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This is software that makes creating and building your ideal greeting card so simple you’ll have something put out in minutes owing to a collection of templates plus free stock photos included in the program. With one of today’s most advanced personal computers, you can even add moving graphics and sound to the digital cards you create. And who can say for sure? If you get skilled enough at creating greeting cards, you could even be able to turn it into a small company; however, in that case, you’ll need some specialized equipment, such as one of the finest multifunction printers. Check our list of the best online picture cards if you’re looking for something that can be used directly in your browser rather than requiring you to download and install an application on your computer.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark


  • It’s free and easy to use.
  • Massive selection of templates and stock photos
  • Upload your photographs.
  • It comes with a massive range of templates & stock images.


  • You must be online.

Adobe Spark is the obvious choice for anybody who needs a simple but effective greeting card program, and the fact that it is completely free makes it much more appealing. The free version of Adobe Spark offers a variety of pre-made layouts for greeting cards and tools for creating posters, invitations, and other items.

The only thing you need to register is a social network account or an email address; the process is straightforward. When you have successfully registered, you will have immediate access to a wide variety of greeting card design software possibilities and more than 960,000 stock photos. If you don’t find any of these photos to your liking, you can always submit your own and use that one instead. While evaluating Adobe Spark, we discovered that resizing or cropping the photos you submit may take a lot of work. You may be interested in Top Christian Dating Sites.

Even those with minimal to no prior training in design can operate the program easily. Throughout our testing, we discovered that modifying the colors, layouts, logos, or fonts was simple and provided sufficient leeway for you to compose any message you like.

The finished product may be easily exported in various common or printable file types and can be sent through email or shared on social media. If you want to make an animated eCard, choose from a wide variety of alternatives. It is completely free and has every function that free greeting card software needs to have, which is the greatest part. Click here for more information about Best Software For Cooking Books And Recipes.

Print Artist Platinum



  • Simple to operate.
  • Provides the most visual options of any application
  • Allows users to make and send electronic greeting cards


  • More pricey
  • Missing Prewritten Sentiments
  • Icons that are very small and not identified.

No matter how much or how little experience you have with making greeting card software free, you can figure out how to utilize Print Artist Platinum. According to our findings, this program lets you tap into your latent creative potential by allowing you to add any photographs, artwork, or clip art you choose. You can design additional fun presents, such as invitations, calendars, gift tags, and even apparel items like caps and t-shirts, by selecting from the collection of over 28,000 templates that are available to you.

Print Artist Platinum also allows you to select from over 377,000 graphics that cover a variety of holidays and special occasions. This means that you will likely find something appropriate for yourself or the person you are making the card.

Throughout our testing, we discovered that the editing tools were straightforward to understand and utilize. You can improve the appearance of your cards with very little effort by eliminating picture imperfections, adding filters, modifying the color of your cards, and even designing something completely new using the paintbrush tools. These steps can all be performed on your cards.

The fact that you have to download and install Print Artist Platinum onto your computer instead of using it via a browser is the primary feature that sets it apart from other software designed for creating greeting cards. This is a benefit or a drawback, depending on whether you want it to take up space on your computer or are likely to require best greeting card software that’s easy to use even when you do not have access to the internet.




  • Free version is good
  • Easy drag & drop tools
  • Over 50,000 templates


  • There is to be no media or music played.
  • E-card making and sending.

Canva is a tool that is highly regarded and utilized by graphic artists, people who have a significant amount of influence on social media platforms, and anybody else who aspires to be creative to design their own very logos, posters, flyers, Instagram photos, and a variety of other things. Canva may also be used as a program for creating greeting cards if you so want. Remember that Canva can only be used in a web browser, so you only need to download apps if you wish to use it on your Android or iOS.

Although the free edition of Canva only gives you access to a limited number of photographs and layouts, it is sufficient for creating cards that can be used daily and for more significant events. You will have unrestricted access to all of Canva’s stock photos and layouts if you upgrade to the Canva Pro plan, which is available for a monthly payment of just $12.99. You will also receive additional tools like a backdrop remover or fast animation software.

You may learn how to utilize certain tools and produce simple greeting cards by following the step-by-step lessons available on the website for Canva. In addition, it provides a search bar that you can utilize to learn how to carry out various tasks within Canva itself.

Contact the Canva team through the app’s official Facebook page if you encounter any issues or need help comprehending how to use a certain tool. The Canva crew is quite helpful. The photo editor in this design tool is its only drawback. It has extremely simple features, and its selections are like those on Instagram. It does not have any tools for removing red eyes or repairing photos. But Canva customers have access to a printing option that includes free shipping both ways.

Greetings Island


  • Very easy to use +An excellent selection of classic designs.
  • Free for the vast majority of cards


  • There is limited customization available.
  • some of the designs are fairly dated.

Greetings Island is a card-maker program that can be used online, enabling users to create stunning greeting cards quickly and easily. Both conventional folded cards and picture e-card formats are available for your selection. There is a large range of card templates available. By “every occasion,” we mean that they cover EVERY event, including birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, graduations, and even showing thanks to a teacher.

Select one of the free themes to get started, and then include your photographs and text into the design to give it a more personalized feel. Every page of the card is editable, allowing you to change the proportions of your photos and apply effects to them. If you are trying to decide what to write, the program will also present you with message options; you only have to click on one to include it in your card.

When you have completed the design of your greeting card making software and are satisfied with it, you can print it right from the browser. After that, you only need to fold it up and send it out. You can also download your card and save it in PDF format. When you sign up for an account on Greetings Island, you’ll have access to additional features, like emailing your greeting card maker software straight to the receiver. The watermark can be found on the reverse of folded free cards rather than the front, much like on the back of store-bought greeting cards.

Hallmark Card Studio

Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe


  • Includes beautiful design components.
  • A photo editor
  • Comes with etiquette advice for crafting delicate cards.


  • There are fewer fonts, images, and layouts.
  • It’s more expensive

Everyone is familiar with Hallmark cards. After all, the firm has been around since 1910, making it one of the oldest and largest makers of free printable greeting card software in the United States of America. To be relevant today, the firm now provides digital greeting cards that can be customized for any event. In addition, it comes with software called Hallmark Card Studio, which allows you to make your greeting cards or send them to your loved ones in digital or printed format, depending on their preference.

While it costs $29.99, Hallmark Card Studio is the ideal design program for those just starting. It comes with over 14,000 pre-made cards you can use however you see fit. You may build your greeting cards with the help of more than 13,000 graphic pictures, 18,000 different clip art, and 10,000 different messages. You don’t have to restrict yourself to only creating greeting cards since Hallmark Card Studio allows you to do so. This software enables users to create various items, including calendars, scrapbooks, photo projects, etc.

The software offered by Hallmark gives you access to in-depth video tutorials, which will make creating greeting cards an exciting and pleasurable activity, as well as insider suggestions on creating greeting cards suitable for every event. Hallmark Creative Studio offers a wide variety of stunning fonts, frames, & themes to choose from. You can print the greeting cards you create with this program, hand them directly to the people you care about, and send them to them electronically via email or social media.


We have gone through a few of the most effective methods for making greeting cards using free software. Most users will find that an app available online, including Greetings Island, Canva, and Adobe Spark, is the best option. These card producers are simple to utilize and make it possible to send greeting cards directly via email and social media platforms. if you are using Windows 8 or Windows 10, Greeting Cards Studio app is an excellent choice. This program may be stored on your personal computer and used whenever you want to create a card quickly. Click here for more information about Best Software For Digital Scrapbooking.


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