Internet Filter Software Qustodio Review

Regarding internet filter software, Qustodio premium torrent is one of the most well-known brands. It performs an excellent job of ensuring your children are protected using the internet. Qustodio monitors what your children are up to online, including how much time they spend there and who they’re chatting with. While Qustodio is one of the most costly parental control programs available, it supports a wider range of mobile devices, from smartphones to tablets. Yet, this raises the question of whether or not it is worth the additional expense.

Our evaluation is based on the Premium edition of Qustodio, for which there is a monthly cost; however, there is also a try Qustodio premium free accessible, but it has a far more restricted set of functions. When it comes to the well-being of your children, we believe that having peace of mind is an investment that is well worth making.

Monitoring Features

Qustodio Premium has no serious deficiencies in its primary features. Using 26 distinct tags, it hides potentially formative material from curious eyes. Your youngster will never be able to see gambling, pornographic, drug, or alcoholic content online again because of this app’s automated blocking features. Filters exist to restrict access to sexually explicit material, language, advertisements, and more. When those filters are activated, parents can choose whether a material will be restricted, devices will be locked, or quick notifications will be provided, so there is a considerable deal of freedom there. The filters perform quite well and provide a great deal of customization, enabling parents to determine how they respond to information deemed improper.

This program does more than simply censor websites. You can create windows for when your children are permitted to use their devices and when they are not permitted, and you can also designate daily time limitations for your children. This allows you to regulate how much time your children spend using their devices. These limits might be varied on various days — for example, they can have greater flexibility on the weekends – and the allowances are maintained across multiple devices; kids can’t simply use another device when their time is up. Every youngster may have their very own profile as well as their very own devoted timetable.

Parents can restrict access to certain mobile applications and games on their children’s devices, and each app may have its own time restriction. On the other hand, you may create a whitelist of the websites, applications, and games you are okay with them utilizing. Find out more about Top Image Hosting Websites.

Ease of Parent Use

The parent app, like the online dashboard, may be used to monitor your child’s behavior on personal computers and laptops. Your children’s online activity is shown in an easy-to-monitor stream. You can have weekly or monthly reports sent to your email address along with thumbnail screenshots of your children’s activities. You can also see how much time each kid has spent in front of a screen and reports of words and activities blocked by filters. The data is displayed in graphs and charts that are simple to interpret.

Qustodio Parent App

Qustodio also includes intelligent location-specific features. You may keep track of your children’s movements and get alerts when they enter or exit certain locations, such as your house or school. These location reports are included in the dashboard’s overall activity timeline.

Qustodio, on the other hand, contains a file-sharing filter that prevents your children from sending or receiving any files. Your children can only use search engines vetted and certified by Qustodio. In addition, the Qustodio premium key will flag any searches that seem problematic and prevent them from installing browsers that are not compatible with the app. The software has a “panic button” that allows children, if they need assistance, to contact a responsible adult immediately.

For any device, try Qustodio Premium is simple to set up. The setup wizard takes you by the hand and guides you through each stage of the process, demonstrating how to configure filters, web blocks, and alerts so that you can quickly begin monitoring online activity.

Social Media Monitoring

This app also has a ton of features that are exclusive to Facebook. Qustodio can monitor not only what your children write on Facebook but also what their friends post and you can also watch the conversations between them. Moreover, Qustodio lets you examine and ban phone contacts for your kids’ phone calls and SMS exchanges.

Although Qustodio is simple to use and has a wide variety of useful functions, certain aspects of the product may need some improvement. It lacks in-depth surveillance for social networks such as Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, and TikTok, which are more popular with youngsters and teens than Facebook. Only Facebook offers this kind of help. Even though it is possible to block apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok completely, many parents would want greater fine-grained management and monitoring of their children’s device use instead of completely blocking them. This is especially true given that doing so will result in arguments with the children.

There is no way for children to communicate with their parents from within the application, which is a feature available on a number of competing products and serves as a means for children and parents to communicate more openly. Qustodio does not permit the addition of specific keywords to the filtering system, which is another notable omission. There is no method to check how much battery life is left on your children’s phone, even if Qustodio’s location tracking and monitoring functions are enough. No category restricts access to virtual private networks (VPNs).

Apps and Games

If you can monitor the YouTube mobile app or set a daily restriction on its use, then clearly, you can do the same thing with any other program running on the protected PC or smartphone. For instance, parental controls may be established on Telegram, Instagram (though our investigation reveals that it’s not all that effective), and many more platforms.

Games are included in the category of apps that may be tracked on your child’s mobile device. Hence, if you are concerned that your kid is playing Fortnite for an excessive amount of time, you should not panic since setting a time limit on the game is simple.

Monitoring of Calls and Text Messages

Qustodio can monitor nearly everything, including phone conversations and text messages sent and received on your child’s device. This indicates that you can block certain incoming and outgoing calls, or you may keep a watch on everything happening.

You will be notified via the app’s free version whenever your kid receives a call or text message on their mobile device. If, on the other hand, you have access to the qustodio premium coupon version, you will be able to see more information, such as the message’s content and the other person’s phone number.

Isn’t it remarkable how useful this function is? If you wish to take advantage of this function, you will first need to download the full version of the Qustodio software onto the mobile device you want to use. In addition, if you want the complete version, go to the assistance page on Calls and SMS Monitoring provided by Qustodio and then follow the steps there. This is because the version of the app available on the Play Market no longer supports the aforementioned feature. Hence, you will need to put in much effort to do this.

You should also know that Call and SMS monitoring is only compatible with Android-based smartphones. You can keep track of them using the mobile Qustodio app premium plan for iOS, but the tracking functionality will only be available for secure Android devices.

Panic Button and Location Update

Nowadays, a smartphone may be used to locate anywhere on the globe. So, using this program for parental control, you may make that function operate in the other direction. This also indicates that you will be able to ascertain your kid’s whereabouts at any given moment by using the location services. For example, if you set the location update time to “Every 3 Hours,” you will get the position of your kid in the Qustodio summary every three hours. Impressive, huh? It doesn’t end there, however.

You won’t have any trouble turning on the Panic button on the Qustodio mobile app. You may do it by accessing the Qustodio parent profile using the online browser or through the mobile app on your device. When you have it enabled, you will be able to enter certain trusted contacts. When your kid presses the panic button, these trusted contacts will be asked to reaffirm that they will receive the message if it is sent to them. And after you’re done with all of this, a panic button will appear on the mobile app. When your youngster touches that button, a message with a link to their current location will be sent to the trusted contact. This will happen every time.

However, there are a few drawbacks associated with using this tool. The first is that the trusted contact will only have access to the kid’s location if the youngster activated the location service on their smartphone when they pressed the panic button. If the location service is not activated, the message that you would get will not be able to fulfill its intended function in its entirety because you won’t be able to see where the youngster is located. So, it would have been preferable if the individual pressing the panic button had received an extra notice to activate the location services before the message was sent.

Qustodio Interface

Features and Costs of the App

The functionalities of Qustodio Premium 5 also change depending on the platforms being monitored. Tracking your pos foition, having a panic button, and monitoring your phone calls and text messages are all features accessible on Android but not on iOS. In addition, Qustodio does not provide support for Chromebooks. Despite these minor shortcomings, it is still considered one of the top parental control programs for mobile devices.

The free version of Qustodio has several limitations, such as the inability to monitor more than one device, and it only makes use of functions that are considered to be basic. We strongly suggest that you go ahead and purchase the Premium edition of the app, as this will enable you to access all of the features that the app offers. A yearly package may cost anywhere from $54 to $137, depending on the number of devices that need to be protected; the more affordable versions cover five devices, while the more expensive ones can manage fifteen different pieces of gear.

Should You Buy Qustodio Premium?

Qustodio offers an impressive level of control over your children’s online activity in addition to a ton of features in a slick, stable system that presents information in a clear and consistent way. Although the price is a little higher than that of many other parental control tools, there is no denying the quality of this product. Unfortunately, some of the app’s capabilities are unavailable, and it’s also unfortunate that the app behaves differently on various platforms; nevertheless, these flaws will only be a problem for select families, and they won’t have any effect on plenty of other individuals. There aren’t many applications that are more streamlined or better than this one if you’re serious about safeguarding and monitoring your children when they’re online.


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