Trane Central Air Conditioners Review

Trane was initially a family-owned plumbing business when it was established in 1885; the company did not join the market for air conditioners until 1931. The following 53 years were spent by the corporation perfecting commercial and residential air conditioning technologies to lower emissions and increase energy efficiency. American Standard completed the acquisition of Trane in 1984 but continued to operate the two companies under different brand names. Both businesses are run by Ingersoll Rand, the parent firm of both of them.

Trane is a well-known heating and cooling system producer founded in 1885. The company has a solid reputation for producing various trane central air conditioners & air filtration equipment. According to a study conducted by Lifestory from 2015 to 2021, Trane has been awarded the title of ‘America’s Most Trusted HVAC System’ on many occasions.

Today, Trane is recognized as one of the most important manufacturers of HVAC systems globally. The firm provides residential and commercial customers with a variety of goods, including trane central air conditioners , furnaces, heat pumps, air handlers, whole-home air cleaners, & smart thermostats, among other things. Due to the company’s long-standing reputation and the high quality of its products, the price of trane central air conditioners is often greater than the price of air conditioners made by other manufacturers.

Because of this, trane central air conditioners is a good option for consumers who are searching for the finest central air conditioners for their homes. The company has captured ten percent of the market share by providing a satisfactory combination of affordability and reliable warranty protection.

In this analysis of Trane central air conditioners , we’ll take a deeper look at the variety of goods the company offers, including its most popular air conditioning systems, the warranties it provides, and the feedback it receives from its existing clients on the quality of its service. Check out our recommendations for the best ductless air conditioners & the best window air conditioners for more information on different methods to stay cool this summer.


  • Themajority of trane central air conditioners provide a high-efficiency rating, which may save you money on electricity over time.
  • Many units are quiet (as low as 55 decibels) than those offered by rival firms.
  • Registered items come with a basic 10-year guarantee, which aligns with what is typical for their sector.
  • The firm has earned a reputation for having durable products of exceptional quality.


  • The system’s price is high compared to that of the competition.
  • The firm only sells nine different models of trane central air conditionersso the variety is somewhat restricted.

Trane Air Conditioning Units Review: Price 

Air Conditioners

To provide a ballpark estimate, the trane air conditioner prices manufactured by Trane can range from $3,600 up to $11,000 (this price includes the installation cost). Each category has a great deal of variance, including the more reasonably priced XR air conditioners, which may cost you more than $3,000 for the unit and installation.

It is essential to remember trane central air conditioners cost shown here are only approximations and that actual pricing may vary from one state to another and from one authorized Trane dealer to another. If you are determined to obtain the best bargain possible, you may check at several different dealers to see who can provide you with the most competitive pricing and try to negotiate with them.

Trane Air Conditioning: Installers 

As is customary with manufacturers of air conditioners, there is a strong focus placed on assuring a proper installation performed by a well-known dealer in your state. And spending a little more now for a better installation process will benefit you well in the future, as any faults with installation might mean an expensive mess to correct in the long run. In other words, paying a little more now for a better installation process would serve you well in the future.

If you decide to continue working with trane central air conditioners, which is a wise decision, you will be referred to one of their “Comfort Specialists.” Trane’s website organizes its dealers into categories according to the state in which they are located. According to Trane, these specialists are certified engineers who can give outstanding customer care in addition to normal maintenance, support in an emergency, and other services.

Trane Air Conditioning Units Range 

The variety of air conditioners offered by Trane is simple to comprehend since it is segmented into three distinct tiers:

  • The high-end XV series.
  • The more economical XR models.
  • The two XL units are modified versions of similar XR models but come with longer warranties.

Because Trane does not manufacture portable air conditioners .so you should not expect to find them in this store. 

An XV20i TruComfort Variable Speed air conditioner is Trane’s most advanced model and represents the company’s flagship product. It has a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of 22, and its operating noise level may be as low as 55 dB, which is lower than the typical sound level of a conversation. Because this model’s two-stage Climatuff Compressor offers 750-speed classes, you can fine-tune the cooling degree to your specifications. The XV20i model also features an improved Spine Fin Coil, contributing to the overall efficiency improvement. This coil has been developed to make it more corrosion-resistant than an equivalent made of copper. It is made entirely of aluminum.


The ComfortLink II takes the helm in the higher-end XV series when it involves thermostats. It has a unique smartphone app link, touch-control screen, remote home management, and Nexia bridge with zone heat and also cooling control. This thermostat is ideal for people enthusiastic about smart homes since it allows users to easily adjust the perfect temperature and make them more comfortable for their entire families with just the press of a button.

The next level of goods includes those from Trane’s XR line, which consists of more air conditioners available at lower prices while still keeping their Energy Star certifications intact. Trane central air conditioners within this price range as the most cost-effective option available everywhere. It is a single-speed, single-compressor type intended to be very efficient. It utilizes the characteristic Trane Spine Fin all-aluminum coil for longevity and a Climatuff compressor.

Trane Air Conditioning Units Review: Warranties

Central Air Conditioners

When investing in central air conditioning, have a product you are confident in and can rely on. Thankfully, Trane is a manufacturer that takes its commitment to delivering an ironclad guarantee and ensuring that exhaustive testing has been performed on all its components and units very seriously. As was said earlier, the company is also dedicated to providing trane ac reviews consumer reports  with a high-quality installation service.

When it comes to warranties, each of the products that we described comes with a minimum limited warranty of ten years on all of its components. In addition to this, the XL & XV versions come standard with Weather Guard tops, and their compressors are covered by an extended guarantee valid for 12 years. These guarantees are quite good, but they cover the parts, so you’ll still be responsible for paying for labor, shipping, and refrigerant if something goes wrong. To validate your warranty, you will need to make sure that you register your trane central air conditioners within the first sixty days after it has been installed.

Trane Air Conditioning Units Review: User Reviews

When it comes to the trane air conditioning ratings provided by customers, it is accurate to state that opinions are rather divided. According to Consumer Affairs, the rating for Trane is just 3.7 out of 5, indicating a significant amount of potential for improvement. On the other hand, there are a lot of good reviews, including one that says, “Never any problem or issues since 2014.” Very calming, and an excellent construction company.” Another satisfied client shared their thoughts, “I have been using the same systems for the past three years, and I couldn’t be happier with Trane.” Both of the units I own have performed faultlessly over this entire period.”

Alongside these evaluations, some consumers wanted more from their product purchases. For example, one buyer wrote trane central air conditioners reviews, “I got a new Trane AC system, and the coil failed after just 21 months of operation.” Now I have no choice but to pay $900 for a repair that is supposed to be covered by the warranty. This may be because, as we indicated earlier, Trane will only honor the warranty on your air conditioner if you can verify that a qualified contractor has given any service to your unit. However, it’s important to remember that this isn’t an unusual policy for manufacturers of this kind of product, so you shouldn’t be too surprised.

Should You Invest In An Air Conditioner Manufactured By Trane?

It is fair to assume that Trane has earned the moniker of “America’s Most Trusted HVAC System” because they have high standards for the quality of its trane central air conditioners. Trane puts its products through a rigorous testing procedure and is selective about who may properly install its products. And they have some powerful selling features to sweeten the offer, such as their trademark Spine Fin Coil & Climatuff Compressors, which are both examples of this company’s innovative products. You can learn more about consumer reviews trane central air conditioners via online.

Because Trane offers such a diverse selection of products, you should have no reason to doubt the quality of your latest acquisition, regardless of how much money you must spend. The only drawbacks associated with trane central air conditioners are the potential for certain models to be loud and the company’s need for customers to maintain the brand loyalty that Trane stipulates to take full advantage of the warranties offered by Trane.


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