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Who makes amana dryers? Amana Corporation is a home appliance brand owned by Whirlpool Corporation since 2006. Amana Corporation offers gas and electric dryers, with one of their models, the Amana 6.5-Cubic-Foot NED4655EW Electric Dryer, placing on list of the Best Dryers of 2023.

The initial seeds of the business were planted in Amana, Iowa, in 1934, the year the company was given its namesake. Even though refrigerators were the only products that Amana initially offered for sale, the company has since expanded its product line to include freezers, dishwashers, microwaves, & air conditioners.

The amana ned4655ew was the model with the lowest price we looked at, yet it still ranked higher than many others. Although it does not compare favorably in all respects, this machine will serve the purpose of doing laundry in many homes very well.

Even the less costly versions, like this one, offer sensor drying, a feature that should be utilized whenever possible. Because sensors determine the amount of moisture present, the machine turns off by itself when it is finished. Because of this, you won’t have to leave the dryer on for an excessively extended period, which means you’ll save both time and energy.

In addition, amana model # ned4655ew contains features that prevent wrinkles from occurring. You may program the dryer to fold and reload clean and dry clothing regularly after a cycle. This prevents the laundry from wrinkling as it waits for you to get it from the machine.

Because it only has 6.5 cubic feet of space, this unit is smaller than the others we examined and compared. That is still rather huge, yet, more is needed for families with many children. In addition to this, there are a few different cycle alternatives. It was tied for having the most minor selection out of all of those we looked at. You may choose between sensor drying and timed drying as your drying method. The temperature selector offers four levels: no heat, mild heat, medium heat, and extreme heat. Three different dryness levels are Very Dry, Energy Prefered, and Less Dry.

Amana ned4655ew manual is helpul for better understanding of device .An old-fashioned set of dials provides access to all available settings and choices. However, it does not have touch buttons like some of the more costly ones, so it should work well. Consider purchasing a Samsung DV8750 if you want a more up-to-date control panel. The NED4655EW lacks additional precautionary safeguards standards on more expensive machines. You will need to train your memory to remember to clean the lint filter on your own, and you will also need to remember to inspect the ductwork regularly. This system will not serve as a reminder to you.

The amana ned4655ew is smaller than the average in terms of dimensions, but it is a bit broader than many others, making it difficult to fit into laundry rooms with limited space.

Only one year of coverage is provided for everything when you purchase amana ned4655ew. That’s on the low end of the spectrum, but we weren’t surprised by its low cost compared to the other dryers we investigated. This cost-effective alternative outperforms a few of the more expensive machines, even though it has limited available capabilities. Even though it is not the most cutting-edge machine, it can handle a significant amount of laundry due to its variety of cycles and large capacity.


  • We could locate this model for less than 400 dollars by shopping online.


  • This ties for the spot with the fewest different sorts of cycles.

Best for:

  • Those on a limited financial budget
  • Small homes
  • Shoppers looking for a dryer with the bare essentials

Not Recommended for:

People who want to stack their washers and dryer, families who do huge loads. Tech-savvy clients who want the latest features; are the types of customers who should not consider purchasing this product. You can also read amana front load dryer reviews before buying.

With a capacity of 6.5 cubic feet, the Amana NED4655EW has the smallest capacity out of all of the dryers we evaluated and rated. This front-load dryer is not stackable; instead, it is constructed with a reversible door that allows it to be set up to open either to the left or the right. Even though it lacks high-tech features like Wi-Fi connectivity and a steam option, expert evaluators are almost unanimous in their opinion that it has settings that make drying clothing simple and effective.

For example, amana model # ned4655ew offers an automated dryness control that uses a sensor to detect when the laundry has reached the appropriate dryness level. This function that saves energy shortens the time required for the drying cycle, which helps avoid the potential damage from overdrying clothing.

It also has a wrinkle-prevention mode, which is helpful when you can’t immediately remove the clothes from the machine once the cycle completes. Instead, the machine continues to tumble the garments at sporadic intervals, but no heat is present. This prevents the wrinkles from having a chance to form. Amana gas dryer reviews also available for buyers.

Additionally, the Amana NED4655EW features 11 cycles with three different temperature settings and a large lint filter that is simple to remove and clean. This model comes in only one white finish and is ideal for those willing to make do without additional bells and whistles.

Amana NED4655EW Dryer: Features

Amana NED4655EW

Despite its modest price point, this amana model # ned4655ew is a simple dryer with a few outstanding features. More importantly, selecting the Wrinkle Prevent option is vital if you want your clothes to come out of the dryer without any creases or crinkles, mainly after they have spent some time there. This method works by tumbling the garments occasionally without applying heat to prevent wrinkles from becoming permanently embedded in the fabric.

Monitoring the temperature & modifying the drying cycle so that it ends at the appropriate time are significant tasks for the Automatic Dryness function, making it suitable for use. This prevents the item from overdrying and helps save money on electricity costs. It offers 11 drying cycles in total, some of which are Air Dry (no heat), Automatic Dry, and Timed Dry, providing you with more than enough options to select from.

Its drum has a capacity of 6.5 cu. ft. is still more than enough area to dry a full load effectively. Despite this, this design is best suited for homes with fewer members or those with less washing on average.

Amana NED4655EW Dryer: Design

Is amana a reliable brand? Although it may not have the same sleek or contemporary appearance as more costly models, it is a well-designed product that is simple to care for. It is easy to reach all the cycle choices using the knobs and controls at the top of the front panel, where the lint screen is located for convenient access. The reversible side-swing door is another element that adds functionality to the design. Depending on your inclination, this may be placed quickly and easily from the left or right sides.

The Performance of the Amana NED4655EW Dryer

Although amana dryer ned4655ew lacks the fancy features of more costly dryers, it dries clothes as effectively as other machines. With 11 different drying cycles, like Automatic Dryness Control and Cool Dry, it provides more than sufficient alternatives to ensure that the clothes come out completely dry and crease-free every time.

The Wrinkle Prevent function, which improves drying efficiency and leaves you with very few or no wrinkles in your clothing, is the most valuable aspect of this product. If you have a modest load, you may select the Timed Cycle option of amana model # ned4655ew for up to sixty minutes, which is energy efficient and can save you money on your bills over time.

The 6.5 cubic feet is adequate for carrying a substantial load and is large enough to house items such as bulky sheets, and pants. In addition to being easy to handle thanks to the straightforward control dials, it operates in a manner that is not overly noisy.The amana dryer ned4655ew provides you with all the essential, no-fuss features you require at a price that won’t break the bank.

User Opinions Regarding the Amana NED4655EW Dryer


The amana dryer ned4655ew is a Best Seller at the moment at Home Depot, and it has a recommendation rate of 92% based on 6725 customer reviews. While Best Buy received a recommendation from 94% of customers and an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5.

The overwhelming majority of customers were blown away by its effective drying outcomes, praising it as a product that “does the job” and delivers results that are on par with those of more expensive dryers. Several people commented on how straightforward it was to work the dial controls. The Automatic Dryness sensor and the Cool Dry option of amana model ned4655ew were two of the most well-liked features among product users. Both of these settings helped consumers remove creases from their clothing. Another critical consideration was, of course, the cost and the value provided for the money spent.

The fact that the door was difficult to open and shut was cited as a minor disadvantage. A few people have mentioned that it was difficult to open and had to be slammed shut. Adjusting the door latch is a simple solution to fix this issue.

How Much Does It Cost to Purchase an Amana NED4655EW Electric Dryer With 6.5 Cubic Feet of Space?

A cost of $579 is associated with purchasing an Amana NED4655EW electric dryer. This dryer has the lowest price of any dryer on our list by a margin of $170, and it is one of just four dryers on our list that maintains a price tag in the three-figure range. In contrast, the Samsung DVE60M9900 electric dryer comes at the top of our evaluations as the most costly model, costing $1,999.

Would you benefit from purchasing an Amana NED4655EW Dryer?

If you are looking for a dryer that doesn’t have many extra features but does a good job, the Amana NED4655EW provides value for the money and even more despite having a lower capacity of 6.5 cu. It is sufficient for carrying a substantial load or bulkier things such as bedding, sheets, or towels. If you aren’t concerned about flashy high-spec features, its 11 cycles give enough alternatives for your every need. For example, the convenient Wrinkle Prevent option assures that clothing will come out of the dryer without creases. Convenient for reducing the amount of time spent ironing! This model offers superior performance, convenience, and efficiency at an affordable price. More appropriate for persons living in tiny families or with specific needs.



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