Best Gift Card Exchange Sites

Have you ever received a gift card from a store or restaurant where you have yet to shop? These websites are devoted to exchanging gift cards for cash, which means that you may, at last, put the money sitting on a gift card given to you by a relative who won’t stop inquiring if you’ve spent it to good use. The possibility exists that you may not receive the total cash value linked with the gift card if you exchange it through one of these websites, in addition to the fact that there is typically a fee involved with the transaction. On the other hand, this is a far better option than leaving it in the closet, where it will collect dust.  You may be interested in Top Online Travel Sites. Most of the websites highlighted in this article provide between 80 and 85 percent of the gift card’s value, allowing you to put the remaining cash to good use. Due to the advancements made by websites, having a physical copy of the gift card is no longer necessary to use it. As a result of a surge in the distribution of e-gift cards, it is now possible to trade digital codes for credit. It’s always a good idea to be aware of websites with a poor reputation since some of them can charge you hidden fees or refuse to pay you, wasting your time and money. Within this guide, we have listed websites that have been tested and trusted in the past and websites that have been more reliable. This is done to give you the confidence to swap your gift card.

A few exchange services also sell “second-hand cards” at a discounted rate. This is a fantastic opportunity to save a lot of money if you have already determined to be shopping at a particular store. Nevertheless, on less trustworthy websites, these coupons could not be valid or already be used, so it’s important to always conduct your homework before making a purchase. Check out our recommendations for the top online auction sites and the best online retailers for more assistance in shopping.

1. Raise



Purchases actual playing cards. Yes

Store credit purchases? Yes

Maximum payment: up to 85% of the value

Reasons to buy.

+Informative and user-friendly website and app

+BBB accredited with an impressive a rating.

+there is a one-year warranty on all cards.

Reasons to avoid.

-slower payout times than competitors

Raise’s sleek interface makes it a breeze to sell or buy gift cards from other users. The design is contemporary and easy to navigate, making it a pleasure to shop, sell, and earn points. There is also a free smartphone app that follows the same aesthetic and is just as user-friendly. Raise gives you a whole year to request a refund on a gift card purchase if the physical card does not arrive, has an inaccurate amount, or is not the card you bought.


Raise has always given us a fair price for our unused gift cards, and they regularly provide discounts at popular stores in addition to cash back when all gift card exchange sites are unavailable. While exchanging gift cards for money, you are only guaranteed an average of 85-90% of the value, which is lower than most other exchange services. The ultimate cost was around the same because some websites charge extra fees that take time.


You may get paid using PayPal, direct deposit, or a paper check (which incurs a hefty cost, so we advise against it), so you should be able to find a method that works for you. It has an A+ rating with the BBB, making it our go-to recommendation for trading gift cards.

2. Cardcash

Gift Card Spread


Purchases actual cards? : You

Purchase digital shop credit: no

Maximum allowed payment : up to 92 percent of the value.

Reasons To Buy

+User-friendly application

+Quick payouts

+The option to trade in any cards you no longer desire.

Reasons To Avoid

-Misleading savings

CardCash enables you to turn your unwanted gift cards into cash, but you should be aware that the amount you receive for each card varies. For instance, if you spend $25 at Target, you should anticipate receiving an offer of around $20, but it might be higher or lower. In most cases, you can get up to 92% of the card’s value; nevertheless, you will never earn 100%. The website must find a way to be profitable in some way.


You could also be given the option to exchange your gift card for another gift card, which is often something that has a higher value than cash. For instance, if you have a $100 gift card to 1-800 Flowers, you can exchange it for either $60 cash or a Walmart gift card with a value of $61.50. There are a few different cash and gift card options available.

3. Gift Card Spread



Purchases actual cards? : Yes

Credit for the digital shop may be purchased.: yes.

Maximum payment: Specify your pricing.

Reasons To Buy

+A website that is straightforward to navigate.

+Among the most impressive discounts we’ve ever come across.

Reasons To Avoid

-A difficult card sale

-A history of unfavorable reviews and a low rating from the BBB


Gift Card Spread has been on a quest to provide its consumers with the finest available gift card bargains since its 2011 inception. Retailers make easy profits as consumers score deep discounts on their preferred labels. They find a customer interested in the cards you have traded for and sell them to them at a reduced price. It works out well for both parties. Gift Card Granny’s inability to facilitate the sale of your gift card is a significant drawback.

Here, the one selling the gift cards chooses the asking price by filling out an online form. A confirmation or counteroffer is sent back from the website. If the vendor is on board, he has 24 hours to provide his identification and credit card information. After the customer’s identity and payment details have been confirmed, the transaction is executed relatively instantly.


4. Gift Card Granny

Gift Card Granny


Purchases actual cards? : Yes

Purchase shop credit: No

Maximum allowed payment: up to 92 percent of the value.

Reasons To Buy

+ Accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an outstanding A rating

+Cashback allows you to save money on every transaction.


Reasons To Avoid

-Modest offers which didn’t impress

-It won’t buy your gift card

A reasonably common internet destination for those interested in selling gift cards in exchange for money. In particular, it gives sellers the ability to select from a variety of available alternatives. Consumers may make fast cash by listing the card online and choosing the offer that gives them the most value. Giftcard Granny was one of the websites that covered the most significant ground since it offered discounts for more than 1300 companies.

Gift Card Granny expert on saving money on relocating, Trae Bodge, offers some valuable hints and suggestions for cutting costs when shopping. She will demonstrate to you how you may consistently obtain the most value for your money with the use of gift card offers and other tactics.

5. Giftcardbin



Receive cards: Yes.

purchase a gift card? No

Maximum value: Up to 85% of the matter is possible.

Reasons To Buy

+ Excellent customer service

+ Reasonable pricing

Reasons To Avoid

 Because they are not BBB-approved.

If you’re not happy with the results you’re getting from the other firms we tried, GiftCardBin is worth looking into. After signing up, you can do searches based on price, shop, category, or even your personal favorites. You may select to have an electronic gift card delivered instantly or a physical one mailed to you within ten business days. The digital cards will take longer than two business days to show in your account.


Printable coupons redeemable at some stores can also be obtained. In our experiments, we saw discounts of up to 31%, translating to a $140 Lane Bryant gift card selling for less than $100. Yet, you should be OK with a substantial purchase if you want this offer worthwhile. We saved a lot of money using GiftCardBin, so if you want to know when your favorite stores have a sale, sign up for their notifications. Although the Better Business Bureau doesn’t accredit GiftCardBin, its A+ rating nevertheless speaks volumes about the quality of service it provides.


Purchasing A Gift Card Exchange


It is more convenient to purchase on the exchange if you intend to sell your item. You must carefully read the product descriptions, add any necessary items to your shopping basket, and proceed to checkout. In most cases, you don’t have to be a member to check out, but if you want to return several cards, it is in your best interest to become a member so that you may save time. You can pay with the exchange’s credit card, a promotional code, or a gift card. When you have entered your personal information and made the appropriate payment, either a physical copy of the card will be mailed to you (typically at no additional cost) and will arrive within three to seven days, or an electronic copy will be emailed to your email address instantly.

Using A Gift Card Exchange to Sell


Online marketplaces make it simple to trade gift cards for cash. To participate in the exchange, you must first register. You’ll need to accept the terms of service, which may stipulate the following:


  • The mentioned cards are your property and may be redeemed for the stated amount only through card swaps.
  • You shouldn’t try to redeem the card if you sold it.
  • Hold on to some physical gift cards and turn the rest into electronic ones.
  • There are no encumbrances or liens on the card.
  • Gift cards that are exclusively valid in the US will not be shown.
  • Card restrictions are indicated.
  • To participate in the exchange, you must be a legal resident of the United States and have a credit or debit card on file.
  • You’ll follow all shipping and delivery guidelines to ensure a smooth transaction.
  • Provide the gift card’s details, including its serial number, PIN (if applicable), remaining balance, and selling price (which you or the P2P exchange will determine). The business will determine your price realization, and you must provide them with the difference between commission and listing costs. The typical range for the charge paid to an exchange is between 5% and 15% of the total fee. You need to sell your gift cards at a reasonable price. What other similar cards are selling for might help you set a fair price.


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