Cuemath Review

What is Cuemath? Cuemath is a tutoring company with its headquarters in India that teaches elementary, middle, and high school mathematics to school-aged students all around the globe, including in the United States. The platform gives math lessons to small groups of up to 4 students at a lower price than 1:1 sessions, making it an accessible choice for families who would ordinarily consider tutoring out of their price range. Although 1:1 lessons are offered, the platform offers math lessons to smaller groups of up to 4 students at a cheaper price.

Families interested in providing their children with regular and consistent math instruction over a longer period of time are the target audience for Cuemath. Because the packages have tenures ranging from six months to 18 months and include two sessions each week, it is not something you can just “dip in and out” of; rather, it is a serious commitment. Cuemath is probably not what you need if all you want is a few lessons to assist your kid in performing well on a certain exam they have coming up. Below you will find Cuemath review.

Is Cuemath good for students? The platform promotes itself as having a mastery-driven instructional methodology. Although it claims that its students do very well on standardized exams in school, its tutors strive to enhance students’ mathematical fluency to ensure that students completely comprehend and even like the material being taught. So, how much does Cuemath cost?

Although it has been recognized as the greatest math program in India, because of its worldwide reach, it may be less personal than one-on-one coaching with a local instructor. It is also not going to be appealing to families searching for tutoring in several topics, which is something that several of our top picks for online tutoring services can provide.

How Does Cuemath Work?

Students benefit from Cuemath’s extensive, well-organized materials and the individualized attention of math instructors who are both highly skilled and accredited in their fields. Cuemath is a meticulously crafted math program. Because of its automated and adaptable learning technology, this program is an excellent option for mathematics students of all grade levels. Its adaptive learning system also offers personalized lessons tailored to each learner’s requirements.

Students get access to endless worksheets and activities inside Cuemath, in addition to video tutorials that walk students through each step and provide directions. On both the website and the mobile app, users may get live help from certified Cuemath teachers via the live chat feature. Students are given a set of worksheets to do, and a teacher is there to monitor their progress at each stage.

At least twice every week, cuemath lessons take place and last an hour. The ratio of instructors to students on this platform is one to six. On the other hand, instructors and students can communicate with one another openly and directly in in-person classes.

Cuemath has a policy that is geared towards learning, and it allows youngsters to study math on their own. If a pupil requests assistance, a teacher will offer them their undivided attention and explain everything in great detail. The problem-solving technique used in every one of Cuemath’s live lectures has seen a significant amount of development recently.

In most situations, youngsters devote more of their attention to taking notes than they do to doing their schoolwork. The effectiveness of self-study as a learning strategy has been shown by a great number of research, particularly in mathematics. In addition, it has been shown that using adaptable technology improves academic performance.

Your kid will get at least three hours of quality teaching per week using Cuemath while also being able to practice independently. Thanks to the personalized learning system, students can study through the various material resources at their speed. In addition to that, it offers Cuemath coding classes, which are geared at students at stages 1-12 and include topics such as game programming, application development, and Python. These courses are intended to assist students in developing a strong foundation in computational thinking.

Ease of Use

There isn’t as much information as many potential customers would want on precisely how the platform works since the Cuemath website is geared toward encouraging you to book a free trial lesson. This is because Cuemath is very much set up to urge you to book a free trial lesson. Although samples of tutor profiles are available, you cannot look through all of the many instructors that Cuemath employs, and you most definitely will not have the opportunity to choose the one who will be teaching your kid. In contrast, you do not have this option on sites such as Skooli and Preply, where you pick the instructor based on the tutor’s expertise, pricing, and qualifications.

Cuemath Ease of Use

Regarding the content of the classes, the program’s interface was straightforward and easy to use. However, since you require access to a desktop or laptop computer with a camera and microphone to utilize this option, it is not a fantastic choice if your kid just has a smartphone or tablet to use for technology. Before enabling you to participate in the lesson, the Leap platform that Cuemath uses does a check to ensure that both your camera and microphone are operational at the beginning of each session.

Following the first trial session, in which the kid receives a comprehensive report on their current level of ability, there are monthly parent-teacher meetings to examine the child’s development and unique objectives.


How much does cuemath cost? Because Cuemath provides online teaching in small groups, the cost is much less than that of premium platforms such as ArborBridge, Remind, and Learner. The price system is both straightforward and understandable. Before committing to Cuemath, you can participate in a free trial lesson. After then, the price of each session will decrease according to the number of sessions you have scheduled; hence, an 18-month commitment with 144 group classes would cost $13 each.

The classes will come out to a total cost of $17 apiece if you simply want a membership that lasts for six months. If you want individual lessons with just you and your instructor, they will be more expensive. Still, the Cuemath website provides very little information regarding the fees associated with private sessions.

Even while individual courses don’t cost too much, you must sign up for several sessions simultaneously, which is a substantial time commitment. On the other hand, you do not need to be concerned about being forced to endure six months of instruction that is not up to your standards. A refund policy at Cuemath does not require customers to answer any questions to get their money back. You can request a refund for any remaining lessons if you are unhappy with the service, regardless of the cause.


Mathematical expertise and years of classroom experience are required to become a Cuemath tutor. The company claims they undergo a rigorous selection and training procedure, with just three percent of those who apply being selected to teach on the platform. The vast majority of the teachers that work at Cuemath are located in India, even though their level of English is rather high. After completing the first forty or more hours of training, the tutors must participate in further workshops to ensure they are current with the most effective procedures in different parts of the globe. So, what’s the Cuemath teacher salary?

The human-AI tools monitor the tutors constantly. Although your kid will likely continue to study with the same tutor, you can change your child’s instructor or reschedule their lessons. Those who subscribe to the 18-month best value Cuemath fees package will be provided with their personal relationship manager, whom they can contact at any time.


The online classes are delivered using Cuemath’s very own platform, which is referred to as Leap. The lessons, which last forty-five minutes, make educational content more engaging using various tools, such as movies, screen sharing, and an interactive whiteboard called the Cueboard. Even during group sessions, the tutor and student contact is one-to-one. This ensures that each kid receives the individualized attention necessary to comprehend the material and advance in their studies. During the session, students who feel they need assistance with the assignment they have been given may contact their tutor using the chat box shown on the screen.

Cuemath strongly emphasizes visual learning, using analogies from students’ everyday lives to ensure they fully comprehend the material they have been studying. The trial class we participated in was exciting and interesting, with a space-based theme, objectives to accomplish, and stickers to be earned for completing the tasks successfully. Following each class, full feedback is provided to the parents, and the curriculum is adapted to meet the kid’s requirements and to supplement what is being taught in the classroom. Students may use a mental mathematics app with problems to answer that test out what they have been studying in class and the online classes available.

Students are encouraged to learn by practicing and are prompted to think about the “whys.” Students can concentrate on single or numerous pages to completely comprehend the topics. Cuemath Leap is the name given to the platform Cuemath uses for its online classes. They endure for one hour and fifteen minutes, making studying entertaining using video, screen sharing, and an interactive whiteboard. Even in group settings, the contact between the instructor and the students is one-on-one; as a result, each kid gets the individualized attention necessary to ensure that they comprehend the material and make progress.

Cuemath emphasizes visual learning and employs examples from students’ everyday lives to facilitate mathematical comprehension. Students have the option to test their knowledge using the Cuemath app in addition to the online classes that are available to them. They can send a message to an instructor if they need assistance with an assignment. Parents get specific feedback, and the program is adapted to meet the requirements of each kid.

At What Age Should Children Begin Learning Cuemath?

Like Juni Learning, the online math tutoring platform Cuemath is primarily intended for students between the ages of 5 and 7, 8 and 10, 11 to 13, 14 to 16, and 17 and 18 (see this review of Juni Learning). In addition to that, it provides an engaging online curriculum for children in grades K-12 to take after school to learn programming.

The platform offers game-specific math exercises and modules that may be incorporated into lessons. The tech-based solutions emphasize learning fundamental concepts and use a variety of visualization approaches to make coding and matching more enjoyable. The students are also provided with important self-study modules that aid in mastery of the subject matter.

Cuemath Online Tutoring

Cuemath is an after-school program that schools may provide for children to participate in to help them improve their math and coding abilities. Cuemath provides students with interactive classes that simultaneously engage them in coding and maths. The instructional resources provided by the platform are accessible to pupils beginning in kindergarten and continuing through the tenth grade.

The Cuemath educational program is divided into two independent parts: Basic Math, which covers grades kindergarten through six, and Leap Cuemath, which covers grades seven through ten. Students are prepared for higher education by taking part in Cuemath Leap. It mixes several different tests with several shorter courses to assist students in finding solutions to real-life situations outside of the classroom.

Cuemath Review: Should I Buy?

Cuemath is an excellent choice if you are searching for long-term math instruction for your kid but do not have the financial means to pay for the costs associated with 1:1 platforms like Learner. The fact that the tutors are located abroad is probably not something that will appeal to everyone; nonetheless, it does make specialized math tutoring accessible to a far larger number of families. If you sign up for Cuemath, you are required to commit to attending lessons at least twice per month for at least six months, even though there is no financial risk associated with attempting Cuemath because of the no-questions-asked return policy and the free trial class.