Discover Student Loans Review

Even though Discover is a strong contender in the market for student loans, there are still certain disadvantages to choosing a Discover student loan. Discover student loans are excellent for a certain kind of student. Still, they do not meet the vast majority of discover student loans requirements, especially in interest rates and co-signing requirements.


Discover student loans are superior to those offered by competing student discover loan companies in several important respects, which makes them an appealing option for a certain kind of college student. One of the primary benefits of looking at Discover as a possible lender for student loans is that its website provides a great deal of information on the particulars of a loan. View loan products, such SoFi Personal Loan here.

It provides useful comparison tables to assist you in determining which lender is best for you. In contrast to many other providers of student loans, Discover is relatively more open about the discover student loan deferment options it offers in the event of financial hardship. This may reassure many borrowers and their families, particularly if they anticipate circumstances in which they cannot make the monthly payment. It is very little to no tiny print, which means that the website or the best student loan professionals at Discover can address most of your queries if not all.

The application

According to Discover, the application process for a Discover student loan may be finished in as little as fifteen minutes. This is contingent upon your possession of every information required to finish the application. It is also unclear whether or not this includes the application for a co-signer. Still, a short and simple application is an easy selling point for many prospective borrowers.


Discover does not charge any costs related to the loan, including late fees, even though many private lenders provide this benefit. On its website, Discover is rather reticent about disclosing its policy about late payments; nevertheless, the company indicates that borrowers will not be charged any fees, including a late discover student loans payment fee.


The fixed interest rates for student loans offered by Discover are among the most competitive in the industry. They are comparable to or even lower than those other private lenders offer. The repayment alternatives provided by Discover are also regarded as being among the most adaptable solutions available on the market today. Find out more about Upstart Personal Loan Review.

While in school

The Incentives for Excellent Grades program is one of the most significant advantages of selecting a Discover student loan as your financing option. Applicants for Discover undergraduate, health professions, law, MBA, or graduate loans filed after May 2014 are eligible. According to the policy, students studying toward these degrees must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or the equivalent at their institution to be eligible for a one-time cash award equal to 1% of the total loan amount. If you are an undergraduate student who takes out a student loan with Discover once a year for four years and maintains outstanding grades, you will be eligible to earn 1% of each loan.

Customer service

Several consumers have had great interactions with Discover student loan specialists via customer service, in contrast to many other suppliers of student loans. According to reports, customer care is accessible around the clock, allowing borrowers and their co-signers to obtain assistance whenever needed.


While Discover student loans don’t have a lot of drawbacks, the ones we’ve identified may be deal-breakers for many students and the families of those borrowers.

The application

The need for a thorough credit check is the first drawback associated with selecting a Discovery student loan. This may be detrimental to both the borrower and the co-signer, and it can slightly lower their credit ratings.

Discover Student Loans


Discover makes it difficult for co-signers to be freed from their obligations, even though it is recommended that most student borrowers have a co-signer. Discover student loans are not a good option for many students since, in most cases, co-signers must remain obligated to the loan for the whole duration of the loan.

Even though Discover student loan fixed rates are reasonable, their variable rates are much higher than the industry average and may approach a 13% annual percentage rate (APR). Compared to the variable interest rates offered by other lenders, this may still be too expensive for those customers who would rather take a chance on their future.


Depending on the kind of degree you are trying to finance, there is often just one potential loan period. Those who choose the smallest amount available for a loan and those who choose the most available for a loan will find this very bothersome. This would imply, for example, that undergraduate students would be required to pay discover student loans anything from $1,000 to upwards of $45,000 each year in tuition costs over 15 years.

How to Be Eligible for a Discover Student Loan

It’s not too difficult to be approved for a Discover student loan. The following factors determine eligibility:

  • Being enrolled at a qualifying institution for at least half the time
  • Pursuing a degree
  • As assessed by your school, making good progress
  • Being a citizen of the United States, a permanent resident of the United States, or an international student who has a co-signer who is either a citizen of the United States or a permanent resident of the United States
  • Being at least 16 years old at the time the application is filed
  • Getting through a credit check

Applying for a Discover student loan

According to Discover, the application procedure for a Discover student loan may take as little as fifteen minutes, making it a more appealing choice than a loan that requires a protracted application and approval process. If, on the other hand, you are the co-signer for the loan, the process might take a little bit longer, even if you have all of the required financial information on hand, such as information on your mortgage or rent payments. Other than that, the application process for Discover student loans is rather uncomplicated.

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Customer Service and User Experience

It seems that many of the people who have taken out Discover Student Loans are extremely happy with their experience. The discover student loans Good Grades Rewards program benefits many contented consumers, and their contentment with the company’s customer service is often expressed.

However, the high-interest rate imposed on student loans is the major source of dissatisfaction among borrowers. Your initial loan amount might increase by thousands, if not tens of thousands, due to high-interest rates. Some customers have also reported that the approval process for a loan might take several weeks, while others have said that they are unhappy with the standards that must be met to get a loan.

Although both good and negative customer evaluations may help decide whether to go with a certain business, It is vital to remember that there is no such thing as a faultless student loan service. Approval and disbursement are susceptible to human mistakes, and unpleasant experiences may result from several instances of human error.

Discover Student Loans: What Happens If I Can’t Pay My Student Loan?

In contrast to many other companies that provide student loans, Discover makes it very obvious that it is committed to working with its borrowers if they cannot repay their student loans. There is a section that addresses what options borrowers have if they cannot make their payments for each degree that may be obtained with a Discover student loan.

But, there is a catch with that: Discover does not clearly clarify a borrower’s alternatives in that area; instead, it merely displays the phone number for the Repayment Help Department. On the website of a private lender, it is often quite difficult to discover any indication of a payment deferral of any type. Although this may not sound reassuring, the reality is that this is the case.

With some searching, we uncovered Discover’s more in-depth table of deferral alternatives and a borrower’s eligibility. On Discover’s student loans website, you may locate the table. The good news is that, compared to other lenders, Discover provides more choices for forbearance and postponement.

Who Should Apply For A Discover Student Loan?

Although Discover Student Loans may appear a good option for almost any student, we strongly advise that only borrowers with healthy relationships with their co-signers apply for a Discover Student Loan. This is because co-signers must remain financially liable for the loan throughout its term. Thanks to the Good Grades Rewards program, we also strongly suggest that highly driven students seriously consider obtaining a Discover student loan.

Discover Student Loans in Comparison to Federal Student Loans

While Discover student loans are a good option for any borrower, we strongly advise students to investigate their eligibility for federal student aid before looking into the offerings of any private lender. Private lenders are either unable to or unwilling to provide students with the benefits of federal student loans. Check out our FAFSA review to learn more about the FAFSA and federal student loans.

Discover is a good option for private student loans if you have borrowed the maximum amount from the federal government but still want financial help. If you are ready to accept some of Discover’s more stringent loan conditions and have a co-signer with excellent credit willing to help you out, Discover may be the right option for you.

Discover Loan

Does Discover Offer Student Loan Refinancing?

Yes. Discover provides this option to help borrowers with federal and private student loans consolidate or refinance discover student loans them. Suppose your financial situation improves, and you qualify for Discover’s advantages. In that case, you may be able to reduce your interest rate, decrease your monthly payments, and streamline the payment process by making just one payment per month. For borrowers ‘ convenience, Discover’s student loan refinancing options include 10- and 20-year fixed and variable rate terms. Guaranteed Rate has been a refinancing mortgage firm.

What Are The Interest Rates That Discover Offers On Student Loans?

With its student loans, Discover offers fixed and variable interest rates. The bank’s fixed interest rate is still competitive for all student loans regardless of the degree received, even if the variable rates are greater than those offered by most lenders. Variable interest rates range from 3.37% to 11.87%, while fixed interest rates range from 4.74% to 12.99%.

Are Scholarships Available With The Discover Student Loan Programs?

While Discover does not provide any of its scholarships, the Discover Bank website provides a useful link to locating a repository of scholarships for which students may submit applications online. You may be taken to the scholarship’s platform from there, where you will discover information on how to apply for the scholarship. Using the Discover search option, borrowers may sort scholarships by race, major, and unique conditions.

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What Are the Forbearance and Discharge Options Offered by Discover?

Discover does not make precise regulations or standards regarding its alternatives for forbearance or postponement due to financial difficulty available to the public. Yet, the lender provides solutions for borrowers who are suffering financial trouble.

The loan is forgiven for both borrowers and co-signers if the principal borrower dies or becomes permanently handicapped. Nevertheless, Discover will not release a co-signer even if the main borrower reaches a particular number of on-time payments or creates their credit history.


If you or your co-signer has strong credit, Discover is a decent option for a private student loan lender. The fact that Discover is so open and honest about the loans it offers is one of our favorite things about the company since it gives customers greater confidence in their decision. Discover makes it quite obvious how it stacks up compared to rival lenders like Wells Fargo and Sallie Mae, and in each of the emphasized aspects, Discover emerges victorious. If you are a borrower or a co-signer, you may want to conduct more research to determine where Discover falls short and how that may affect you.


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