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If you’re looking for a place to make and save legal documents like wills, trusts, deeds, and more, look no further than  totallegal review. TotalLegal promises quick and straightforward answers to your legal questions through its FAQs and how-to guides. However, several customers have complained that TotalLegal’s website has an inadequate user interface, poor usability, and a confusing layout. TotalLegal additionally features unclear price structures and a need for more available customer service. We will analyze  totallegal review and discuss its features, pricing, advantages and cons, and how it stacks up against competing online legal services. We’ll also explore ways to narrow your search for a suitable online legal service. After reading this article, you will have gained a more profound comprehension of TotalLegal.

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Users can create their legal documents with the help of TotalLegal’s interview structure and detailed step-by-step instructions. Users can enter information about themselves, their families, assets and obligations, health care preferences, businesses, and heirs and beneficiaries. Based on the user’s responses,  totallegal review creates unique legal documents. Before downloading documents as PDFs or printing them out, users can evaluate them online. Users can also upload files for safekeeping and access or updates whenever they like.


Total Legal Cons

TotalLegal is an online platform that offers legal document preparation services, allowing individuals to create and customise legal documents for various purposes.

Services And Features

TotalLegal is a web-based legal service that streamlines the research and drafting of legal documents. TotalLegal’s extensive set of features and offerings equips its consumers to deal with any legal problem that may arise. The main benefits of  totallegal review will be discussed below.

Document Preparation:

TotalLegal is superior to other document preparation services because it provides a straightforward interface for drafting legal papers. The service is comprehensive, addressing various legal concerns related to estates, businesses, real estate, families, and more. Users can select from multiple adaptable templates that can be used for different purposes. TotalLegal review gives you all the resources to easily prepare legal documents like a will, power of attorney, or rental agreement.

Legal Forms Library:

TotalLegal’s extensive library of legal documents is one of its most distinctive qualities. The service’s collection includes thousands of forms in various legal areas. Users can access multiple legal documents, such as contracts, agreements, deeds, and more, that can be used in various situations. Users may rest confident that their forms are up-to-date and fully compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.

Estate Planning:

TotalLegal understands the significance of estate preparation and provides several resources to its clients in this area. Users can draft legal papers like wills, trusts, living wills, and powers of attorney, which are crucial in estate planning. The interface prompts users for information and preferences at strategic points during the workflow. TotalLegal review gives people the tools they need to make informed decisions about their health, finances, and the future of their loved ones through estate planning.

Business Formation:

TotalLegal provides an affordable and time-saving option for incorporating a business for entrepreneurs and small business owners. The program walks you through forming a corporation, an LLC, a partnership, or a sole proprietorship and provides all required legal documents. Users can get their hands on the necessary paperwork, make the required adjustments, and then file it following the guidelines supplied.

Other Services:

TotalLegal provides various ancillary services to complement its core document drafting and estate planning offerings—the services provided herein range from those of a notary public to those of a legal researcher. TotalLegal review intends to offer these supplementary materials to give its consumers superior competence in various legal problems.

User Experience

Regarding the user experience,  totallegal review prioritizes simplicity and ease of use. Thanks to the site’s intuitive interface, users of any level of legal knowledge will be able to quickly and easily draft legal documents and get the information they need. In this article, we will examine the most critical features of TotalLegal’s interface.

Website Design And Navigation:

TotalLegal has put a lot of care into its website style to ensure visitors can quickly and easily locate the resources they need. The homepage is easy to use, with apparent links to the various sections of the site and conspicuous displays of the primary offerings. The design is polished and expert, inspiring confidence in the user.

Account Creation And Login Process:

TotalLegal requires users to sign up for an account before accessing the features and services. Simple details like a user’s name and email address are all needed to set up an account. After signing up, users can safely enter their login information whenever they want to access their accounts. The sign-in procedure is simple and fast so users can access their files and services quickly.

Document Creation And Editing Interface:

TotalLegal is a user-friendly interface for drafting and revising legal documents. Users are prompted at the appropriate times to provide data that will allow the platform to generate a paper that meets their specific requirements. The UI is simple to navigate, and all the features are detailed. Users can quickly and easily make changes to their documents before final submission.

Channels For Customer Support And Responsiveness:

Totallegal review recognizes the value of its customers and provides several avenues via which they can get help. The website has a detailed Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) area where users can find answers to their most pressing questions. Users that require individualized assistance can contact the support staff via email or phone. TotalLegal review goal is to give its customers fast, valuable solutions.

Pricing And Subscription Plans

Total Legal Pros

TotalLegal’s flexible pricing and subscription plans are designed to meet the demands of businesses of all sizes, regardless of their budget. This section will describe  totallegal review pricing structures, analyze the platform’s cost-effectiveness compared to other online legal service providers, and summarize our findings.

Options For Pricing

TotalLegal is priced on a subscription basis, giving customers a wide range of choices. Users can pick from a monthly or yearly subscription to the service, depending on their preferences. As a subscriber, you will have unrestricted use of the platform and its features and services.

Plan Comparison:

TotalLegal has various pricing tiers to accommodate both individual users and enterprise-level subscriptions. The features, customer service, and file formats in each package might be rather distinct. While the specifics of each plan may evolve, you can count on  totallegal review to provide at least one option that includes access to standard legal forms and other necessities. There are also paid tiers of the platform, which provide access to features designed to aid with more intricate legal concerns, such as priority support and downloadable legal forms.

Competitor Comparison:

TotalLegal’s cost needs to be evaluated alongside other online legal service providers. Considerations include document template quality, customer care response time, and ease of use. It’s easy to draw parallels between LegalZoom and well-known virtual law firms like Rocket Lawyer and Nolo. Users can see  totallegal review worth by comparing it to similar services by checking out their pricing and features.

Value For Money:

TotalLegal’s worth as a service can be estimated by comparing the cost with the features and support the company delivers. Users that need access to a wide variety of legal papers and services will find that TotalLegal review price is often competitive. Perceived value is boosted by the platform’s intuitive interface, a massive collection of editable templates, and dedicated support staff.

Security And Privacy

TotalLegal knows how crucial it is to protect the confidentiality of its users’ data. The platform takes security and privacy seriously, employing multiple layers of protection for user information. This section will examine the most critical parts of  totallegal review privacy and security policies.

Measures For Data Protection

To keep user information safe, TotalLegal review employs basic security measures. All information sent between users and the platform is encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to prevent hacking and other forms of data theft. TotalLegal also uses firewalls and other security measures to safeguard its servers and network against intrusion.

Secure Transmission:

All information transmitted between users and the  totallegal review website and platform is encrypted. This ensures that personal information and legal documents are encrypted in transit to protect against eavesdropping and other security breaches. TotalLegal protects its users’ privacy and data integrity by prioritizing encrypted communication.

Privacy Policy And Data Handling Practices:

TotalLegal provides a comprehensive privacy policy that explains how the company collects, stores, and uses the data of its users. The data gathered, its intended use, and the entities with whom it may be shared, if any, are all spelled out in the privacy policy. TotalLegal guarantees it will treat user information following all privacy laws and regulations.

Confidentiality And Data Access:

TotalLegal recognizes the importance of maintaining user privacy when working with legal documents. The software restricts access to user data and legal docs to only those needing it, such as customer service reps and paralegals. TotalLegal has security measures in place to prevent user information misuse and ensure that personal details remain private.


  • Advantages of being able to view it from any location with an internet connection
  • Easily accessible legal forms for a variety of situations
  • Inexpensive alternative to typical legal services User-friendly interface with step-by-step guidance for simple document generation
  • Legal document preparation in a short amount of time


  • Few opportunities for personalisation in legally difficult situations
  • Due to the need for individualised legal counsel, it may be necessary to seek out outside aid.
  • Users inexperienced with legal concepts and language may have a learning curve.
  • Coverage restrictions based on local law
  • Platform accessibility is dependent on constant connectivity to the internet.

User Reviews and Feedback

TotalLegal is an online legal service; therefore, how well it functions and how satisfied its users are with it depends highly on their comments and reviews. Potential clients can learn much about the platform’s benefits and drawbacks by reading about other users’ experiences. Here, we talk about the opinions and experiences of  totallegal review users. Users’ views on TotalLegal are divided. The platform’s low cost, extensive document library, and user-friendliness are frequently cited as positive aspects in reviews. Users value saving money and time by drafting legal documents rather than hiring an attorney. Because of the straightforward design and clear instructions, even those without legal experience can complete the process successfully. Furthermore, numerous legal document templates are available to meet various client requirements.


TotalLegal provides an easy-to-use hub for those needing legal counsel on the web. TotalLegal’s comprehensive collection of legal documents, user-friendly design, and cost-effective pricing options make it a valuable tool for users to create unique legal documents without hiring an expensive attorney or acquiring a deep understanding of the law. Users should know that there may be certain restrictions on personalization and that they should expect something other than individualized legal counsel for complicated issues. People can find the best online legal service for their needs and preferences by reading reviews and comparing TotalLegal to other similar services. TotalLegal is a good alternative for anyone looking for quick and cheap legal help because of its accessibility, price, and convenience.