GE GTW335ASNWW Top Load Washer Review

The GE GTW335ASNWW provides outstanding performance at an affordable price. It is by no means a stripped-down machine, but neither is it overloaded with unnecessary frills. Laundry day will be a snap to get through with all of the built-in alternatives that are available.


  • 2 cubic feet is the capacity of the washing machine.
  • Maximum Rotational Speed of 700 rpm
  • Certified with the ENERGY STAR: No
  • 27 inches in width and 27 inches in depth


  • Great value
  • Simple to operate
  • Strong capability


  • Noisy

If you’re in the market for new home appliances, you could find yourself in a situation where you can afford to splurge on a higher-end model. You might do this in the hopes of offsetting the higher initial cost with increased productivity or longer service life. In addition, there are instances when you want anything that is respectable as well as inexpensive.

The GE GTW335ASNWW, which can be purchased from Abt for the price of $629.00, is unquestionably a member of the latter group. It is a top-loading machine that is very affordable and has an old-fashioned pole agitator, and it works well for its price point. Although it does not have a lot of additional functions, it does a good job at cleaning clothing.

The GE GTW335ASNWW may not be the least expensive option available, but for the value it provides in terms of both performance and cost, it is hard to beat. This type provides a lot more possibilities than the majority of low-cost top-load washers due to its features, which include an automated presoak that lasts for two hours, a deep fill, and a rinse that allows for more customized water levels.


Although discounts are not hard to come by, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $629 for the GE GTW335ASNWW places it in the middle of the pack for top loading washing machines. The more costly versions often come with a greater number of functions; nevertheless, these features are typically luxuries rather than necessities. In this review of GE® 4.2 cu. ft. white top load washer-GTW335ASNWW Simple operation characterizes this washing machine. It only comes in one finish—white—and aside from having some rounded edges, it doesn’t offer much in the way of artistic flare.

GE GTW335ASNWW Functions

On the control panel, there are three dials: one for selecting the cycle, one for adjusting the temperature, and one for determining the amount of water in the tank. Additionally, there are a few controls for selecting the kind of cycle.

This top-loading model has a stainless-steel basket on the inside and a pole agitator. Although using this heavy-duty agitator may evoke feelings of yesteryear, there is no guarantee that the laundry will come out cleaner as a result.

Increasing the amount of water in the tub, which is something you can do with this machine, is an antiquated method. It’s tempting to believe that having complete control over the amount of water used in a load would result in, well, the cleanest possible washing, but in most cases, the additional water only dilutes the detergent and makes it ineffective. Because of the Precise fill feature, the machine will, for the most part, eliminate the need for the user to make educated guesses and will instead adjust the water level automatically.

However, there are several circumstances in which selecting a particular amount of water makes sense. One of them is when you need to provide sufficient cleaning for your hardest stains, such as clothing that is completely caked with dirt.

Structure and characteristics

The GE 4.2 top load washer was designed with a variety of features specifically aimed at ensuring that it had exceptional cleaning power. Compared to the most popular cycles, the deep clean cycle cleans with about 70% more power, and its PreciseFill function automatically chooses the optimal water level for optimal performance. During the cleaning cycles, your laundry will not just be allowed to sit in the water because it is moved around the drum by a heavy-duty agitator that is included in this machine. It also comes in a GE GTW335ASNWW 27-inch 4.2 cu. ft. top load washer variant.

After the first washing cycle is over, the Deep Rinse option ensures that all detergent, bleach, and other detergent ingredients have been thoroughly rinsed away.

GE Top Load Washer Cleaning Cycles

The GE GTW335ASNWW‘s cycle status LEDs make it easy to see how much longer each cycle has left. This reliable washer is from GE, a brand that is well-known for producing high-quality appliances, and it lives up to that reputation. Stainless steel ensures that the basket will survive for a very long time. The steel does not rust and does not crack, peel, or catch clothing as some other materials could.

Results after washing an 8-pound batch of mixed cotton goods on the machines’ most vigorous regular cycles, as measured by the amount of dye removed from fabric samples. (We do not utilize any specialized buttons for cycling through options or cycles.)

Conservation of energy Gives you an idea of how much power you’ll need to get your laundry done, what with heating the water, operating the washer, and squeezing out any remaining moisture after the spin cycle.

Effective use of water This total indicates how much water we used to clean our 8-pound load. When testing models that did not have an automated mechanism to adjust the fill level, we utilized the smallest fill setting that was enough for the 8-pound weight. After that, we determined the amount of water needed to clean one pound of garments.

The best things about GE GTW335ASNWW

When compared to other washers in this price range, it provides acceptable cleaning capabilities. Recently, we’ve tested a large number of high-end washing machines that only achieved an average level of cleanliness. We are of the opinion that if you are going to spend more money on a piece of home equipment, it had better provide more advantages or, at the very least, a powerful washing performance.

High-end Washing Machine

The lackluster cleaning performance of a number of high-end washers was a deal breaker for us throughout our evaluations of these machines. If, on the other hand, the same level of cleaning capability came from a washer that cost about what you would expect to pay, we would be less critical. It comes in a best price possible so it’s a good thing as well.

According to the results of our tests, the GE 4.2 top load washer cleans clothes at a level that is either comparable to or slightly below that of other models in its class. Although the Deepest Clean with Delicates cycles were able to give garments that were only slightly less clean than we’d anticipated, the Colors and Speed Wash cycles were able to perform an average job of scrubbing away stains. However, the Colors and Speed Wash cycles were able to remove around 10% more stains than the average.

Considering the low price, this difference in stain-fighting ability is about par for the course. To put it another way, the GE 4.2 top load washer is capable of doing its duties, but you shouldn’t anticipate miracles from it. You can also browse some online sellers for the best price.

The Delicates cycle requires a high level of care and attention.

A photograph shows the internal drum of the washing machine, which is shown here to be stuffed with brightly colored clothing and includes an agitator rod protruding from its center. Softener for the clothes is poured into the pole agitator by hand. GE GTW335ASNWW problems can be dealt with easily though.

However, pole agitators have a reputation for being harsh on clothes, and then the General Electric GTW335ASNWW is not an exemption to this rule. Although pole agitators represent a throwback to the machines of the late 1950s and early 1960s, they have a tendency to damage your clothing.

Top-loading washing machines equipped with pole agitators have a reputation for being particularly harsh on one’s garments. The mechanical force that they offer may, indeed, help scrub out difficult stains; nevertheless, it puts unnecessary stress on the fibers in your clothes, which then accelerates the process of wear and tear.

When we initially put the GE GTW335ASNWW’s Colors cycle through its paces, it seemed without a doubt that it belonged in this category. During the testing process, we assess the “gentleness” of the wash by including an electrically powered strip in the wash. This strip allows us to keep track of the number of threads that are dislodged off a piece of cloth while it is being washed: The Colors cycle was responsible for almost fifty percent more threads coming free than usual.

We anticipated a little but not a significant drop in that amount throughout our testing of the Delicates cycle. Instead, we saw around one-half as many threads being ripped free as is typical. This is a positive development! It would seem that the GTW335ASNWW is capable of functioning as a washer that is very mild when it so chooses.

Set this washer on the Delicates cycle if you have any garments that must be treated with extra care. Your clothes will come out clean and undamaged even if you use a cycle different than the normal one.

Top Load Washer Delicates Cycle

What we don’t like

In this GE top load washer model GTW335ASNWW, we have discovered that unless you utilize the delicate cycle, it may be quite damaging to your clothing. With the exception of the delicates cycle, the GE GTW335ASNWW has a reputation for being fairly rough on your clothing, as was described above. According to the findings of our research, this particular washing machine has the greatest contrast possible between the gentlest and the harshest of its available cycle options. There are also some more GE GTW335ASNWW problems that we will discuss further.

The other cycles on the GE 4.2 top load washer were some of the most aggressive we’ve ever seen in a washing machine. As was said before, the Colors cycle was around fifty percent more harsh on textiles than the typical washing cycle. Even for a top loader with a pole agitator, this one is extremely tough on clothing; in fact, it’s the wash that we’ve found to be the least gentle so far in our research.

Scrubbing with a lot of pressure is sometimes required in order to remove stubborn stains. In this particular instance, however, the performance of the cleaning was only ordinary overall.

This might indicate that the machine does not clean well even without mechanical movement or that the additional mechanical action does not accomplish much to get the garments clean. If you want your clothing to have a long and healthy life, you should either always use the Delicate cycle while washing them or consider switching to a different top-loading washing machine.

Why You Shouldn’t Go for It

A decent spin cycle that is sufficiently powerful is one of the most significant energy-saving features that a washer can provide. It is considerably more effective to spin the water out of the garments rather than to wait and let it evaporate in the drier later.

The GTW335ASNWW is a little bit of a letdown in this area since its cycles often leave behind a significant amount more water than the industry standard. When compared to the results of the previous bulkier cycles, the Deep Clean cycle had 7–11% more water retention. When compared to other rapid cycles, the Speed Wash left behind 16–20% more water than the other quick cycles did. The Delicates cycle resulted in an additional 12–27% more water being discharged into the environment.

These percentages indicate that you are left with much higher water weight, even if we wouldn’t say the clothes came out completely drenched in water. This will not only make the laundry that you end up with heavier and more likely to leak all over the place, but it will also result in higher energy costs since your dryer will have to operate for longer periods of time in order to evaporate the additional moisture. Also, there are many reviews for GE® 4.2 cu. ft. white top load washer-GTW335ASNWW available on internet that you can look for.


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