Car Rental Services Ace Review

We looked at how much it would cost to hire a car for one day compared to renting a car for one week. We began pricing rentals many weeks before the day they were to be reserved. When we attempted to arrange rentals for the next day, we frequently found that the prices were significantly higher. We were able to hire a wide variety of vehicles from ACE at competitive rates offered by other rental businesses known for their low prices. Compared to other rental businesses we researched and evaluated, the daily rate of $10 that ACE charges if you wish to add a driver to your rental is one of the more affordable options. We are going to review ace rent a car in this post.

Signing up for the rental vehicle rewards program ace rent a car offers is free of charge. It has one of the least impressive software programs we’ve encountered with its Rental Genius. ACE does not enable customers to redeem their points for free rentals, even though the company awards points for each dollar spent. You may trade your points for rewards, including gift cards and electrical devices like Xboxes. The list of available incentives is extensive.

The ace rent a car program does not feature a priority service line or a drop-off option, both available through competing loyalty programs. We found that it was one of the incentive programs with the fewest available options.

The smallest rental firm we looked into was ACE, which had only 59 sites across the United States. It is also the only company not owned by Enterprise, Avis, or Hertz, which means that if you value a more independent organization, it is worth looking into whether or not you choose to rent a car from them. You can learn more about car rental services ace review online.

However, being on the “little” side does have its drawbacks. Because all the sites are in airports, you will be subject to extra costs for your rentals. There is no option for home pick-up because it is only available at airports where it operates. Also, smaller rental car businesses are more likely to run low on automobiles, and if you don’t reserve far enough in advance, they may sell all of their available vehicles. Ace Rent A Car

does not provide any options for electric automobiles due to its limited inventory.


  • It has the least expensive option for adding more drivers.


  • There are only 59 places to choose from.

Is It A Smart Move To Go With ACE Rent-A-Car?

Car Rental Services Ace

Is Ace Car Rental Good? When considering whether or not to rent from ACE Rent-A-Car, we advise paying attention to factors other than pricing because some previous renters have expressed dissatisfaction with the service they received from the firm. Check the most current reviews written about the place you want to rent from to assist you in making your selection. In addition, explore renting from alternative firms.

After receiving several customer complaints, AutoSlash has won ACE a 2.5 out of 5 stars and classified the firm as a “Tier 4” enterprise in its Ultimate Rental Car Ratings. Be warned that even while ace rent a car may offer a price that first appears to be appealing, there is a possibility that your experience may need to be more satisfying.

If you choose to book with ace rent a car, we strongly suggest you take careful notes on the vehicle’s condition before driving it away from the rental lot. This will help you prevent any complications with filing damage claims in the future. In addition, make it a point to give the terms and conditions mentioned in your contract an extra critical read. In addition, make it a point to give the terms and conditions mentioned in your contract an extra critical read. In addition to this, check to see if the total price matches the estimate you were given. Be cautious to confirm that your reservation has no unwelcome add-ons that will drive up the fees you will be responsible for paying.

The Good

  • Reasonable Prices
  • Convenient Locations at Major Airports
  • Excellent Cancellation Policy

Competitive Prices

Is Ace Car Rental Reliable? Yes Ace provides customers with affordable and competitive pricing options within the market for renting cars. If you want to hire an economy automobile in certain large cities, like Miami, your only option is to pick up and drop off at an airport location. Convenient local rental is possible thanks to Ace has several local stores not located at airports, such as in New York City. There are a lot of businesses that solely have airport locations.

Locations Within Major International Airports

Rental counters are available at most of the main airports in North America that ace rent a car serves. As a result of the fact that they only have sites in 21 states, the states in which they may be found are restricted. They have counters throughout significant airports like LAX, LaGuardia, JFK Airport, Miami International Airport, Atlanta, Houston, & Portland International Airport.

Excellent Refund And Cancellation Policy

When you make a reservation with ace rent a car, there is often no fee assessed for canceling that reservation at any point before the specified arrival time. On the other hand, a deposit in advance is required for sure of their reservations. In certain circumstances, a fee may be assessed for the late cancellation or non-appearance of the guest. On their website, they have made it simple for you to cancel your reservation. Before committing to their reservation, it is strongly suggested that consumers go through the policies in great detail.

The Bad

Car Rental

  • No luxury rentals exist, and the tour is only available in 21 states.
  • There is also no instant return.
  • There is no on-site fuel discount available.
  • There is no option to prepay for tolls.
  • Only Limited Assistance Along the Way

There Are No Luxury Rentals.

Currently, ace rent a car does not provide rental services for premium vehicles. The most comparable vehicles they provide are specialist economic vehicles such as vans and SUVs. You won’t be able to use Ace to hire a luxury vehicle for the day, such as a Mercedes or a Lexus, if that’s what you’re looking for. Because of this, they are at a disadvantage compared to many of their industry competitors because many of those competitors provide luxury rentals.

Exclusive To The Following 21 States

There are Ace Rent-A-Car locations in 21 out of the 50 states. U.S. territories such as Guam, the Mariana Islands, and the Virgin Islands are examples of some of these places. This is a rare occurrence for a vehicle rental firm, as most operate in 45 or more states nationwide.

No Instant Return

When you return the rental car you obtained from ace rent a car, the company asks that you do it in person. There is no provision for skipping the wait in queue or leaving the keys in the vehicle; none of these alternatives is available. In the economy vehicle sector, it is not unusual to be required to return your car manually; nonetheless, this is an alternative that should be investigated more to better meet customers’ requirements.

No On-Site Fuel Discounts

Regarding savings, ace rent a car provides its customers with a membership program called Rental Genius. Every time you make a reservation, you will earn points with this program, much like a credit card. You can redeem these reward points for gifts from Ace’s list or immediate savings. If you have earned at least 500 points, you are eligible for an immediate discount on any rental available through Ace’s website or mobile app. However, this deal does not include a local discount on gasoline for your vehicle, and the only people who would gain from it are those who hire vehicles regularly. If you hire a car occasionally, you won’t benefit from using Rental Genius as much as someone who does it more frequently.

There Is No Option To Prepay Tolls.

For the convenience of its customers, ace rent a car has made it possible to buy toll passes directly from its website. When making a reservation online, you can pay an extra $10.99 daily to acquire the prepay toll service before completing the checkout process. This is costly for toll passes, considering that most large corporations charge an average of $4.95 per day for similar products. The fact that Ace’s toll pass depends on availability at the time of rental is another one of the company’s drawbacks. Because of this, you will likely check in at the rental counter only to find out that Ace is out of toll passes when you arrive there. The option to prepay for your pass allows you to avoid this problem by allowing you to book your pass in advance.

Restricted Assistance along the Roadside

Roadside Assistance Plans, or RSPs, can be purchased from ace rent a car for $3.95 daily. This service protects you if your vehicle develops mechanical problems or if you inadvertently lock your keys inside the vehicle. You must call the rental agency using the phone number in your rental agreement if there is a problem with the vehicle’s mechanical components. They will “work with you to solve the problem.” This is ambiguous, and waiting for them to take action may be a significant source of trouble. In addition, there are no assurances regarding the actions they will take or the extent of the financial responsibility that will fall on you. The most significant drawback is that Ace Roadside Assistance Plans are only available in specific cities. If you hire a car from Ace in a city where they do not provide RSPs, you will not be covered if something occurs to the vehicle you rented.


When it comes to renting an economy automobile, the daily rates offered by Ace Rent A car are reasonable and, on the whole, meet expectations without ace car rental hidden fees. Cancellation is only charged if it is done in advance. Rentals of a luxurious kind are not made available by this firm. Although Ace is not represented in several states, it has rental counters at most of the country’s main airports. In several cities, including New York City, Ace provides solutions for those looking for local vehicle rental services. Additionally, some regions need to provide roadside help. We strongly suggest using their services if you need to hire a car in an area where ace rent a car is located.