Electric String Trimmers Worx Review

A Worx WG163 Cordless Grass Trimmer/Edger is a high-quality tool with several settings. The Worx WG163 is a stylish tool that trims uneven surfaces and has increased duration due to a more powerful battery. It can quickly transform from a trimmer to an edger and weighs 7 pounds.  WORX WG163 is a reasonably priced, high-quality cordless string trimmer with several useful features, including an adjustable edger. It’s portable, has decent battery life, and has a few drawbacks. The Worx WG163, which is included in our top picks for best electric weed eaters, has a price on the upper end of the spectrum, but it also comes with benefits like an adjustable handle, decreased noise, and easy operation. You may be interested in Best Electric String Trimmers

This fantastic cordless trimmer has a low noise level. This shaft can be adjusted to fit the user’s posture and height, and it also can tilt 90 degrees, which enables it to cover a broad variety of terrains. These are the primary positive aspects of this fantastic tool.

Compared to gas-powered weed eaters, Worx 20-Volt WG163 is great for the typical homeowner because it requires less maintenance, boasts low carbon emissions, and is easy to store. The sole disadvantage of electric hedge clippers and edgers is their lengthy recharge cycles, which can last up to five hours at a time. Nevertheless, in addition to that, it includes a backup battery, a guarantee that lasts for two years, or free replacement spools for the rest of your life.


Worx WG163

Weight: 7 lbs

Dimensions: 37.2″ x 5.9″ x 17.7”

The power needed: Battery Powered

Battery life: 30 minutes

Cutting width range: 11.8″

Warranty: Y

Energy Star Certified: N


  • The product is quiet.
  • And it comes with two batteries.
  • The front handle is convenient.


The charging period for the batteries is lengthy.


Because of the increased battery power, the Worx 20-Volt WG163 weed eater is an effective instrument with a longer runtime and greater reach than its predecessor. It weighs 5.3 pounds, making it easily portable and maneuverable; also, it has a front handle, enhancing how simple it is to use in awkward or confined situations.

It may be converted into a wheeled lawn edger in a simple, quick way, and it does not require any additional tools. To adapt to a variety of terrains, the movable head of Worx 20-Volt WG163 may rotate through 90 degrees. Moreover, the front handle can be adjusted, which not only makes the tool easier to manage but also makes it more comfortable to carry.

Worx has furthermore incorporated a line-feeding mechanism that is protected by a patent. Pressing a button on the handle activates it, so there is no need to worry about the string. Because it also promises to provide free replacement spools for the rest of your life, you won’t have to worry about the additional cost of purchasing new spools. It is evident that Worx intends for this weed eater to last a very long time, as seen by the guarantee covering it for two years.

It doesn’t have the strength of gas-powered weed eaters, yet it does come with much less of the bother that comes with using such machines. This is typical of cordless electric start home depot electric string trimmers in general. The Worx 20-Volt WG163 is unquestionably strong enough for the typical homeowner, so there is no need to worry about draining or replacing the gas before putting it away for the winter.

Electric weed eaters have the advantage of being much quieter than their gas-powered counterparts, and the Worx 20-Volt WG163 is no exception to this rule. Also, it vibrates less, making cutting the grass in your yard a simpler task, particularly if you have a greater area to cover.

Minimalist and User-Friendly

The WORX WG163 is an updated, somewhat modified version of the widely used WG175, with a lower price and some added but missing features. This evaluation will focus on the similarities and differences between these two consumer guide electric string trimmers. The traditional benefits of cordless weed eaters remain unchanged, including greater portability, eliminating cable management (such as winding it up after use), and outlet switching. There is also none of the usual noise, vibration, or upkeep required by gas top rated electric string trimmers. It’s even more portable than its predecessor (weighing only 5.3 pounds), and its construction is quick, simple, and silent.

Not a Fuel Economizer

It’s important to remember that this is not a gas-powered trimmer. Its intended uses are regular trimming, edging, and cleaning on smaller properties, and it performs admirably in these situations. So please don’t count on it to rip through thickets or big clear areas.

The WG163 is a step forward in the line feeding thanks to a handy button on the handle that lets out the extra string. Some users said they appreciate the method, while others said it wastes too many lines. In addition, it still requires using the smaller WORX spools, which hold just 10 feet of line (instead of the more standard 30 feet). Several users also complained regularly about the line breaks.

Extended Recharge Times Despite Reliable Battery Life.

Electric String Trimmers

Two batteries, each good for around 20 minutes of use, are included with the GT 3.0. That’s perfect if you have a typical suburban lawn, but this mower isn’t for you if you have a bigger plot of land. WORX claims that you can trim with one battery while the other is charging, but it takes nearly three hours to recharge a dead battery fully. At least the remaining battery life can be monitored via an LED indication. It’s compatible with the other tools in the WORX 20V family so that you may use the same batteries.

Sharpening and Fine-Tuning

The more mature WG175 is still in the lead when talking about modifications. While we also include two wheels, unlike on the tiny mower, they are permanently fixed. Nonetheless, most features remain: the telescopic shaft may be adjusted to fit users of different heights, and the front handle’s angle can be changed to suit the user’s preference. In addition, you may adjust the angle of the trimming head to get to previously inaccessible spots. Finally, it can be easily modified into an edger. The twin wheels make it easier to steer and reduce fatigue in the user’s arms; this is a feature that many reviewers have praised.

Who Will Be the Best Choice For The Worx 20v Max Cordless Gt3 Grass Trimmer?

Anybody seeking a purchase that is not only inexpensive but also offers more adaptability than the typical strimmer. If you have a lengthy yard like mine with power access concerns, having a lot of borders and edges to clean will speed up the work of keeping your garden looking its best. This is especially true if you have a lot of edges and borders to tidy up in your garden.

First Impressions

After discovering that the battery was only partially charged, I used the charger given for a few hours to charge the battery fully. The strimmer itself will come largely assembled; all that will be required of you is to attach the guard and wheels to the base of the device. Even though it was simple for me to connect both components, it took me some time to figure out which way everything was supposed to be oriented to proceed. It isn’t very apparent from the image-only directions (which don’t have any annotations).

How Simple Is It to Apply

Once We got beyond the first learning curve, the lawn trimmer was a breeze to operate. To activate the strimmer, you must first push the lock and then the trigger on the handle. After the trigger is depressed, all you must do to eliminate those pesky weeds is run the strimmer over the area. The handle can be adjusted to fit your grasp, and the overall design is clean, so it’s easy to use. It performed an excellent job of getting rid of dense weed growth and tidying up the areas of grass that my mower can’t reach, like along the fences. You can flip the head from trimming to edging with ease. Changing the head’s orientation was a challenge for me at first. As the handle is tipped, the user is instructed to apply pressure with their foot.

Worx Wg163: Pricing & Value

With a price tag of little more than $150, the Worx Cordless Grass Trimmer  is one of the more expensive options on the market; nevertheless, the additional funds are justified by the Worx WG163’s ability to deliver both power and adaptability for an exceptional shopping experience.

However, it only offers a few additional functions compared to the Greenworks 21142 18-Inch  Corded String Trimmer, which can be purchased for almost half the price. If the fact that it requires a chord is not a deal breaker for you, then purchasing the Greenworks weed eater rather than the Worx WG163 will help you save some money. Worx WG163 has the significant benefit of being battery-powered.

How Does It Compare to Other Cordless Trimmers In Terms Of Performance?

The price falls somewhere in the center, with DeWalt and STIHL strimmers costing more than twice as much as this one and cheap choices costing approximately half as much. There are many pricey versions with somewhat longer battery life, and some of them, like the STIHL FSA 85, promise to be quieter. This means that you won’t need to wear ear protection, and there will be less of a possibility that you will irritate your neighbors. On the other hand, Worx 20V MAX Cordless GT3 has a wider range of motion than many of the more costly models we researched.

You may purchase it for a lower price if you select the one-battery option. Still, unless you already have other Worx items and batteries, we recommend obtaining the double battery pack instead of the one battery option. You can strim a whole garden without having to stop for any pauses if you do it this way.

Worx Wg163: User Reviews

The Worx WG163 has positive customer reviews and an average rating of 4.3 stars out of five at Walmart. Most customers gave this product five stars, praising its long battery life and the simplicity with which it helped them cut their grass. Customers found that the lighter weight of this weed eater made it easier to use for longer periods.

The minority of reviewers unhappy with the product pointed out that it did not have an automatic string feeder. As a result, they felt that they needed to pause often to add more strings. They also disliked the lengthy amount of time it took to charge the batteries, sometimes up to five hours.

Users said the Worx 20-Volt WG163 was strong enough to do a wonderful job on their lawns while still being lightweight and easy to operate, which were huge plus factors. Overall, consumers were quite pleased with the product.

Shall You Buy the Worx Wg163?

A Worx Cordless Grass Trimmer/Edger is an excellent choice for a cordless weed eater on a budget since it combines several useful functions with an affordable price tag. This weed eater from Worx comes with a two-year guarantee and free replacement spools for the rest of your life. Both features indicate that the manufacturer has strongly emphasized the product’s ability to last for a long time.


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