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In the late 1980s, the German tire brand Continental acquired the company known as General Tire, which had been established in 1915 in Akron, Ohio, along with four other significant tire manufacturers at the time. I examined the costs, available choices, and tread-mile guarantees on most popular tire sizes for SUVs, sedans, and trucks to assess the quality of the various tire companies on the market.

Following this analysis, it became clear that General Tire is a brand that falls into the “generally average” category, consistent with the company’s unremarkable name. On the other hand, compared to most of the rivals’ 30-day road test durations, the 45-day road test period stands out. The business’s parent company, Continental, allows customers to try new tires for sixty days. So, what are the General Tire prices?

The cost of one of General Tire’s tires measuring up to a sedan comes in at an average of $95. This is around $6 less expensive than the standard market price for tires of the same size. The price of an SUV tire size is around $151 on average. Only Cooper and Hankook provide SUV tires at more competitive prices.

The average price that General Tire charged for a tire for a typical vehicle size was $173. This is the best possible pricing that can be found for an ordinary truck tire. However, despite the limited availability of truck tire alternatives in standard sizes, certain firms that provide a greater selection of products also provide more reasonably priced options. Below you will find General Tire reviews.

The tread-life warranty offered by General Tire includes 19 different tire varieties. This is about par for the course and does not consider winter tires. Seventy-five thousand miles is the maximum distance covered by the best tread-life guarantee provided for the AltiMAX. The typical mileage coverage provided by a warranty is around 57,000 miles. In contrast, the best tread-life mileage offered by most tire companies is around 83,500 miles, while the general average is 56,000 miles. Are general tires all season?

The available performance choices from General Tire are not very impressive. There was one choice below average for each size of the rim. On average, there were merely two different possibilities for the 15-inch rim, four options for the 16-inch rim, and three for the 17-inch rim. To put that in perspective, most brands offered at least four, seven, and five alternatives, respectively. To put it another way, General Tire normally carries an all-season tire in addition to a winter tire to suit the wheels of your vehicle, but they do not carry too many other possibilities.

The alternatives for truck tires are likewise below average, with an average of three different tires. Seven performance variants were available for a standard truck size of 245/70R17. General Tire offered the most available selections compared to other tire retailers I studied. When compared, the better companies offered twice as many alternatives suitable for the same size tire. Only one size, 215/85R16, had no available alternatives.

Why Should You Go for General Tires?

Each type of General Tire, in my experience, has its distinct qualities. However, there are still certain benefits that are shared throughout all of the items.

Quality design

General Tires has a long history of continuously developing and refining its tire designs. Because of this, each year brings improvements in safety, performance, and overall feel when driving. But the firm will always be defined by its fixed qualities, no matter how much it changes. The aspect that most pique my curiosity is how well the overall design accommodates the individuality of each component. These two aspects work together in perfect harmony to provide the best possible results in terms of product performance.

Modern technology

General Tires was one of the companies that was an early leader in the use of contemporary technologies. There are several novel features that I have not seen on any other high-end items before. Even though I cannot benefit from innovation, I respect the efforts that this company has put forward.

The StabiliTread is one of the many features available on General tires, and it is the one that impresses me the most. The tread and the vehicle’s grip on the ground are both significantly improved by this large contact area. Therefore, there were no further impediments to my lightning-fast journey. Get General tires near me from any shop.

Impressive durability

The majority of General’s goods have excellent longevity. These models have a solid structure that is resistant to wear and tear, contributing to their very high level of impact resistance. In addition to making a major contribution, the robust side walls are also responsible for improving durability. The tire will unquestionably have a lengthy lifespan, provided that it is used appropriately. Since then, the degree of consistency in the quality has been kept at an acceptable level.

General Tires

The Best General Tires

Many variations of General tire models are being sold in the current market. However, the names listed below stand out to me the most. Each comes with various characteristics to suit different settings.

General AltiMAX RT43

Regarding responsiveness, the General AltiMAX RT43 has the best tires I’ve ever worn. My testing was promptly completed successfully with this product. When I had to make a fast bend, I was so focused on the road that I didn’t see the oddity. Both stability and safety have seen major improvements as well.

It performs better in the snow than many all-season tires do, which is saying a lot. Along a route with a light snow coating, this tire has a good traction and loses less control less often. The General AltiMAX RT43 has a durability that is just slightly above average. In addition, the length of the tire warranty is less than I had anticipated. Therefore, you want to get some alternatives ready in case of any harm.

General G-MAX AS-05

Even at high speeds, the steering responsiveness of the tires remains great. I have experimented with moving at a low, a medium, and a high gait to make the most informed assessments possible. The actual outcome did not deviate much from our projections, to our great relief. The General G-MAX AS-05 performs well in a wide variety of climatic conditions. On the highway or in the pouring rain, I had no trouble maneuvering safely and without difficulties.

This all-season model does not have very consistent performance in the snow. When the tires began to lose capacity due to the cold weather, I was forced to seek assistance and had no choice but to do so. I do not advise utilizing AS-05 in snowy conditions to prevent complications like those described above.

General Grabber HTS

My research indicates that this particular tire type can move in exceptionally steady situations when snow is present. In places with little snow, excellent control and friction are always possible. It also performs admirably well in the most fundamental of landscapes. Thanks to a few experiments, I’ve learned all there is to know about slipping, gripping, and traction. According to the findings, the General Grabber HTS maneuvers just as effectively on dry roads as on wet ones. Unfortunately, the General brand does not provide warranty protection for this tire type.

General Grabber UHP

This device travels very smoothly while maintaining a very low level of noise. As a result of jet lag, I am very sensitive to loud noises and sudden movements. However, because of its one-of-a-kind designs, I have been able to experience more wonderful travels than I had anticipated.

Its performance when moving is consistent at all times. Although it is not very high, it satisfies many of your fundamental requirements. During the test, I discovered another thing: the tires perform well on difficult roads.

The General has not addressed problems with how their tires function in the snow. Even a device from the most recent generation, such as the General Grabber UHP, cannot work reliably under these conditions.

General Grabber HTS60

The General Grabber HTS60 does not impress me in any environment I’ve tried. Nevertheless, the tire travels steadily in dry, wet, and snowy environments. Because of the way it was built, you may go on with confidence despite any changes in the weather that may occur outside.

The other General models I’ve tried don’t compare to their coziness level. After several hours of operation, few choices can leave me with such a sensation of effortlessness. The typical expenditure for a single occurrence is not that high. However, certain sizes demand you to spend more than double the standard price.

General Grabber AT2

I drove it across a lot of terrains prone to instability. If it is other goods, then it is inevitable that there will be wear and tear. It may come as a surprise, but the surface of the General Grabber AT2 does not have excessive scratches. Even the grip spikes did not wear out to the extent that I had anticipated.

When I use my perceptions, I notice that the tire’s travel performance is consistently high. This component does not change at all, even while traveling through icy terrain, in contrast to most of the other models in the class. While driving on a dry road and accelerating, I believed the tires weren’t making too much noise. It produced a great deal of obnoxious noises while it was in this environment.

General Grabber AT2

General Grabber A/TX

During my time with the General Grabber A/TX, I discovered that it had several benefits, the most notable of which are its high level of stability, high level of durability, and effective off-road performance. On level terrain, it functions rather effectively and with very little trouble. The data I also measured demonstrates very little chance of losing control.

After doing exhaustive examinations, I also double-checked the surface of it. Even though it has a few scratches, I was pleasantly surprised by how little wear and tear it showed. However, Grabber A/TX demonstrated substantially lower performance levels while navigating across terrain with excessive complexity. Additionally, comfort and ease stand out to me rather prominently in its design. On gravel roads, vibrations transferred into the cabin may be reduced to tolerable by an effective impact-resistant surface. Therefore, it can maintain its smooth condition across its multi-mile range with minimal effort.

General Grabber APT

The General Grabber APT’s performance in the rain gave me a favorable impression. Consequently, its stopping distance is far less than that of its rivals. Traveling for extended periods gives me a better sense of safety because of its high-damp grip.

I’ve seen that the device easily breezes through somewhat damp environments. However, it is completely helpless on terrain composed of complicated liquid muck. While its dry performance isn’t quite as impressive as its wet performance, it’s still sufficient to suit your requirements. On dry roads, I never had any issues with the tire during all of my extensive tests.


In the General tires review that was just presented, I reviewed some of the most noteworthy benefits of purchasing from this time-honored tire manufacturer. Even if there are certain restrictions, this year is still a good time to test out General tires since there are so many high-quality integrations available. The decision will ultimately rest with you. I hope you were successful in finding the right tire for you. We hope you enjoyed our General Tire reviews.


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