Driver Update Software Driver Support Review

Scan your computer to determine which drivers require an update so that Driver Support one can assist you in keeping all of your drivers operating at peak performance levels. It searches its extensive database for links to the most recent drivers versions and provides those links to you; nevertheless, you need to download and install the drivers manually. On the other hand, the driver update software is only compatible with a restricted number of operating systems and only discovers a few drivers, as other programs do. You can check driver support one review before installation.

Simply put, the results of our testing showed that Driver Support one did not amaze us with its performance. On the other hand, none of the items that we examined had very noteworthy outcomes. Only 69 of the total 149 obsolete drivers that we identified on our test PC were discovered by the software. This is lower than the average for the category, 74, and is only marginally better than the program with the worst performance, Advanced Driver Updater, which detected just 48 drivers, for a success rate of only 32 percent.

Driver Support one does not reveal the origin of the updated driver, even though it displays version specifics for each driver that has been installed. This is something that gives me pause. Because there is no way to verify that the update has been guaranteed by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) until you examine the source, you should not put your faith in it. Additionally, to update your software with Driver Support, you must manually install and download any available updates. The very finest programs take care of these tasks for you automatically. Even if you are proficient with computers and know how to accomplish this, it might be challenging for you, and even if you are, it might be time-consuming and annoying.

This driver program features a user interface that is simple enough to understand. On the webpage, you can quickly start a scan, and the program also gives you a choice to back up and restore your drivers. Lets dig into Driver Support Review.


  • Because it draws from a database with more than 26 million drivers
  • It enhances the likelihood that you will obtain the right one.


  • You will need to manually download and install any available updates
  • The program will not do this task for you automatically.

The program enables you to schedule scans to be performed automatically. It is helpful if you need clarification about how frequently you should check the drivers on your computer or are concerned that you may forget to do it completely. This application also contains an exclusion and uninstall option, beneficial features not included in all software. Using these capabilities, you will have the ability to select whether or not to uninstall or update drivers on an individual basis. In addition, unlike other programs, this one does not automatically download or install bloatware, spyware, or nag advertisements, nor does it prompt the user to do so.

Is driver support one good? Driver assistance provides more choices for customer assistance than any other driver updater we researched and evaluated. The firm may be reached through telephone or electronic mail, and its website hosts a knowledge base replete with material that might be useful to customers. Even if your computer isn’t running the most recent version of Windows, you should still be able to use the program because it is compatible with Windows 10, the most recent version of the operating system, and Windows 8, 7, and XP.

What is Driver Support One on my computer?

Driver Support

What is driver support one and do I need it? Many of your computer’s drivers will be updated automatically whenever Windows receives an update. However, it only sometimes discovers the most recent update, and you may occasionally need to visit the website of the driver maker to guarantee that you are obtaining the most recent and most effective version.

At times like these, a useful tool like Driver Support may greatly assist.

Driver Support one  is a software initially developed in 1996 by PC Drivers Headquarters LP. Its primary function is to identify missing, out-of-date, and corrupted drivers.

The program scans your computer to determine which drivers on your system require an update and then retrieves links from its database to the most recent versions of those drivers.

If you require access to all of Driver Support’s features, it will cost you $9.99 a month to subscribe to the service, but you can get it for free from the official website.

Functions and Features of Driver Support Software

  • The complete edition of Driver Support One includes several functions, all of which work towards the common goal of ensuring that your drivers are always kept up to date.
  • The instrument supports the following functions:
  • Locating the drivers that are compatible with the user’s system hardware based on the manufacturer and model of that hardware.
  • Flagging generic drivers.
  • Active driver monitoring, which includes notifying users about recently released drivers
  • Providing a mechanism to search for particular drivers when they are needed.
  • API for integration.
  • The driver configuration of a user’s personal computer is archived as a backup if a driver causes an issue.
  • A closer look at the software – the reliability is to be questioned.

Since 1996, the software’s developer indicates that its major focus has been improving personal computer performance. According to the information on the software’s official website, more than 4 million people are currently utilizing the software. The following comments leave us feeling a little befuddled. According to them, “DriverSupport one with Active Optimisation can assist your search for drivers on the respective manufacturers’ website for free.” On the other hand, the next phrases assert that to access the software’s “full functionality,” one must pay a monthly membership fee of $9.99.

Now that we have decided, we will test Driver Support one with Active Optimisation by downloading and installing it. To begin, the anti-malware program installed on our computer tried to prevent us from accessing the program’s official website by claiming that it belongs to a category of possibly harmful programs and preventing us from doing so. But despite this, we go ahead and visit the website in question, where we click the link to download a file formerly known as DriverSupport.exe but which has now been renamed DSOne.exe (as of the 28th of August, 2020).

Installing the program is pretty simple, but as soon as it starts, we discover that it only discloses information about the drivers on your computer or any system faults after paying for the service.

The question that has to be answered is why a user should pay. Should I bother, or is it possible that there are no problems with the machine? To put it briefly, the majority of the accessible icons will ask you to input the product key or will open a pop-up that will link to a website that looks like a standard advertisement and will propose that you register using your login and email address before purchasing the subscription.

Instructions on How to Remove Driver Support One From Your Computer

Driver Support 10.10

Even though Driver Support One is not malicious software, it may cause problems for customers who are happy with the capacity of Windows to update their drivers or who are okay with actively looking for driver updates that they may require.

According to our analysis findings, the program can overlook some out-of-date drivers, and it may even make its way onto your machine without your awareness. This may occur if you are installing a piece of software that is part of a bundled package simultaneously with another application.

Online reviews

Let’s check out some internet software critiques and see what others say about driver support one review. What follows is the material we discovered after searching the internet for details on Driver Support. To begin, the website review page MyWOT has given the website a rating of 1.3 out of 5 stars, indicating that it is considered risky. On a different review platform, Trustpilot, customers have voiced dissatisfaction with the product’s poor user interface and subsequent slowing of their computers. When obtaining the license, it needs to be made clear if it is a one-time payment or a recurring payment every month, as was mentioned by other people. There are several positive testimonials.

Overall, many users are critical of the program since it does not resolve any issues or deliver the promised results. Many people report that upgrading the drivers did not make the program address any audio issues they were experiencing. We think customers shouldn’t waste their money on software that disappoints them, particularly when drivers may be updated manually via the Device Manager panel. This is because we believe consumers should not spend their money on software that disappoints them. So you should go through the driver support one review.

We must make clear that the program in question is not unlawful nor malevolent; hence, it should NOT be referred to as a virus associated with Driver Support one. Even though certain security software companies still identify it as a possibly dangerous program, the most recent research on VirusTotal has identified it as harmless.

How to terminate your subscription to Driver Support

In addition, we have chosen to research to find out what users think of the program. According to comments made by users on Reddit, the users claim that although the official website claims that uninstalling the driver support one  will terminate the membership, in their experience, this did not occur. If you want to cancel your membership, read the Terms and Conditions on the official driver support one website. You can find this information here.

You need to go to their official website, log in, and then navigate to the Your Account page to cancel the Driver Support membership. At this point, you are expected to follow the cancellation instructions. You may find out when your account will be closed (which will occur after the current billing month) by going to the page devoted to your account and clicking on the link that says View billing details. You can read  driver support one review online before subscription.

According to the page that outlines the Terms and Conditions, the vendor indicates that consumers who have paid the membership via a third party (such as PayPal) may be required to unsubscribe and turn off auto-renew for Driver Support via that specific third-party service.

Bottom Line

Driver Support One is a program that helps you keep your computer up to date by detecting when driver updates are available for your system and archiving any saved driver settings. The program does a decent job of identifying some of the outdated drivers, and it costs $9.99 each month to obtain access to all it has to offer. The tool also does an excellent job of discovering some missing drivers.