Online Auction Sites Ebid Review

eBid appears and feels a lot like eBay. The auction format is identical in every conceivable manner, except for one key aspect: the guarantee of reduced fees than those provided by eBay. Even though this is solely relevant to vendors, we decided to bring it up. Third parties always provide items for auction; these may be brand new, previously owned, or a combination of both. From what we can see, eBid is a viable alternative to eBay. This is the impression we get.

Ebid Review: Website and Selection


What is ebid? It is a busy website, but one that offers many different options to look for the things you want. There are three distinct user profiles: Buyer, Seller, and Seller+.

When we were looking around the eBid website, it had a lot of information to sort through, even on the front page, which made it seem like it would be a little chaotic. Because eBid .com is active in so many countries, we suggest that customers choose the nation they are based on before doing anything further. For instance, if you want to purchase or sell items in the United States, you must switch your site to the eBid United States version.

You have the option of selecting from one of three distinct user profiles. You have unrestricted access to the listings as a Buyer, allowing you to place bids, make offers, or purchase an item immediately. If you are a seller on eBid, you can select from two distinct user levels, each of which comes with its own unique set of features and associated costs. As a Seller, you can list products at no cost. Still, if you upgrade to Seller+, you will be required to pay a membership fee in exchange for a plethora of additional features and privileges, including selling facilities, the elimination of sales fees, and increased exposure for your listings (which means they will be featured in search engine results). eBid’s costs are among the most reasonable in the industry, irrespective of the user profile you select.

If you’re looking to make a purchase, you will be blown away by the vast quantity and extraordinary variety of things listed on the website. After performing a cursory search, we identified several ways to locate intriguing items that are currently up for auction, such as by the level of popularity, category, the date the auction will end, and many more. A speedy search turned up a lot of fascinating objects, such as a classic Nancy Ann Storybook doll, collectible stamps, and stunning old furniture. If you are interested to create website, you can read Ebid review online.

Ebid Review: Fees

Competitive and Transparent Fees

The relatively modest selling costs are eBid’s primary selling point. Even while eBid lacks the same level of brand awareness or as large of a user base as eBay, it offers the most value to its consumers, particularly sellers not interested in maintaining a long-term presence on the platform. The website lists the fee percentages applicable to each user profile, and the online auction platform is open and honest about the costs that it assesses users.

Ebid.Net Auction Features

eBid is not like other websites that provide penny auctions in several important respects:

  • There is no charge to participate in the auctions because they are all free. The customer is only required to pay if they are successful.
  • Private Sellers: Other sellers are the ones that put up their items for sale on Therefore, thousands upon thousands of sellers auction off things at any given moment.
  • A High Volume of Auctions: The volume is extremely difficult to determine as a user; nonetheless, according to our study, the auction volume in the United States may be comparable to that of Quibids.


  • Second-largest online auction marketplace
  • No charge to list items
  • Reduced fees


  • You can only accept three payment methods.
  • Confusing and busy website

How Does It Work?

Ebid See

How does ebid work? eBid operates in the same way as other online auction services, such as eBay. Anyone interested in selling their goods or products to Buyers can go to the website & register as a Seller; at this point, they can start listing the items they want to auction off to Customers.

According to the information on their website, they provide more than 13,000 distinct categories for the things available for purchase on their website. These categories include options such as Antiques, Dolls and Bears, Electronics, Jewellery and Watches, Crafts, Video and Computer Gaming, and many more.

Each product that is up for auction will have a minimum bid price, the price at which the bidding will start, and a reserve price, which is the minimum amount that the bidding must reach to qualify for the auction to be considered successful. Both of these prices can be found in the product’s description.

A BuyNow option, which will be located above either the minimum bid price or the reserve price, can also be made available to buyers by sellers. This option allows buyers to end the auction immediately and guarantee that the item will be sold to the buyer willing to pay the price listed for it by simply clicking the BuyNow button.

Ebid Review: Buying and Selling On Ebid

Features that are helpful to sellers and buyers are available, such as a page visit count and mediation. Several aspects of eBid are designed to assist sellers like you. You can tell how many people have viewed each item on your list by looking at the page views counter associated with each one. In addition, customers may write feedback regarding previous auctions they participated in with you, and you can do the same for other buyers who participated in your auctions. Before engaging in transactions with one another, buyers and sellers can validate the other party’s dependability and identify any potential problems. Customer review ebid available for buyers and sellers.

The website provides a resolution center for any auctions resulting in a dispute between a buyer and a seller or any other party involved in the transaction. If you have negatively interacted with a particular bidder, you can prevent them from participating in future auctions. There are strategies to guide about how to create sales on ebid.

You can add more photographs of your goods to each listing, which is intended to attract buyers. You may also add highlight listings to your auction to attract the attention of the customers participating in it. For instance, you might make your listing typeface more noticeable by bolding or italicizing certain words.

Buyers on eBid can search for things by Seller, just as on other online auction sites, thanks to the site’s comprehensive search features. Users can also bookmark you as a seller, allowing them to view any further things you post at any time. This not only benefits the buyer, but it also has the potential to improve the number of views and purchases on your things by linking you with other customers with interests comparable to yours. Online sites also provide ebid reviews for sellers and buyers.

The majority of the information that you want may be found on the eBid website. This website for online auctions has a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions page, in addition to a community forum and video lessons, to assist users in gaining an understanding of how to sell and purchase items on the platform. Additionally, the website has an online contact form that will put you in touch with representatives. Because the online auction platform does not offer live help, you must wait longer for replies than on other platforms.

 Mobile Options

Currently, provides its users with a mobile application for iOS and Android that allows them to keep track of any auctions during which they participate and engage in such auctions.

Cost and Price Structures

On a website for online auctions, it is obvious that the Sellers influence the pricing they set; nevertheless, the Buyers have the ultimate authority over the price they are prepared to pay for an item. On the other hand, creating an account on our website as either a buyer or a seller is completely free of charge.

However, this platform has two distinct categories of sellers to choose from. The first option is their casual Seller, a free account that enables you to post your products without incurring any costs. However, this option will charge their Sellers a Final Value Fee of 3% of the wholesale price.

People that sell a much higher number of things on the internet are eligible for their Seller+ account. A charge associated with the upgrade is proportional to the length of time you select for your account to be upgraded.

You can upgrade your account for a length of time, starting at 7 days for $1.99, thirty days for $6.99, ninety days for $16.99, a year for $54.99, or a lifetime of an upgrade for $99.98. Each successive period costs more money.

By purchasing this upgrade, you can list all things at no cost and will never be subject to a Final Value Fee. Policy Regarding Returns and Exchanges Given that this is not a conventional online store, the company does not have a conventional Returns and Exchanges Policy.

Is ebid reliable? Yes the website does have protection rules in place if a Buyer fails to pay the Seller the money that they owe them, in the sense that Final Value Fees can be reimbursed; however, the website does not have much to say regarding the refunds that are granted to Buyers who are unsatisfied with what they get.

Is ebid trustworthy ?Yes On the other hand, this particular website allows both buyers and sellers to offer feedback on the conduct of other users with whom they have interacted on the site, as well as whether or not they had a positive or negative experience. Because of this, other members of eBid will have an idea of what to anticipate when interacting with that particular Buyer or Seller.


Most people are interested in seeing how this website stacks up against eBay, which is often regarded as the best website for online auctions. If you search for articles or eBid reviews written by people dealing with both auction sites, you’ll notice that several variances are highlighted. However, the fees that each site charges its Sellers are the most widely cited difference. According to the vast majority of respondents, eBid offered much lower costs to sellers than eBay, making eBid a more desirable online auction site in that respect.

However, it was brought to the attention of the reviewers that eBay still receives more traffic and can create greater interest in the products that are up for auction, particularly in particular categories. Choosing one of these options as the clear victor is tough for the above reasons.

Should We Go With Ebid Instead?

eBid offers a selling arena that is both competitive and cost-effective thanks to its big user database as well as its low listing and final value costs. Even though it limits the types of payment options you can provide for your customers, the site’s many selling capabilities and the volume of traffic it can generate more than makeup for its shortcomings, making it a viable alternative to more expensive online auction platforms.