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If you are getting set to get tickets to see your favorite artist’s next show or your next comedy event, then the finest concert ticket sites are a wonderful place to start looking for tickets. This guide will set out everything you’ll want to look for while browsing for access, including the most trustworthy websites to locate what you need to find what you’re looking for.

Where to buy concert tickets? There is a multitude of websites that sell concert tickets now available, and each one focuses on a somewhat distinct aspect of the industry. Hence, before beginning your search on a particular website, you must have a clear idea of what you are looking for. Consider the kinds of live performances you want to attend, such as plays, music concerts, or even stand-up comedy gigs, before looking into which Website has the finest concert tickets. This will help you narrow down your options.

You should also consider whether the venue offers a seated or standing room, the availability of tickets, the price, and the resale rates for performances that are sold out. Some websites that resale twice concert tickets allow customers to purchase tickets as soon as of trust and s they go on sale. In contrast, others focus on helping customers get tickets even after they have become unavailable. While making significant purchases on the internet, it is essential to remember the importance safety to lessen the likelihood of falling victim to a con artist.

You are in luck because we have done the legwork for you and compiled this list of the absolute top concert ticket sites so that you may get the finest option for the tickets you are searching for. And if you want more specific recommendations, have a look at the top online auction sites(opens in new tab) as well as the finest places for purchasing sports tickets

1. StubHub



App: Yes

Best deals feature: Yes

Refund: Only if canceled




+Many tickets alternatives

+ Convenient mobile app

+ Safe and reliable Website


-need a credit card to view the total cost

StubHub has a wide selection of musical genres and alternatives on the homepage, making it the best place to buy tickets online. Everyone’s needs will be met, as you may narrow your search by selecting criteria such as the lowest price, the best location, the best offer, and the precise seat type and type of ticket delivery. In addition, you can purchase with complete confidence on StubHub thanks to the FanProtect guarantee. This ensures that you receive legitimate tickets in time for the event, and if you don’t, you’ll be offered a StubHub upgrade or a complete refund. The best solution for most people is a trustworthy secondary broker like since buying and selling concert tickets is quick and safe.


The mobile app is simple to use and provides access to tickets on the day of the event, even if your home computer isn’t up to snuff or you prefer browsing on the go. You won’t need a printer; scanning the ticket’s unique bar code from your mobile device will get you entry. Also, the app allows you to “follow” your favorite musicians so that you may be notified immediately of any local performances they may be playing. In addition to purchasing tickets, users of StubHub may also resell their unsold tickets. You may sell your tickets using the Website or the mobile app, with StubHub taking a 10% cut.

2. Ticketmaster



Formats: Internet and mobile application

Events covered: Gigs, festivals, clubs, sports, theater, comedy, arts, and attractions.

Is Ticket Resale Allowed? Yes

Guaranteed: If you decide during the first 24 hours that you don’t want what you bought, you can request a refund. After that time, the only way to claim a refund is if the event is canceled and not rescheduled.


 + Many events to choose from

+Payment plans available

+ Specifics on Observable Occasions


-Displays some events that have elapsed

Ticketmaster is presently the largest ticketing platform in the world, having been established 46 years ago in Phoenix, Arizona. The company assists clients in gaining entrance to events all around the world. This lively and colorful platform is crammed with content, promoting the newest must-see shows alongside interviews, reviews, and more. It is available as a website or as an app. You may search for concerts in various genres, from hardy concert tickets rock and heavy metal to blues and jazz; however, we discovered that the Website still needs to list a few performances that have already passed. If you are looking for concerts, you can search by these numerous genres.

If you change your mind about a purchase made via Ticketmaster   within the first 24 hours after making it, you are eligible for a refund on that transaction. This is one of our favorite features of Ticketmaster (if certain conditions are met). Ticketmaster will even let you pay for the O2 concert of your dreams in installments, so there’s no need to stress if you don’t have the money to pay for it all at once.

3. Vividseats



Formats: Website, app

Events covered: Gigs, festivals, sports, theatre, comedy

Can you resell tickets?: Yes

Refund policy: Customers can claim a refund if the event is canceled and not rescheduled.

Gift cards?: Yes

Flexible payment options?: Yes


+100% money-back guarantee for the customer

+the option to pay for tickets in installments.


-It has a significant preference towards events in the United States.

– The layout should be improved.

VividSeats was established in 2021 and is headquartered in Chicago. The company lets consumers purchase and sell tickets for a wide variety of events, most of which take place in the United States and other areas around the world. The style could be better; some letters are small, and some event highlights seem oddly selected (Leicester vs. Arsenal in the English Premier League?).

Customers of  VividSeats are awarded a stamp for each ticket they purchase, and after they have accumulated enough stamps, they are eligible to get free credit. This incentive system is one of the many things that work in VividSeats’ favor. Given the current trajectory of ticket costs, investing in a season pass might be a wise financial move over the long run.

4. See Tickets

See Tickets


App: Not for browsing

Best deals feature: No

Refund: If “significantly changed.”


+Website with a simple and uncluttered design,

+global search capabilities,

+and a reputable platform


-Lack of ability to make flexible payments

See Tickets started as a record store in Nottingham, United Kingdom. After then, it flourished in the digital era, and therefore, it evolved into a reputable online ticket-selling platform on a global scale. It has maintained its straightforward nature by retaining an entire website that is both user-friendly and functional. This is extremely helpful in the realm of ticket searching, which is sometimes a difficult and frustrating endeavor to do.

You can search by music genre, artist, event, venue, or general area. Discovering tickets for events that are not your conventional concerts is simple since the top navigation ribbon lets you explore categories such as music, theater, festivals, dance and clubs, events, comedy, sport, and attractions. With this category structure, you can locate gigs of which you were previously unaware, which is an excellent method for finding presents for others. If you’ve determined that you want to go to a sports match, for example, but don’t have any other preferences, save that; this is a simple method to look through all the different sports matches available.

If you are a famous musician, you may make money from your concert by selling tickets. Although the Website does state that it would provide returns if the event has “substantially altered,” the terms of the refund policy are rather stringent compared to those of many of the other companies in the industry. Because See Tickets does not now have the opportunity to resell tickets you have purchased, you will need to select a best website to buy concert tickets that is more devoted explicitly to ticket resale to complete this task.

5. Viagogo



App: Yes

Best deals feature: No

Refund: Yes, 125% back


+ Free returns + performances in the UK and abroad

+A variety of styles of music are available.


-More expensive than others, why are concert tickets so expensive?

Although Viagogo headquarters are in London, which serves the UK music industry exceptionally well, it is also a global platform that offers tickets to concerts in the United States and more than 50 other countries. This site is terrific for exploring new musical territory; for example, did you know that C Pop existed?


The UI is not as user-friendly as other sites because of the excessive visual clutter. There are, however, clear directions to the various types of tickets available, such as those for a concert, a sporting event, a play, or a festival. Viagogo is a secondary ticket market, which means they don’t work directly with performers or event organizers to offer tickets to the general public.

Sellers can charge more than the listed price for their tickets. Thus pricing may be higher than on other websites. Although this can be problematic for highly sought-after performances (cough, Beyoncé), it is generally accepted practice on resale marketplaces. You may also sell your tickets on this site, which is excellent news. Sign up, look up the event you can access, and name your price, considering what similar tickets have sold for. It’s convenient if you have a last-minute purchase or sale, and you can do it from any mobile device.

If the event is canceled but not rescheduled, you will receive 125% of your money back; thus, buying second-hand tickets is safe. The firm also guarantees delivery of your access before the scheduled start time of the event. Don’t worry about missing the show because your tickets didn’t arrive on time; a traceable courier service sent them.


These concert ticket sites, each with its quirks and distinctions, are by far the greatest ones available on the market. Please direct to the Website that sells the most outstanding concert tickets at competitive pricing. When a new concert ticket is on sale, we suggest you look through these websites first to compare prices before purchasing. Purchasing concert tickets online in this manner enables you to receive the best possible value.



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