Novete Tdqr01 Countertop Dishwasher Review

Amongst the portable dishwashers we have recently evaluated, the novete tdqr01 compact countertop dishwasher stands out as a practical choice. It not only provides the space-saving versatility typical of the finest countertop dishwashers, but it also does so with an integrated water tank, so there is no need to connect the appliance to your tap. In addition, it possesses five different wash programs, upper and lower spray arms, and a cleaning performance that is on par with that of the finest dishwashers .


  • Quiet
  • Built-in 1.3 gallon water tank
  • Limited tray arrangement
  • Long timer presets


  • Limited tray layout
  • Long timer presets


Additionally, in comparison to other models of countertop dishwashers, the Novete is one of the most space-efficient. It can fit four place settings or dishes up to 12 inches in length if loaded at an angle, but its compact design makes it an excellent choice for a tiny apartment, a dorm room, a single home, or a family with only a few members.

The novete tdqr01 compact countertop dishwasher does not skimp on functionality, as the machine allows you to select from a total of five different wash programs, including Normal, speed, Baby Care/Heavy, & Fruit, and a very convenient Air-Dry function. These functions are all operated via an LCD control console. The Dry mode will air-dry your tableware for one hour, and after that, you may leave the Novete to rest while it is filled since ventilation will prevent odors for up to three days. A door made of two layers of glass and illuminated by LEDs provides a transparent view of your dishes. This is yet another helpful feature.

Novete Tdqr01: What Sizes Does It Come In?

Countertop Dishwasher

  • The width is 16.86 inches
  • The depth is a total of 6.75 inches
  • Height: 18.05 inches

The novete tdqr01 compact countertop dishwasher has room for four place settings and comes with a tableware basket, a cutlery basket, and a storage rack that can hold four dinner plates, three smaller plates, four cups, four service bowls, and a variety of cutlery. In addition, the Novete provides space for various utensils. Customers who purchased the Novete TDQR01 have differing opinions regarding the adaptability offered by the tray arrangement. While it gives sufficient space for cleaning the tableware and cutlery that has gathered over a day, it is difficult to put anything larger than a small saucepan inside.

Novete Tdqr01: How Easy Is It To Install?

The novete tdqr01 compact countertop dishwasher much like most other countertop dishwashers, can be connected to the tap using the supplied hose and connection valve, and the spent water can be dumped into the sink using the drain hose. This will save you the necessary amount of money in plumbing costs if you install a full-size dishwasher. This dishwasher is one of the most adaptable alternatives because it has a convenient water tank that can be refilled using a plastic jug. However, the TDQR01 also cannot have this water tank.

The novete tdqr01 compact countertop dishwasher is a tiny portable dishwasher that can sit easily on most kitchen counters without taking up too much room. It is also suitable for RV use, as previously indicated. Its height of 18 inches makes it challenging to fit beneath the conventional kitchen cabinets; moreover, considering that the water tank is reached from the top, there may be better options than situating the machine behind a cabinet. Novete countertop dishwasher manual comes with device.

Novete Tdqr01: What is Good About It?

Aside from the versatility of having a tap connection and an integrated water tank, the novete tdqr01 compact countertop dishwasher’s design is really appealing to our eyes. Its glossy white exterior, clean form factor, and subtle, beautiful angles give it a modern and stylish appearance in all the right ways, and its tiny size ensures that it will not be an eyesore in most kitchens. The RCA RDW3208 is one of the more utilitarian-looking versions, and this one has a windowed design similar to that of the Farberware FDW05ASBWHA ,which gives the impression that it is somewhat more appealing than those models.

When you consider the fact that the novete tdqr01 compact countertop dishwasher managed to install two spray arms in such a constrained location, it is clear that this piece of design is nothing short of remarkable. This, in conjunction with the internal water heater of the device, which is capable of heating the water to a temperature of 167 degrees Fahrenheit, guarantees that your dishes will receive a complete and even wash, which ought to get rid of stains.

The Dry mode, which is noticeably absent from other countertop dishwashers, is another nice feature of the novete tdqr01 compact countertop dishwasher. Additionally, the peace of mind from knowing that the machine is vented to avoid odors if you need to leave it loaded for a while is another great feature of the Novete.

We appreciate a limited selection of five different wash programs, a convenient speed cycle when pressed for time, and a legible LCD. Even though using a dishwasher to clean fruit (using the fruit basket that comes with the dishwasher) seemed strange to us, the Fruit Rinse option is a welcome addition.

Novete Tdqr01: What’s Not So Good


The novete tdqr01 compact countertop dishwasher also operates at a sound level comparable to a refrigerator’s hum. However, it is quieter than the nearly whisper-quiet Magic Chef Edgestar DWP62BL models. The Novete operates at roughly 50 decibels, which is about the same as the sound level of a refrigerator.

It would have been good to have one or two other color options for the Novete, possibly with a black and stainless-steel exterior. This is even though we adore the crisp white aesthetic of the novete tdqr01 compact countertop dishwasher. Even though it would be unjust to point out the restricted capacity of a tiny dishwasher, a few internet users have voiced some annoyance when cleaning larger pots or receptacles. This is even though it would be unfair to bring out the limited capacity of a compact dishwasher. Larger coffee cups, as some users have noticed, appear to receive a rough deal with the Novete because they have to be stored on the bowl rack rather than the cup rack for the Novete to be able to accept them.

Even though some people might consider the viewing glass on the novete tdqr01 compact countertop dishwasher superfluous, we appreciate it. However, we are not fans of the harsh neon blue inside LED illumination, which creates an unpleasant contrast with the otherwise appealing appearance of the Novete. The comparable dishwasher made by Farberware has only a minor drawback from the absence of lights.

Although the novete tdqr01 compact countertop dishwasher has a price more significant than that of models that are quite comparable to it, the price is justified due to the features and the claimed performance of the dishwasher.


Mode of Infant Care

There are five distinct cleaning options available on the novete tdqr01 compact countertop dishwasher. The baby care setting is one of them. Baby bottles, cutlery, and the like are thoroughly cleaned in water heated to 167 Fahrenheit (75 degrees Celsius) using this wash. In addition, it disinfects your dishes so you and your loved ones may use them without worrying about ingesting harmful bacteria. But you may also use this feature to clean greasy dishes and glasses. The grease and grime easily wash away in hot water, leaving behind dishes that are as good as new and ready to be used again.

Quick Cleanup

This novete tdqr01 compact countertop dishwasher includes five different washing options, including one for people who are pressed for time but value clean dishes. When you’re hurrying to work but don’t have time to hand wash all the dishes from last night’s supper, select the rapid wash option, and your dishes will be clean in only 29 minutes. Thanks to the automated air circulation drying function, the dishes will be dry and ready to put away right after they come out of the dishwasher.

Mode Fruit

This appliance comes complete with a fruit basket for convenient cleaning of produce. The basket helps wash any number of dishes, but it shines when filled with a moderate amount of produce. Because the basket is removable and washable, it may be used in various contexts. If you need more time to thoroughly rinse each item in your basket after cleaning it, this option may be helpful. Finding such a proper function in a dishwasher is a tremendous help.

Complete overhaul

Scrubbing the dishes thoroughly is the most effective method. However, novete tdqr01 compact countertop dishwasher are perfect when a machine is the best option. This machine can thoroughly clean dishes of any shape or size in only three to four cycles of alternating between hot and cold water washing. By giving everything a good scrub, you may save yourself the trouble of washing your hands and utilizing potentially contaminated accessories like bowl brushes and washcloths. In addition, the 167°F water used in its cycles ensures a thorough cleaning that is on par with, if not better, achieved by hand for 60% of automatic dishwashing.

Reviews from Novete Tdqr01 Customers

Customers have shown high satisfaction with the Novete TDQR01 countertop dishwasher on both Amazon (with an 84% approval rating) and Walmart (with a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars), indicating that the NOVETE ‎TDQR01 Countertop Dishwasher Review overall. Some of the customers comments voice dissatisfaction with the restricted tray arrangement. At the same time, others have brought attention to the fact that the pre-set duration appears too long, as the dishes appear to be perfectly clean over 40 minutes before the conclusion of a cycle.

One Amazon buyer said, “I’ve had this dishwasher for over a month now, and I’m extremely pleased with it.” This customer was referring to the Novete TDQR01, which has a high rating for the quality of its cleaning performance and the simplicity of its installation and setup. There are many NOVETE ‎TDQR01 Countertop Dishwasher Review by other buyers.

Should You Purchase The Novete Tdqr01?

The novete tdqr01 compact countertop dishwasher is an excellent alternative for a tiny, portable dishwasher that gives the additional adaptability of a tap connection and a built-in water reservoir, with space for four place settings and cutlery if your budget allows it. This dishwasher has room for four place settings and cutlery.

Although the intense blue illumination might not be to everyone’s liking, the Novete is nevertheless a really attractive piece of machinery to look at, and its clear LCD controls and sturdy, dual-layered viewing pane are both features that we like.

With its sleek and tidy form factor, the machine’s remarkably quiet operation at barely 50 decibels helps make it a relatively unobtrusive device that is sure to attract positive remarks wherever you set it in your house. NOVETE ‎TDQR01 Countertop Dishwasher Review will help you to decide whether purchase it or not.