Driver Update Software Driver Booster Review

What is driver booster? IObit is a Chinese company that publishes PC utility programs to enhance computer performance and ensure online safety. One of their most popular applications is called Driver Booster. Even while Driver Booster might increase your computer’s performance in certain ways, its primary purpose is to ensure that all your drivers are always up to current. First and foremost, it is a driver manager. This potent piece of software removes all the irritating aspects of computer maintenance and replaces them with automatic and point-and-click solutions.

Driver Scanner

Before you can download and update drivers for your computer, you will need to determine which components of your computer need drivers. In addition to that, it is important to determine which, if any, of them have become obsolete. Despite Windows 10’s best efforts, there may still be driver problems or devices that need manual configuration despite the operating system’s simplification efforts.

When you start Driver Booster, it analyzes the present state of affairs and catalogs all of the devices and the versions of their drivers that are currently installed. It alerts you if anything needs to be updated. The application has a color-coded method for indicating the amount of urgency, with red indicating the most outdated drivers and any missing drivers that you will need to update as soon as possible. The question is driver booster safe, yes it is.

Driver Updater

When Driver Booster has finished analyzing your system and determining what needs to be changed, you can update the drivers for each device or update the drivers for your whole system simultaneously. Choose one, kick back, and let the app do its thing while you enjoy downtime. Driver Booster Pro allows you to download and install all of your drivers with a single click, and it does not need the user to provide input at regular intervals. The software will only download drivers certified as WHQL, official updates, and drivers through IObit’s extensive testing. Can you get IObit driver booster free?

Rescue Center

Occasionally, a newly released driver is not as stable as the one that came before it. This may result in the system being unstable, leading to an error known as the Blue Screen of Death or causing your computer to stop working altogether. Because most of us do not back up prior driver installs, we are forced to fiddle about with the safe mode in Windows and cross our fingers that deleting the driver would fix the problem.

The IObit driver booster offers include a handy feature called the Rescue Center. This method may accomplish a system restore point with only one click. It creates a backup of each previous installation and can restore your computer to an earlier version of its drivers. You won’t experience sound loss if you do it this way, even if you install untested drivers for your audio device. If you decide to reformat the system at some point in the future, you may save the previous drivers on a device external to the computer. Is driver booster safe?

Automated Drivers Update

The computers at our company have a lot of spare time. Why not update your drivers while your computer is not being used? Driver Booster Pro can determine when you are not now using your personal computer. During inactivity, it polls the manufacturer for software updates and downloads and installs any new drivers it discovers. The application will alert you to the availability of new versions by placing a notice in the system tray. Everything runs smoothly and undetected in the background. There are no issues. There were instances when we completely forgot that this software was even installed. You can get a driver booster download online.

Massive Driver Database

A driver updater is useless as a piece of software without a comprehensive driver database. It’s the “secret weapon” behind these programs and the component that matters the most.

Given this information, it is quite evident why every review of Driver Booster extols the virtues of this application. It has a database that contains over eight million different types of drivers and game components. Driver Booster can recognize even the most unusual game peripherals and network cards. In addition, the program can automatically fix any of these drivers if they develop a bug or malfunction. This is the icing on the cake.

Gaming Performance Optimization

In games such as Valorant and Call of Duty: Warzone, increasing the number of frames your computer can produce per second might decide whether you win a battle. Driver Booster functions similarly to a speed boost for the most important drivers for playing games smoothly. The whole procedure is broken down into a series of phases, each of which ensures the highest potential level of performance.

First, if you go to an application that uses the whole screen, Driver Booster will place itself among the other processes running in the background. You won’t have to deal with any distracting alerts from it if you do it this way.

Driver Booster’s premium, paid-for version, Driver Booster Pro, can analyze system performance and identify which tasks and processes are unnecessary while gaming. It disables them briefly to give the games additional processing power from the CPU.

The last touch: putting the driver first. When you turn on the game mode, the graphics drivers get a much greater priority throughout the process of automatically updating. Considering that both Nvidia and AMD release new drivers every week, ensuring that your GPU is always running the most recent version is crucial in ensuring you have the best possible gaming experience.

User Experience

It’s astonishing how many app developers don’t put effort into making their products simple and straightforward. Not everyone is a hacker, and some users don’t like delving through a hierarchy of menus to locate the on/off switch for one of the program’s functions. Every single user review of Driver Booster that we have come across has praised IObit for developing an easy and enjoyable tool.

There are no bothersome menus or little buttons to click; instead, there is a big button labeled “Scan” that activates the driver-checking component of the application. On the following page, it is quite simple to determine which drivers are essential and which aren’t, and the options for running updates are labeled very clearly. On the left-hand side of the site for Driver Booster are a few tabs that, when clicked, take the user to a different section of the application. The first tool is the scan, the most effective driver updater on the market today. Next is the system optimizer tool, which also has a game booster built into it. Finally, there is the Rescue Center, which can back up and restore drivers.

The last tab is a little bit of a pain to deal with. This wall is an advertisement for other goods offered by IObit. That would be OK in the free version of the app, but you may also find it in the premium version of the software. Because this review is concentrating on Driver Booster Pro, the score for the review will, sadly, have to be adjusted downward. When a product is free, advertisements are acceptable; nevertheless, they have no place in the purchased software.

Regarding personalization, there aren’t a lot of choices available. You have the option of picking a bright or dark color scheme, as well as a transparency level that best suits your needs. In addition, you can run Driver Booster in full-screen mode, making it impossible to see any of the other components of Windows.

A 100% PC-centric Program

The Driver Booster download is only available as an executable file (.exe) for Windows. Even though we weren’t anticipating a Mac version, it would have been wonderful to have a Linux version, especially considering how new users of that operating system sometimes struggle to locate and install drivers.

Driver Booster is compatible with a substantial number of different Windows operating systems. It is compatible with all versions of Windows, from XP up to 10. It is one of the few pieces of contemporary software still compatible with Windows XP. The file size of the download is just 26 megabytes, which means that you will be able to download and install it in a matter of minutes, even if you are not connected to the Wi-Fi network in your house.

Driver Booster for Steam

If you are a user of Valve’s digital content platform, you will be pleased to know that a version of Driver Booster 7 that has been carefully optimized can also be found on Steam. However, the license is slightly different from the application you purchase straight from IObit, even though it performs almost everything the program does. You can make a one-time payment to upgrade from the free edition to the Pro version rather than subscribing to the service yearly. You will spend more money on it than the subscription, but you will own the license forever.

A major drawback is that you won’t be able to update to newer versions of Driver Booster when they are released. Subscribers get these updates automatically. Therefore, before buying Driver Booster, consider the various deals carefully and choose the subscription that best suits your needs.

Update Device Drivers

Other IObit Apps We Recommend

One component of computer upkeep is ensuring that all drivers run the most recent versions. You will also require an antivirus product, a system cleanup tool, and a utility that ensures your applications are always at the most recent version. IObit is a comprehensive software development company. You can discover several free and paid programs for day-to-day usage that can optimize Windows and protect it from slowing down in the long term on its website. These apps are designed for use regularly.

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate

Even if you have just purchased the most advanced driver updater software, you may still benefit from this supplementary utility to get the most out of your computer. It safeguards the computer against viruses and ensures users browse the web safely by clearing up unnecessary files and remnants from previous installs. You can also try it out for free by signing up for the trial version.

Customer Support

Because IObit’s website has a wealth of information, you probably won’t need to contact the company’s customer support at any point. The Online Feedback page has several options for managing licenses, such as a reinstaller and the ability to transfer a license to another computer if you upgrade the one you now have. The Frequently Asked Questions page provides information on all products, including Driver Booster 7. Assessing a product, however, requires reviewing the accompanying customer service. Therefore, we have contacted the support agents several times with various questions, and each time, we have received timely and accurate replies.

The IObit support staff may be reached via a variety of different channels. If you have a difficult concern that must be addressed, you can call them on a toll-free number that is staffed around the clock or submit an online form. If you have a current subscription to any product, you are eligible for premium assistance seven days a week and will get priority processing for any requests you make.


Our evaluation of the IObit driver booster cannot conclude with anything other than a strong recommendation. An amazingly quick driver finder and updater, this program is also a fantastic companion for gamers who want to squeeze more oomph out of their RGB-lit setups. This software is at the top of its class in the computer maintenance software category. You can get a free trial and upgrade if you want to keep using it. This application will most likely remain installed on all desktop PCs and laptops in our workplace.