Rocketbook Core Review

The reusable notebook is good for the environment, and it allows you to take notes by hand while still allowing you to save and save them online.


  • Take notes by hand on recycled paper.
  • You may upload your notes to many different online platforms.
  • OCR-enabled
  • Eco-friendly
  • Pen that can be easily replaced.


  • The ink dries slowly, which is problematic for lefties.
  • OCR is not very effective for illegible handwriting.

In the digital realm, the Rocketbook Core can automatically auto-file scanned documents as you go, thanks to its wipe-clean pages and accompanying software. A cheap smartpen alternative. You can use a pen to write on the pages of the Rocketbook Core, but then you can just wipe them clean and use them again. This innovative notebook is called the Rocketbook Core. The app included with this book is where the digital capabilities of the book are housed. With the app, you may scan a page, have the image immediately posted to a cloud service of your choosing, and then wipe the page clean so that it can be used again.

Writing by hand, in addition to digital organizing and storage, are also options that are available to you with the limitless reusability of the rocketbook smart reusable notebook. Utilizing a Pilot FriXion pen, jot down some notes in the notepad. Using the Rocketbook core software on your mobile device, you can quickly scan your note and have it delivered to any of the digital services of your choosing.

Notebook Core

After that, you may wipe the note away with a damp cloth and use exactly the same page multiple times as you’d want without having to worry about it becoming ruined. Your jotted-down thoughts are now stored in a digital format for your convenience. The program also has an optical character recognition feature, allowing you to categorize and search your notes at a later time.

The most important thing to remember about this alternative is that it does not call for the purchase of a costly smartpen. The Rocketbook Core, formerly known as the Everlast, can be purchased for the price of $34 and comes bundled with a microfibre towel and a Pilot FriXion pen. It’s a great option for those on a tighter budget. Therefore we’ve included it in our selection of the most effective smart pens. Read this rocketbook core review for further details.

Exams involving writing and drawing

The Rocketbook Core makes use of specialized pages that are constructed out of a polyester composite material. If you want to be able to erase your writing when you are through, you will need to make use of a unique Pilot FriXion pen. But other than that, it performs exactly the same as a regular pen would, including having the same size and weight, as well as a smooth flow of ink. After that, you may start over by wiping the page clean with the moistened microfiber cloth that is supplied in the package.

Depending on your own preference, the actual book can be purchased with either a dot-grid design or a lines-only pattern. It also includes a pen, but there are more available in a variety of colors so that you may build a color-matched page. This is something that many smartpens won’t allow you to accomplish.

Because the notepad and the pen appear to be an ordinary pair, using this product may be done in complete secrecy. The ink dries quickly, preventing smudge, and the paper, or only the marked areas, may be simply wiped clean with a moist towel.

That’s the work you’ll be putting in, and yes, you’ll need water. But if you find yourself in a situation where you can’t get water, you may just use one of the remaining 36 pages and clean it off when you have the chance. In addition to allowing for on-the-fly error correction, the reduced need for post-work cleanup makes this method more environmentally friendly than its smart pen and paper counterparts.

Rocketbook Core Notepad

Applications and network connections

You may rapidly upload scanned pages to the cloud using the Rocketbook core app, which is available for both iOS and Android. There is a QR code at the bottom of each page, as well as a checkbox form. This makes scanning documents and organizing them a breeze after you’ve determined which app will be notified when a particular shape is detected on a page.

The diamond will send it to Evernote, whereas the star will take you to a specific folder on Google Drive. This scanning procedure, while still brief at a few seconds, is made incredibly simple and seamless by the abundance of available settings and the high degree of integration between them.

This is the most important point. Because this method is so effective and requires so little effort on your part, you will find that you naturally gravitate toward using it while dealing with your notes. Since everything is saved on the cloud, data is protected from loss and can be accessed from a variety of different devices.

Coziness and a low learning curve

We are currently living in a digital age, and the majority of the technology that we use can be found both in our homes and in our wallets. We also reside in a world that is becoming more environmentally friendly, one in which an increasing number of people are making an effort to reduce, reuse, and recycle the materials with which they come into contact. We are able to reuse and recycle a wide variety of materials. However, the extent to which we are able to recycle may be limited by the policies of certain local councils.

The Rocketbook Core may be utilized in the same straightforward manner as any other conventional notebook. The pens are lightweight and function flawlessly, and the procedure of scanning and uploading data couldn’t be simpler. Of course, the necessity of scanning makes it more involved than simply uploading with a smartpen. However, it isn’t easy to find something comparable at this price.

Notebook with Smartpen

Cleaning the book is a breeze using the moist microfiber cloth that is supplied in the package, and it does an excellent job. As a result, you won’t have to spend any more money on a new laptop because this one may be utilized on several occasions. This not only makes it extremely environmentally friendly, but it also makes it quite portable, allowing you to pack all of your books into a single container.

Price and Availability

You may choose between a Letter Size and an Executive Size rocketbook smart reusable notebook. The Letter Size measures 8.5 inches by 11 inches and has a total of 32 pages, while the Executive Size measures 6 inches by 8.8 inches and has a total of 36 pages. Use either dot-grid or lined paper, depending on the size you need. The notebook is available in a dizzying array of different hues and designs.

You may purchase Rocketbook Core Notebooks from retailers such as Amazon and Rocketbook’s own website, in addition to department and office supply stores located all around the world. Although it has a list price of $32, you can typically purchase it for as little as $20.


The Rocketbook core remains the simplest and most fundamental model of notebook offered by the firm; nevertheless, there are many additional choices that are more tailored to the tasks that you could be performing on it. There is a variant of the Core designed just for executives, which has a physical factor that is more compact and portable. However, alternative formats exist as well, such as calendars, graph sheets, office templates, classroom-specific designs, and more.

Notebook Extras

Because this application has an OCR capability, you will be able to utilize the handwriting recognition tool to search through your notes for a certain section. You can even get an email with a transcription of the handwritten content and use that as the file name. The output of rocketbook core may be saved as a PDF or JPEG for convenient sharing, but unlike some smartpens, it can not instantly transform handwriting to text.

What’s Good

Using an iPad and Apple Pencil with your preferred note-taking software is a no-brainer. Consider the Rocketbook Core Notebook, on the other hand, if the traditional experience of writing with a pen and paper appeals to you more. This is a compact notebook that has a strong plastic cover and a spiral binding. Depending on the size you select, there will be between 32 and 36 pages of glossy paper included.

The paper has been thoughtfully crafted to be compatible with the erasable Pilot FriXion pens. Once the ink has dried, it will remain on the page until you remove it with a cloth that has been dampened with water. The notebook comes with one of these pens. However, it is not a specialized pen that can only be used with this rocketbook core director notebook. These pens are quite common and may be found in almost any store that offers writing equipment. The fabric is also included, but it is not a very noteworthy material.

At the very bottom of each page, you will see a QR code in addition to seven other symbols. It is the process that is used to digitize the notes. Download the Rocketbook core app, and then configure it to store your notes in the location of your choosing. You have the option of using Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud, email, etc., to store and share your files. It is possible to provide specific meaning to each of the symbols. Consequently, you’ll be able to submit your notes directly via the service that you’re choosing by just placing an “X” above the symbol that you’ve preconfigured to do so.

Setting up folders in which to save your notes within a cloud service is something that we cannot stress enough about how important it is that you take the time to do. Alternatively, you may ignore all of that and simply send the letter to wherever location and in whichever manner you see fit. If you want to utilize the OCR function, you will also need to configure it within the app before you can use it.

Rocketbook Pros

Our email address is represented by the “arrow” sign, and our Google Drive is represented by the “diamond” symbol that we put up. On point of fact, we devoted an entire folder on Google Drive to the storage of our Rocketbook core scribbles. Therefore, each note that we mark with the diamond sign will automatically be placed in the specified folder on Google Drive, and we will not need to make any more selections inside the application.

More familiarity with the system means more opportunities to discover its benefits. If you include two hashtags before and after your note’s title, for instance, the OCR will recognize that as the note’s title and give it that name in the digital version. You may also submit your notes to the provider of your choosing in bulk as an alternative to emailing each page individually.

Should you make the investment in the Rocketbook Core?

This Rocketbook Core is an innovative device that makes use of many of the most beneficial aspects of a smartpen in a manner that does not compromise the product’s ability to remain within a reasonable price range, to be environmentally friendly, or to be simple to operate. You may now take notes organically, save them digitally whenever you need them, and interact with them in an intelligent manner by employing handwriting recognition technology.

Although this does not directly convert handwriting to text and does need app-based scanning, the fact that it can be wiped clean at any time and will continue to work for as long as you require it to is a highly persuasive feature that makes it an attractive choice.