Floor Standing Speakers Klipsch Reference Review

American speaker manufacturer Klipsch Audio Technologies was established in Arkansas and now operates out of Indiana. Putting out items over the last seventy-five years. They continue to create items in the United States rather than exporting production to foreign nations now that Voxx owns them.

Audiophiles consider Klipsch, the most competent manufacturer of speakers with horn loading. This means that tweeters are housed inside horns so that the resulting speakers have a high sensitivity and minimal distortion.

The iconic diamond-profiled Klipschorn cabinet speaker is the speaker that has been manufactured for the longest period in the history of speakers. It has been continuously manufactured since 1946, while other versions like the AK5 and the Heritage Forte have achieved legendary status. How much do you know about Klipsch floor standing speakers?

It is commonly known that Klipsch powered speakers are excellent at capturing music. Generally, their speakers feature high sensitivity, minimal distortion, and broad dynamic range. Klipsch R-28PF floor-standing speakers are going to be put to the test to determine whether they live up to their stellar reputation.

In this comprehensive evaluation of Klipsch R-28PF floor-standing speakers, we’ll find out how well these Klipsch powered speakers hold up when subjected to the challenge of playing back both music and movies. We’ll test how easy it is to connect them, how long they last, and most importantly, how they sound when played via a stereo. Now then, should we get this show on the road? Below you will find Klipsch R-28PF review.

Klipsch R-28PF: An Overview

These speakers are part of Klipsch’s Reference line, indicated by the letter R in their name. The prices for these speakers, which are part of Klipsch’s entry-level range, are among the company’s most affordable offerings. It’s possible that you won’t consider the price reasonable, considering that a pair costs about $600.

On the other hand, in contrast to other well-known companies such as Bose and JBL, Klipsch provides these high-quality speakers at a far more affordable price. As a direct consequence of this, they are among the high-performance speakers with the lowest possible price tags.


Each speaker weighs 56.67 pounds and has a width of 9.5 inches, a depth of 15.7 inches, and a height of 42 inches. The cabinets are constructed using thick veneer-covered MDF that has been reinforced to a reasonable degree. They have anti-slip rubber pads molded onto the bottom of their plastic feet.

These are bidirectional speakers. Even though they have three drivers, the twin woofers cover both the midrange and the bottom end of the frequency spectrum. The tweeter is a compression driver with an aluminum diaphragm that measures 1 inch and is mounted in an 8-inch square proprietary “Tractrix” horn. The sides of the horn are softly bent to avoid “honking.”

The twin 8-inch drivers have an attractive orangey-copper hue and are copper-spun magnetically protected woofers. Both of these components include magnetic shielding. The frequency of 1.7kHz is being used as the crossover point here.

Set Up Options

These speakers’ magnetic grilles are optional and may be used with or without them according to your preference. When the speakers are turned on, they are completely black and have a streamlined, contemporary appearance. However, I thought they looked better without the grilles since it gave them a more traditional appearance.

In most cases, the speaker set will come with a speaker cable that is 16.4 feet long (5 meters) and has a 4-wire connector for wiring up the pair. In addition, there is a digital optical cable that is 10 feet long, an Aux cable that is 6 feet long, and a power cord that is 6 feet long.

Speaker Grill

Top Features

Voltage Adapter

These speakers contain a built-in voltage adaptor, an outstanding benefit that makes them stand out. You can alter their voltage from 100-120 volts to 220-240 volts with only the flip of a button.

Put another way; they are speakers available for employment anywhere globally. Irrespective of the voltage at which the electricity in the area is provided. The highest volume that these speakers can produce is 114 decibels. In almost all cases, this will be considerably more than you need in any tiny to medium space.

Integrated Amp

Something else that is built-in and very freeing is even more shocking than the voltage adaptor included with the device. These speakers have an integrated amplifier with 260 Watts power capacity already built in. Indeed, you have it correct. You will not need a separate receiver or amplifier equipment to use them. This is modeled after soundbars and portable Bluetooth speakers, often equipped with built-in digital amplifiers.


Possibly the most variety of available methods of connecting that I’ve ever seen. A regular analog RCA left, and right channel input, a 3.5 mm mini-jack, and a USB connection are all included in addition to the 3.5 mm mini-jack and USB options. They also come with a connector and a cable for digital optical input to get the best possible sound quality. That is to say; they are among the most adaptable speakers now available on the market.

But in addition to all of those possibilities, as if they were insufficient, there is Bluetooth. These enormous Bluetooth speakers can be connected quickly and effortlessly to any electronic gadget you own. You will need the remote to choose the input and make volume adjustments directly on the speakers. This is why you will need the remote.

Those interested in karaoke will be disappointed to learn that it does not seem they can collect signals straight from Bluetooth microphones without passing them via a receiver. However, I believe Klipsch powered speakers will address this concern in the next product iterations.

How Would You Describe the Sound Quality of the Klipsch R-28PF Speakers?

My efforts would be for nothing if it weren’t for this particular review aspect. It is only natural for me to describe the sound of the R-28PFs to you; otherwise, I wouldn’t be worth your time. I put the speakers through their paces to accomplish this goal. They were tested in a room that was just 150 square feet in size and a room that was 450 square feet in size to see how well they performed in bigger and smaller areas.

I experimented with them using various musical styles, from bass-heavy drum and bass to soaring s80 rock to classical performances. In addition to that, I saw other big-budget action movies that varied greatly in their dynamics.

This setup produces an excellent sound while playing live music. Even when I used it very close to the power available, I felt no distortion or noise. When played in a confined space, the maximum volume may be rather painful to the ears. The frequency response struck me fairly flat, with nothing fake or boosted.

The bass is delivered in a very forceful manner. There is no need to add a subwoofer to your available space. Despite this, true bass heads may want to consider getting one for a room of this size. This configuration has the potential to become a highly capable 2.1 stereo system that will provide excellent performance whether watching movies or television. The bass has a lot of body and can be heard clearly.

How About The High-End?

These speakers feature a high-end that is exceptionally clear, maybe even too clean for some people’s tastes. The audio has that unmistakable Klipsch horn quality to it. Even though it never turns harsh, the higher levels may sometimes have a piercing quality. When played at higher levels, the sound may seem boring to some listeners, while others may simply describe it as “crisp.” In the end, it all boils down to a personal choice.

When it comes to movies, with their broad range of dramatic extremes, these speakers do an excellent job of bringing everything into balance. The Klipsch R-28PFs provide a wonderful augmentation to voices, which helps to keep everything level. Rather than having to strain to hear the speech, just to have it blown away by the action scenes, this is avoided thanks to the R-28PFs. Put another way; they are some of the most talented speakers available for movies.

High End Speaker

How About the Setup?

Where should these speakers be placed to provide the finest possible sound? The answer will change depending on the dimensions and configuration of the room in question. There is something extremely essential to keep in mind about this situation.

Because of its emphasis on horns, almost all Klipsch powered speakers do not spread sound and instead aim it in a specific direction. The R-28PFs do not make an exception to this rule. They will direct the sound into a specific spot rather than dispersing it across the room, making it impossible to determine where it originates.

My research has shown that they should be placed around two to three feet from the front wall of long rooms and uniformly spaced four to five feet away from the side walls if the space permits this. You should increase the distance between the speakers in more expansive spaces to position them closer to the room’s side walls. After that, a very little step-in will provide extremely excellent imaging results.


You are receiving excellent overall sound quality and greater sensitivity. A wide variety of connectivity is available, ranging from yesteryear’s analog connections to today’s most cutting-edge technology, such as Bluetooth and digital optical cable. The sound of the firm bass is robust and unmistakable. You should only consider purchasing a subwoofer with an easy-to-use sub-out 1/4-inch connection if the space in question is of a moderate to large size. These speakers are offered at a price that is quite reasonable. The cost of products of comparable quality made by other companies would be an additional $200–$400. You won’t need to spend money on a receiver since there is a 260-Watt amplifier built right in. They can be linked directly to the players and gadgets you use.


Some people’s ears find that the high-end may be too sharp, which can be tiring. Some people may find them intolerable to listen to if they are played at a high volume. The cabinet’s finish is not made of a high-quality substance like genuine wood. Because it is merely laminated MDF, it cannot withstand knocks and scratches very well. When connecting via AUX, there have been reports of connections from a few of the reviewers. This can be a problem if this is your primary connection option.


Speakers are an essential component of any good sound system. Furthermore, I believe the Klipsch R-28PF floor-standing speakers are included in this category. They are an incredible value when one considers the high-quality sound they can produce, their power, and their affordability.

Even while some listeners may find the high-end to be a little harsh when the volume is cranked up, I believe they can generally manage it fairly well. They are a budget-friendly option that may be an excellent choice for a sound system designed for a small to medium-sized space and do not break the bank.

We hope you enjoyed our Klipsch R-28PF review. The fact that these speakers can effectively function as a stereo system is one of the greatest features of this set. These are portable Bluetooth speakers, but they also have an amplifier built right in. To connect easily to phones, TVs, and other conventional audio-playing devices.


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