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Freedom Debt Relief is rated as the leading debt settlement company in the nation and has a wide variety of industry accreditations. The minimum amount of debt acceptable to the firm is $7,500. Customers who are having trouble paying back various unsecured debts, such as credit cards, loans, and store cards, may get assistance from Freedom Debt Relief, one of the top debt settlement firms.

The firm has locations in 37 states and bases its fee for settling debts on an average of 22 percent of the total amount of registered debt. The team knows the many solutions available to customers based on their circumstances.

Potential clients may determine if debt settlement is best for them during a free consultation provided by Freedom Debt Relief. An IAPDA-certified expert is present during the sessions. This indicates that you will obtain information from an expert and a solid notion of whether or not settling your debt is the best course of action for you to take. Almost 50,000 accounts are settled each month by the organization has been in business for more than 17 years.

One important fact to remember about Freedom Debt Relief legit is that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) filed a complaint against the company, alleging that it charged its clients upfront fees and did not provide complete transparency on their financial situation. The dispute was resolved once the corporation agreed to make reparations, but if you’re looking for an alternative, National Debt Relief is the company we recommend most highly.

How Does Freedom Debt Relief Work?

Freedom Debt Relief provides debt settlement services. These services seek to settle accounts of qualified unsecured debt for less than what is owed. Each month, you handle the deposit of funds into a program account at an FDIC-insured bank. As soon as money accumulates in your Freedom Debt Relief account, the company will start negotiating settlements with each of your qualifying creditors.

The monies gathered are utilized to pay your creditors via Crossroad Financial Technologies, a partner of Freedom Debt Relief after a settlement agreement has been reached and you have approved the settlement. After the remaining balance of your settlement has been paid, the creditors will mark the account as settled in full.

The Freedom Debt Relief program does not need a freedom debt relief app to have good credit, and there are no up-front costs. If the program is effective, you can leave the creditors you included in your plan debt-free. Debt Freedom Relief can assist clients with various kinds of unsecured debt. If you have any of the following unpaid:

  • Credit card bills
  • Medical bills
  • Personal loans. View Sallie Mae Student Loan here.

How to Register for Freedom Debt Relief

It’s not all that difficult to get started with Freedom Financial Debt Relief. You may get the ball rolling on getting debt relief online or over the phone. If you want to register for the course online, the following steps are required to complete your enrollment:

  • To begin filling out the questionnaire, go to the site and look for the option labeled “See Whether You Are Qualified.” Click on that link.
  • Enter the total amount of debt you want to have forgiven via this program.
  • You may receive specific results by providing information such as your name, email address, phone number, and state of residence.
  • You may make an appointment for a free debt consultation with a trained debt counselor over the phone, or you can apply online.
  • Based on the consultant’s advice, you should determine whether or not the debt settlement program is the right option for you.

You will discuss your debts and financial condition during the debt consultation. To establish whether or not it makes sense for you to settle your debts, you will be given a unique financial evaluation that will consider both the total amount of money you owe and your monthly spending habits. It is important to remember that Freedom from Debt Relief was created to assist those who have fallen behind on their payments or are having trouble making their required minimum payments. It’s possible that Freedom Debt Relief won’t be able to settle your debt if you keep making payments on the accounts involved in the program.

If you want to proceed with debt settlement via Freedom Debt Relief, you will receive a personalized plan detailing a program payment tailored to your financial situation. After you have finalized your strategy, you will start making regular deposits into the program account protected by the FDIC.

Register for Freedom Debt Relief

After that, you must ensure your monthly payment is made on time, and Freedom Debt Relief will take care of the rest. This involves negotiating settlements with your creditors and ensuring that creditors are paid after an agreement has been reached. According to Freedom Debt Relief, the usual time for debt settlement customers to clear all their enrolled debt is between 24 and 48 months.


Freedom Debt Relief provides clients with adaptable debt settlement plans that are intended to make it easier and less expensive to pay back unsecured debts. If you are interested in reading actual testimonials, you can find many reviews on the website of the business that is a top service supplier. These evaluations are from individuals who have used the firm’s assistance in the past. Freedom Debt Relief does not need any advance payment and provides a free consultation lasting one hour to determine whether or not your financial situation is suitable for debt settlement.

Debt settlement is an understandably significant step, and as such, it needs to be given great consideration. Like most debt settlement firms, Freedom Debt Relief offers a team of advisors who can help you work through your present circumstances to determine how debt settlement may assist and whether it’s the most suitable answer. Before your session, gathering all pertinent information regarding your current finances, such as any outstanding debts, income, and spending is a smart idea. You should also explain any goals you have for the future that might need great credit, such as purchasing a home. These should be brought up in the conversation.

Your FICO credit score may drop as a result of the fact that you will cease making payments to your creditors while you are making payments into your settlement account. When all of your obligations have been paid off, the organization may be able to assist you in regaining a higher credit score. Still, before doing so, you should evaluate what will happen to your credit in the near term and determine whether you believe you will need this.

Freedom Debt Relief may advise you on handling any calls or letters you may receive regarding missed payments. Still, it is vital to note that legally you will remain accountable for your debts throughout the procedure.

Interface and Usability

When it comes to guiding customers through the debt settlement process, Freedom Debt Relief has received positive feedback, and the first contact with the company is often made over the phone. Your account may then be viewed and controlled online.

In an uncomplicated dashboard format, you can see the precise amount of money deposited into the settlement account. You will also know when debt settlement discussions may take place after initial phone contact with advisors who will personally look at your outstanding debt. If, for example, you could only afford to pay off the minimal amount, you may be debt-free much sooner than intended. If you are unsure about anything, you can always give one of the advisors a call, and they will be able to let you know how close you are to earn a settlement amount.

Product Quality

One thing that sets Freedom Debt Relief apart from its rivals is the online dashboard it provides to customers. This dashboard allows customers to monitor the progress of their settlement program. Customers of the organization can maintain tabs on their progress via the website, which also has a variety of instructive and instructional articles that may assist individuals in better managing their finances in the future. By assuming responsibility for a significant portion of its customers’ outstanding debt, the organization is dedicated to assisting individuals in regaining control of their finances over the long term.

Customer Feedback

The tens of thousands of clients who have left comments on Trustpilot have, for the most part, expressed quite favorable opinions about Freedom Debt Relief. They mention friendly customer service representatives and the company’s strong resources with a personal touch. A very tiny number of bad evaluations; include having certain settlements with no discount connected and other credit consequences. Nevertheless, these reviews are few and far between.

These are, in essence, the dangers associated with any settlement firm, and they should be completely addressed at the very beginning of any deal. Yet, most evaluations for Freedom Debt Relief focus on the company’s employees and customer service.

Should I Select Freedom Debt Relief?

Freedom Debt Relief provides settlement options for those who owe more than $7,500 in debt. The firm is renowned in the industry and does not need any upfront payments. Customers who are having trouble making their monthly minimum payments and attempting to stay out of bankruptcy are encouraged to use the service.

The fees assessed by Freedom Debt Relief vary depending on the specifics of each client’s situation; however, the typical rate is about 22%. The organization has a strong track record of successfully negotiating fee reductions for its customers, even though the fees they charge may be somewhat more than usual. They have operations in 37 states and collaborate with most of the main lending institutions. At the beginning of the settlement process, you will create a bank account guaranteed by the FDIC, which you will continue to manage throughout the procedure.

Considering debt settlement may be a smart choice if you are having trouble meeting your minimum repayments. Nevertheless, it is important to note that this option comes with several financial repercussions, most of which will have a negative impact on your FICO credit score. This is a result of payments that have been skipped while you have been making deposits into your settlement account. Any account may cause bad credit with a history of missing payments or debts turned over to collection agencies. It is important to remember that this will affect your capacity to borrow money in the future.

Due to these factors, looking into other options, such as the top debt consolidation businesses, is usually a good idea before making a final decision. On the other hand, Freedom Debt Relief might be an excellent choice for you if you are searching for a trustworthy debt settlement organization with many accreditations and advisors that have received extensive training.

Is Freedom Debt Relief a Reliable Company?

Freedom Debt Relief has an A- rating with the BBB. Freedom Debt Relief has been deemed legitimate by the American Fair Credit Council and the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators.

In 2021, there were 81 complaints about Freedom Debt Relief to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The primary concerns were regarding the company’s credit rehabilitation services and debt collection. All but one complaint received prompt attention from the firm; 75 received a response, three received monetary relief, and three received nonmonetary relief.

In a lawsuit alleging that it violated multiple government regulations, including improperly charging freedom debt relief fees and misinforming customers, Freedom Debt Relief reached a settlement with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) in July 2019 and paid $20 million in restitution as well as a $5 million fine.


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