Gas Lawn Mowers Craftsman Review

The Craftsman M105’s affordable pricing, long list of extra features, and low weight of 65 pounds make it a great option for homes with tiny yards and gardens. It includes a dual-lever height adjustment with six settings to alter the cutting height on the fly, and it’s easier to push around than the competition.

This review delves further into the Craftsman M105 lawn mower, exploring its many features and the opinions of previous buyers on its performance and ease of use. If you find that this gas lawn mower does not suit your requirements or yard, there are many more options to consider in our comprehensive buying guide.


Each element on the feature list of the Craftsman M105 mower, which has a price tag of $399, contributes to the tool’s highest possible level of capability. The cutting deck of the M105 is a full 21 inches in width. Because of the size of the deck, larger areas may be cut with relative ease. The amazing cut width of the Craftsman is just the beginning; the blades also come with an adjustment range of 1.25 to 3.75 inches for the height of the cut. The Craftsman’s deck may be adjusted via a dual-lever system, allowing six distinct deck settings.

The deck is a convertible three-in-one type that allows you to use either a side discharge, a mulching function, or a rear bag to collect grass clippings from the back. A Mulch Kit, which adds nutrients to the soil while you mow for a healthier lawn, is included with the mower, so you don’t have to buy it separately.

Manufacturing of the Craftsman M105 lawn mower takes place in Tupelo, Mississippi, under the supervision of Global Materials. You can find out precisely where Craftsman’s items are manufactured by checking out the company’s website. At the moment, there are fourteen production factories in the United States.


The recoil start and auto-choke features of the 140cc Briggs & Stratton engine used in the Craftsman M105 mower provide the operator with the greatest possible convenience. This indicates that the only thing necessary to start the engine is a simple pull string and that great efforts have been made to assure that it will not stop once it has been started. Check out the Honda HRX217HZA if you’d rather have something with an electronic key start than a pull start since it might be difficult for those with mobility challenges. The engine in the M105 is adequate for the price, even though it is not as powerful as the engines in higher-end gas mowers (such as the Weibang WB537SCV, which has a capacity of 196cc).

Craftsman M105 Mower Performance

The mower is completely self-propelled and has adjustable handlebars, making moving it about the yard less difficult for the operator. Because of the size of the deck, the Craftsman M105 lawn mower is best suited for little to medium-sized gardens, and it performs considerably better on flat gardens than on lawns with hills. The zig-zag treading on the 7-inch front and 8-inch rear wheels makes traversing the garden much simpler than it would have been otherwise.

One of the things that appeals to us about the M105 model is that it is not cumbersome. One of its primary selling points is that it weighs just 65 pounds, which makes it very light and easy to manage compared to other models in its class. When put side-by-side, the Cub Cadet SC100HW weighs 79 pounds, while the Honda HRX217VKA clocks in at 89 pounds.

This is somewhat compensated for in the M105 by having a less powerful engine than the ones described above; nonetheless, the reduced weight makes it a highly appealing prospect for use as a push mower. The craftsman lawn mower m105 has a guarantee valid for two years, which is typical for most models of lawnmowers. This covers any major flaws or issues that may arise throughout the building process. It is important to note that this guarantee expressly excludes coverage for issues that arise with components that deteriorate after regular usage. This includes things like spark plugs and blades for lawnmowers.


At the time of this writing, the Craftsman M105 model’s MSRP of $399 places it squarely in the middle of the pricing range for mid-range gas mowers. While more expensive items like the Honda HRX217HZA cost more than twice as much as the craftsman m105 push mower, the Troy-Bilt TB160 costs more than $100 less than the M105 while offering three-in-one trimming and auto-choke features in addition to its lower pricing.

However, when contrasted with other, higher-end options, like the Toro 21378, the Craftsman m105 push mower comes at a slightly more affordable price. The craftsman lawn mower m105 is an alternative that is more appealing than the Toro since it has features comparable to Toro’s but costs $50 less.

A gas-powered push lawn mower, a bagger attachment, and a pre-measured amount of engine oil are included with the purchase of a Craftsman M105 mower. Because the mower does not arrive pre-assembled with the oil already on board, you must ensure the oil is added to the engine before using it.

The mulching bag is a helpful piece of equipment that may be used to collect stray trimmings that, in the absence of the bag, would fly free throughout your garden. It complements the several mulching capabilities already present in the mower, but its use is purely discretionary.

Height Adjustment

Any lawn mower worth its salt should provide a choice of cutting heights. This is particularly important if you live in a region where the weather and other factors undergo significant shifts at different times of the year. The Craftsman M105 gas-powered mower has six different cutting heights available, from 1.25 to 3.75 inches, making it rather flexible. However, some may find the lowest setting to be too high.

The one significant disadvantage and I use the phrase “disadvantage” very loosely, is that there isn’t a single lever adjustment, which can be found on many mowers these days. The fact that this one has two height adjustment levers makes the procedure a little more difficult, but not to the point that an inexperienced user wouldn’t be able to figure it out. Some people prefer that the front and back height settings are independent because they believe this will allow for more control while cutting thick, unkempt lawns.

Blade and Deck

Quality is one of the things that immediately comes to mind when one thinks about Craftsman. This indicates that the cutting deck is very long-lasting and well-made. The cutting width of the lawn mower, which measures 21 inches, is enough for lawns measuring up to a quarter of an acre.

The statement I made regarding the blade’s remarkable performance is further supported by the fact that the high-quality blade is strong and resistant to becoming tangled with long grass and weeds.


One of the most common complaints homeowners make is that the handle on their lawn mowers is either too high or too low. You won’t have to worry about that when you use the Craftsman M105 mower since it has an entirely adjustable handle, so you can position it at whatever height is most comfortable for you. No longer will tending to your yard tasks give you the impression that you will kill your back. The only thing lacking is a great cushioned grip, which would make using the handle much more pleasant, but that’s a rather small complaint.

Craftsman M105 Mower

User Reviews

There is a fascinating divide in the opinions of customers who have purchased and used the Craftsman M105 online. The product has received 74% five-star reviews on Amazon out of 946 ratings. Users are very pleased with the mower’s compact size and low weight. Users who are pleased with their mowers comment, in addition to its weight, how quickly it starts up and how simple it is to use.

On the other hand, the M105’s simplicity of use has been questioned in several customer reviews on Amazon. It is not always “easy” to use the pull cord, even though it might help operate the basic engine. After needing to restart the mower, one reviewer states that the pull cord caused them to have a “heartbeat that was hard and fast.” One user especially mentions the starting cord breaking, and many other users concur that the beginning of the process is not as seamless as it was represented to be.

In contrast to the almost universally positive feedback on Amazon, Craftsman’s website presents a quite different image. On the manufacturer’s website, the M105 now has an average rating of 1.4 out of 5 stars, which is an astonishingly low sum. Most unfavorable evaluations center on the fact that after just a few uses, the mower emits white smoke and then becomes impossible to start.

This issue was also mentioned in the scathing reviews posted on Amazon. Even if a problem such as this is undesirable, it should be pointed out that the Craftsman website only has 18 reviews with a rating of one star, but Amazon has 65 reviews with that rating. This amount is almost insignificant when weighed against the good evaluations. In addition, the limited warranty that comes with the M105 will cover all of these faults.

Should You Buy The Craftsman M105?

The Craftsman lawn mower m105 may be appropriate for you if you seek an economical gas-powered lawn mower that is light enough to travel about your yard easily and meets these requirements. There is not much to critique about this product given that it has a reasonable price point and many additional features, and most of its users have given it excellent feedback.

People who struggle with mobility or strength may appreciate how simple it is for the Craftsman M105 to move about their yard because of how easy it is to propel. Reviews on the Craftsman website and Amazon show that the makers are fast to work out any technical concerns that occur within the 2-year limited warranty. A lawn that has been meticulously maintained should also have several different cutting heights, all of which should be easily adjustable while the mower is in operation.

However, it is important to remember that this is a gas-powered lawn mower designed for yards of a size between small and larger. If you are searching for something that can handle large areas, you could be interested in another choice with a more powerful engine and a longer cutting blade.

If You Feel That This Product Is Not For You

You may find the Troy-Bilt TB160, which offers greater cutting power at a comparable cost, to be more to your liking. Compared to other gas-powered lawnmowers that cost more, this one from Honda has a motor that is 160cc and gives you a choice of six different heights at which to cut the grass. This gives it much more power.

If there is no constraint on finances, then there is no reason not to get the Honda HRX217HZA. The 200cc motor makes quick work of even hilliest lawns, and the 4-in-1 Versamow System allows to bag, discharge, mulch, or shred the grass clippings and leaves you collect. In addition, you will have dual blades and Rota Stop technology, which enables you to halt the rotation of the blades without turning off the motor.


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