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A string trimmer is indeed a power equipment that shaves off grass in areas that a lawn mower cannot reach, therefore putting the final touches on a yard that has already been mowed. Mowing comes first for some people while trimming comes first for others (particularly those that bag the clippings). In any case, the end effect ought to be a clean-looking landscape. But trimmers are helpful for more than just tidying things up. They can chop down tall grass and weeds to keep the border area in control, either before mowing or as a substitute for mowing. This can be done either before or after mowing. You may be interested in Electric String Trimmers Worx.

They may be flipped on their side with a delicate touch to carve a notch along the edge of driveways, patios, and sidewalks. The gap prevents vegetation, such as grass, from growing beyond the edge of the pavement. When winter arrives, you will be thankful for this since snow removal from the pavement with a tidy advantage is simpler than snow removal from the pavement with an overgrown edge. A string trimmer may serve the purpose of a small mower when fitted with an attachment called an Aero-Flex trimmer and used to cut grass and weeds in tough situations such as steep banks and ditches when the extension is used.

Things To Consider

A gas engine (often using a gas-oil fuel combination), lithium-ion battery, and DC motor spin a line head in a string trimmer. More rigorous use necessitates a more robust string trimmer. A more powerful power tool is needed to trim a broad and varied country land than a quarter-acre city lot.

In the suburbs, where space is at a premium, many people turn to lithium-ion battery-powered cordless string trimmers. Cordless home depot electric string trimmers have improved in recent years but still can’t compare to the raw weed-slashing strength of professional-grade gas-engine equipment. A battery-operated trimmer has one advantage over a gas-powered one: its silence. The cordless electric string trimmer is the best option if you value silence above all else.

In this region, heavy-duty gas-engine equipment operates on a mixture of gas and oil of 50:1. If weed-cutting strength is your first need, you can count on them to provide it, mainly if you use a trimmer with a thick line. The line head should be powered by a solid steel drive shaft, not a cable, and you should look for a machine that can handle heavy-duty work. Heavy and more costly than cable-driven trimmers, these machines can easily control cutting thick weeds and light brush.

Every piece of equipment here performed admirably in our tests, whether driven by a gas engine or a battery and brushless motor. Check out our reviews to learn more about the machines that made it through our tests. To view this year’s crop of cutting-edge string trimmers, please scroll to the bottom of the page. We have yet to put these through any tests, but we hope too soon.


This RYOBI device is the lightest among similar weed whackers and string trimmers. This electric trimmer and edger are cordless and includes intuitive controls. This electric weed eater will work for you whether you’re a guy or a woman. This string trimmer’s low cost, great performance, and long lifespan make it the best on the market. The fact that it has been refurbished further helps keep the price down.

This electric weed whacker has been refurbished after passing inspection and testing by reliable vendors. In other words, it would function and be a brand-new cordless string trimmer. In addition, it would benefit from costing only half as much as the new product.

An 18V Li-ion battery with increased capacity for increased runtime powers this electric weed wacker. The battery usually lasts around 40 minutes, plenty of time to finish cutting your grass. Meanwhile, the 90-minute charge period makes it a convenient option.


Worx WG170.3 GT is great for small lawns with light trimming demands. We compared it to many other low-powered string trimmers and found it performed the best. Its wheeled edging options, swift speed, quiet operation, lightweight, and superb ergonomic settings all left an impression. The Worx is significantly more compact than our other top recommendations, but it isn’t up to the task of cutting through dense weeds or lengthy periods of trimming. But a cheap trimmer should do the trick for those with smaller lawns or who want to carry less equipment.

The Worx may be used as a string trimmer, an edger, or a compact lawn mower. The Worx may be converted from an eager to a mini mower by simply removing its wheels. Trimmer heads with wheels placed on top can be edged by turning the head till the string is level with the shaft. This adjustment may lower the rollers to the floor (this maneuver is easiest for right-handed users). The wheels improve maneuverability and accuracy for detailed edging work.

Disconnect the wheels and reattach them to the trimmer’s debris guard at the back, angling them to protrude beyond the trimmer string’s plane.

Having a wheeled electric string trimmers comparison makes it easy to keep the grass at a uniform height. As we evaluated the mower’s functionality, we discovered that while rolling the trimmer back and forth was simple, keeping it parallel to the ground for a uniform cut proved more challenging. Although the Worx can’t compare to a standard mower in terms of accuracy and uniformity, the results were okay after we used it. For a complete lawn, there are better choices than the Worx.

Black Decker LST 300

Black + Decker LST300

The accessories for most string trimmers are sold separately. Nevertheless, this BLACK+DECKER 6.5-amp corded electric weed whacker has a lawnmower attachment, so it can be used for various tasks around the yard, not only weeding. In fact, it serves as an edger, string trimmer, or lawnmower all in one convenient package. Mowing on hills and slopes, where a standard lawnmower can get stuck, is a breeze. You can move it around most small yards because it works with outside extension cords up to 150 feet long. Because a bag attachment isn’t an option, you’ll have to rake or leave the grass trimmings where they fell to break down into mulch.

The trimmer requires a string no more expansive than 0.065 inches. The automated string feed eliminates the need to manually reel a line or worry about snagging it on the ground. The weed eater has a 12-inch cutting swath. It’s simple to switch to edger form. The trimmer may be used as a mower by being snapped into the mower’s base. The mower’s cutting height may be between 1.6 and 2.4 inches; it performs excellently on most lawn types thanks to the spinning string rather than blades. The handle of this instrument may be adjusted in height from 33 to 43 inches, making it suitable for users of varying statures.

Greenworks 21142 Weed Eater

This Greenworks 13-inch cordless string trimmer features a 40V battery that will provide cutting power for up to 60 minutes.

This string trimmer starts with the touch of a button and, therefore, can reach speeds of up to 9000 revolutions per minute (RPM). Using it is pretty simple. You will have an excellent cutting performance as a result of this.You can trim or edge your garden thanks to the cutting head’s ability to swivel into four positions. It weighs roughly 9.26 pounds, making the Greenworks 13-inch trimmer a burden to move around in the yard.

Because this green works electric string trimmers features an automatic line feed, you won’t have to worry about accidentally hitting the cutting head on the ground. One simple push of a button ought to be all necessary to reveal the essential line. Yet, feedback from customers suggests that it could function more effectively. Because of this, it’s likely necessary for you to advance your line feed instead manually.

CMCST920 V20 13

Craftsman V20 Weedwacker

String Trimmer is equipped with a robust brushless motor and a 4.0 Ah battery, enabling you to complete the chores that need to be done. With the QUICKWINDTM Spool System, you may make short work of the process of changing your 0.080-inch jagged line. After you finish the job, you may store it easily by utilizing the integrated VERSATRACKTM hook that comes with the VERSATRACK system (sold separately). The CRAFTSMAN V20 line of power tools and outdoor equipment may use batteries compatible with the V20 platform. You’ll be able to locate the entire collection of critical outdoor tools and gear right here, so you can accomplish a job that will make you proud.

It contains a CMCST920 V20 string trimmer with 13 inches of cutting length, a CMCB204 V20 4.0 Ah lithium-ion battery, a V20 lithium-ion charger, a 0.080-inch line wound on a spool, an auxiliary handle, and a guard.

Extended run time: The brushless motor with a 4.0 Ah battery pack and two-speed settings allows you to select between increased power and run time.

Adjustable: Ergonomically designed pole with a length that can be adjusted to meet your height

QUICKWINDTM spool system: Easily and quickly replace your twisted line that is 0.080 inches in diameter.

Bump feed: The 13-inch cutting swath enables increased operational efficacy.

Versatrack Compatible: Make use of the hook that is included in this tool to hang it directly on the VERSATRACK Wall Organizing System (sold separately)

 Use Of a String Trimmer: Some Important Safety Alerts

Using a string trimmer may be hazardous if you don’t pay attention and follow the necessary safety measures. On the other hand, there are specific fundamental procedures that you may take to guarantee that you are protecting yourself. While contemplating how to use a string trimmer safely, the following are some considerations.

Always Have a Tight Hold On It

You must always maintain a firm and solid grasp on the string trimmer while you are working with it. This will help prevent the trimmer from slipping out of your hands while the power is on, which might injure various areas of your body. Before adjusting or shifting locations, ensure the trimmer is turned off.

Put On the Appropriate Attire

Using a string trimmer doesn’t matter how hot it is outdoors; you should still protect your skin by dressing in long pants and sleeves as much as possible. This will help prevent cuts and scrapes. If you wear boots, this will also assist in protecting your feet and ankles from any debris that may be there. In conclusion, it is strongly suggested that you use safety goggles to protect your eyes from debris, grass, or dirt that may fly into the air.

Avoid Wet Weather

Using an electric start string trimmers in damp conditions is not a good idea. Using a string trimmer on wet grass or brush is inefficient and harmful to the engine. However, humid conditions might make it dangerous to use because of the risk of slipping and falling. Avoid any potential witnesses. Keep at least 15–20 feet between yourself and any onlookers when using a string trimmer. You should lock up the area and warn any nearby residents that you will be using a string trimmer so that they may stay away.

Never Make a Reverse Or Lateral Cut.

Moving forward and in a straight line using a string trimmer is preferable to walking backward or sideways. Keep your torso and feet clear of the trimmer’s path of projectiles by holding them in front of you.


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