Background Check Services KnowX Review

When researching companies and acquiring financial information, this is one of the most reliable services for doing background checks. Once you have an understanding of how the website operates, you will be able to get a great deal of information for a very reasonable price. The website itself and the pricing system may be complicated.

KnowX provides reports that may be generated quickly and at a low cost. One example is the simple people finder report, which can be purchased for only a few dollars. Background checks, Tracer reports, and more in-depth forms of internet persons searching come with an increased price tag. Despite this, the costs of these alternatives are far lower than those of most of the other background check services we researched. In this article, you will find the KnowX review.

You may acquire access to limitless searching with monthly subscriptions or day passes if you have many searches that you need to complete. Nearly every conceivable kind of record has its own specialized subscription option. On the other hand, the majority of the rival search firms have subscriptions that only allow for a certain number of free searches each month. Additional reports often incur an additional fee from these providers.

You may place orders for more than 40 different kinds of reports using this service. You have the ability to identify individuals, find companies, find associations, search for divorce and marriage records, run background checks, appraise assets, and use small business tools for things like OFAC compliance, and company research. Compared to the other services we researched and evaluated, KnowX offers more options.

Regrettably, the scope of some of the studies is not as extensive as that of some of the reports offered by rivals. The only information included in the individual search report is the subject’s name, phone number, address, and duration of residency. Reports generated by many rival firms provide potential email addresses, relatives, ages, and acquaintances. A standard Internet background check will search for any bankruptcies, judgments, lawsuits, liens, and UCC filings that have been filed against an individual or company.

Regarding background check services, finding reliable information is essential, so we evaluated all the leading rivals to ensure their records are accurate and comprehensive. We could locate most of the persons we sought using the service’s standard search. However, KnowX could not locate license information for most of the physicians we sought.

In addition, none of the numbers we entered into the reverse phone lookup were found by it. It also failed to locate the majority of the addresses that we utilized with the reverse address search; however, the fact that this was the case was brought to our attention via a free preview.

Because the records maintained by KnowX are not approved by the United States Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), it is impossible to utilize KnowX services for pre-employment or tenant screening. It’s possible that you won’t have access to the local criminal database if you don’t have the right credentials. This service only allows you to search for information from the United States, and it is impossible to locate email addresses or profiles from social networking websites even if you are permitted to do so.

You may ask questions or request information using an email address on the KnowX website, which also has a helpful page that answers frequently asked questions (FAQs). Unfortunately, we did not get any responses to our inquiries for several days. Additional help tools enable you to express queries and recommendations or talk to staff online.

KnowX is not the ideal option for a fast and easy person search, and the results we got from various sorts of searches were inconsistent. If, on the other hand, you are mainly interested in company statistics, bankruptcies, or other financial records, then this website may provide you with the information you want.

KnowX Features and Pricing Structure

Overview of the services offered by KnowX:

KnowX specializes in background checks and provides access to various reports. Reports cover people searches, business locations, affiliations, divorce and marriage records, background checks, asset evaluation, and small business tools. KnowX offers a comprehensive collection of more than 40 types of reports, catering to diverse user needs.

Quick and inexpensive reports:

KnowX provides affordable options, including basic people finder reports for just a few dollars. Background searches and Tracer reports offer advanced online people searches and are priced slightly higher. KnowX aims to offer cost-effective solutions compared to many other background check services reviewed.

Access options and pricing flexibility:

KnowX provides options for unlimited searching through monthly memberships and day passes, enabling users to conduct multiple searches without additional charges. Separate subscriptions are available for different reports, allowing users to choose based on their specific needs. This pricing structure contrasts with other services offering limited free searches per month and charging extra for additional reports.

Comparisons with other background check services:

KnowX’s pricing structure and access options differentiate it from competitors. While other services may impose restrictions or additional fees, KnowX offers more flexibility and affordability. Users can benefit from accessing a significant amount of information for a relatively low cost, enhancing the value proposition of KnowX.

Considerations regarding report comprehensiveness:

KnowX provides a variety of reports, but some may be less comprehensive than those offered by competitors. For example, the people search report may offer only basic information like name, phone number, address, and length of residence. Other services, such as email addresses, ages, relatives, and associates, might provide more detailed data. Users should evaluate their specific needs and the level of detail required when choosing KnowX reports.

Types of Reports Available

People Searches

KnowX allows users to locate individuals by providing basic information such as name, phone number, address, and length of residence.

Business Location

Users can access information on businesses, including addresses, contact details, and other relevant data.


KnowX offers the ability to search for affiliations, which can be useful in identifying connections between individuals and organizations.

Background Checks

KnowX facilitates background checks by examining factors such as bankruptcies, judgments, lawsuits, liens, and UCC filings against individuals or businesses.

Asset Evaluation

Users can evaluate assets using KnowX reports, which may provide information on property ownership, real estate holdings, and other valuable assets.

Small Business Tools

KnowX offers tools for tasks like OFAC compliance, professional license verification, and business research, assisting small businesses with important compliance and verification processes.

Comparison of report options with other services:

KnowX provides a broad range of reports, surpassing many competitors regarding available choices. Users can select the specific reports that align with their needs, accessing comprehensive data related to people, businesses, affiliations, and legal records. The extensive options KnowX offers make it a versatile platform for conducting various background checks and research.

KnowX Services

Considerations on report comprehensiveness:

While KnowX offers various reports, some may be less comprehensive than competing services. For example, the people search report in KnowX may provide limited information, focusing primarily on basic details such as name, phone number, address, and length of residence. Other background check services may offer more comprehensive reports, including additional details such as email addresses, ages, relatives, and associates. Users should evaluate their specific requirements and consider the level of detail needed when selecting KnowX reports.

Evaluating the relevance of reports for specific purposes:

KnowX’s range of reports caters to various use cases, such as personal background checks, business research, and asset evaluation. Users seeking business and financial data, bankruptcies, or legal records can find KnowX particularly valuable. Users need to assess the specific types of reports KnowX offers and determine their relevance to their intended purposes.

Limitations and Accuracy

Discussion on the limitations of KnowX reports compared to competitors:

KnowX reports may have certain limitations compared to competing background check services. While KnowX provides a wide range of reports, the level of detail and comprehensiveness may vary. Users should know that competitors may offer more extensive information, such as additional personal details, email addresses, ages, relatives, and associates.

Examples of limited information in certain KnowX reports:

The people search report in KnowX may provide only basic details such as name, phone number, address, and length of residence. Other services might offer more comprehensive reports that include a broader range of information. Users should carefully consider the specific data they require and assess whether KnowX reports meet their needs.

Testing the accuracy and completeness of KnowX records:

Ensuring the accuracy and completeness of the information retrieved from background check services like KnowX is crucial. Conducting thorough testing is recommended to verify the reliability of the records provided by KnowX. Users should compare the results of KnowX reports with other trusted sources to validate the accuracy and completeness of the data.

Some users have reported limitations in finding licensing information for professionals through KnowX. Reverse phone searches and reverse address searches may also yield mixed results or encounter difficulties. Users should consider these factors and evaluate their needs, particularly if these functionalities are crucial for their intended use of KnowX.

Usage Restrictions and Support Options

KnowX’s restrictions on certain types of screenings:

KnowX is not certified by the U.S. Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), making it unsuitable for pre-employment or tenant screenings. Users should know that KnowX records may not be authorized for official use in these contexts. It is important to comply with legal requirements and utilize certified FCRA-compliant services for pre-employment or tenant screenings.

Limitation to U.S. records and exclusion of social networking profiles and email addresses:

KnowX focuses exclusively on U.S. records, and users cannot access records from other countries. Considering this limitation when conducting international searches or requiring information outside of the U.S., KnowX does not provide social networking profiles or email addresses as part of its reports is essential. This KnowX review will be very useful to you.

KnowX Background Check

KnowX’s support options and responsiveness:

KnowX offers a FAQs page on its website, providing answers to common questions and guidance on using the service. Users can reach out to KnowX support via email to request information or ask questions. Online chat support is available for users to communicate directly with representatives.

Considerations regarding the responsiveness of customer support:

Some users have reported delays in receiving responses from KnowX customer support. It is advisable to set appropriate expectations regarding response times when seeking assistance or clarification from KnowX.

Importance of understanding usage restrictions and seeking appropriate support:

Users should familiarize themselves with KnowX’s usage restrictions, particularly pre-employment or tenant screenings, and international records. Adhering to legal requirements and utilizing certified services in relevant contexts is essential. Knowing the available support options and their responsiveness can help users address inquiries or concerns effectively.


KnowX, with its extensive database and affordable pricing, is a valuable tool for accessing business and financial data. Its wide range of reports and flexibility in accessing information make it suitable for various research and background check purposes. However, users should be mindful of its limitations in terms of report comprehensiveness, restrictions on usage for certain screenings, and the exclusion of international records. We hope you enjoyed our KnowX review.

Verifying data accuracy and considering alternative sources for comprehensive reports is advisable. Overall, KnowX can be an effective resource for individuals and businesses seeking cost-effective access to business and financial information, with the awareness of its limitations and the need for thorough verification.