuals did not show up after a standard search. We obtained the most accurate findings when we merged the information gathered in many reports on the same individual.

Intelius is also one of the services we’ve looked at with the fewest bells and whistles. Other than looking for information, there wasn’t much else to do on Intelius. There is not even a sex offender watch, much alone search options, monitoring tools, or anything else on the Dark Web. On the other hand, this will be seen as an advantage by customers looking for a service that focuses on people searching and background checks.

Additional search capabilities and functionalities

We considered it surprising that the option to search in reverse for an address was not included with the basic subscription, particularly given that the function to search in reverse for a phone number was included.

The experience of the customer and the service

Even if we didn’t have the worst time with Intelius, other people who have used the service have expressed unfavorable opinions. Although many Intelius users have negative things to say about the company’s services, this is typical of people’s search services and background check websites in general.

Most users who have tried Intelius have expressed dissatisfaction with the service, labeling it a “scam” in their evaluations. We discovered that many of these reviewers failed to read the small print, which explains why they were shocked and perplexed when they saw charges from Intelius on their debit or credit cards. Again, this is not unusual in the market for personal searches, and we strongly advise consumers to be alert.

We also saw that some users looked themselves up and discovered some incorrect information. Since this is the case with most people’s search services, we believe that most individuals could still locate what they were looking for despite our experience. Phone support for customers is only available during certain hours each week: Monday through Friday, from seven in the morning to four in the afternoon Pacific time.

Intelius Customer Service

Should You Choose Intelius?

Intelius is still one of the most popular websites in the United States for doing background checks and gathering information on individuals, even though it has its fair share of issues. you may also want to know more about Top Image Hosting Websites. The variety of reports and checks that may be run can be perplexing. Still, the data returned to you is neatly organized and includes more accurate and trustworthy information than is typical. We don’t like how you’re automatically signed up for the subscription model here if you run a single report; a little more clarification would be welcomed, particularly by typical consumers. Although the subscription model offers excellent value for the money, we don’t like how it works.

Once you’ve gotten a handle on what you need from an Intelius report, it’s difficult to find someplace else that delivers greater clarity and is more focused on locating individuals and investigating their past. This is because Intelius is the only service of its kind. Although indeed, any report of this kind will always include some inaccurate information, our experience has shown that Intelius is successful a great deal more often than it is unsuccessful.


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