Monument Grills 77352 Grill Review

The Monument 77352 is a fantastic value despite its extensive list of features and a large amount of usable cooking surface.


  • The depth after assembly is 23.6 inches.
  • Total height after assembly is 45.9 inches
  • The finished width is a total of 61.8 inches
  • The weight of the item is 118 pounds.
  • 3 square inches is the total primary cooking area.
  • 266 square inches is the size of the secondary cooking area.
  • Steel made of stainless steel is used for the burner.
  • The warranty on the burner is for eight years.
  • Six are the primary burners that are available.
  • One burner is designated as a side burner.
  • 72,000 BTU is the primary burner’s capacity.


  • A large area designated for barbecuing
  • A thermometer that is built in as well as a rotisserie are provided.
  • The side burner gives further versatility
  • Extended coverage under warranty


  • The gas bottle becomes warm.
  • Requires much consideration and focus.
  • A place that is just moderately large for a rotisserie

The Monument Outdoor Grills 77352 won’t put a dent in your wallet, but will it produce a burger that’s worth eating? Looking at the technical specifications, you should be convinced that this is one of the greatest 6-burner gas grill available.

You probably already know that this is a pretty busy sector if you are interested in grilling or if you are shopping for your first barbeque. You’ll be spinning in your chair from trying to keep up with all the names. You have your choice of purchasing anything from an inexpensive grill with no brand name to an expensive barbeque that costs hundreds of dollars. So, which kind of grill would you recommend?

In spite of what its name suggests, this Monument Grills 77352 can really run up to seven burners off of its propane supply. There are six primary outputs on the heating base of the grill, plus an extra side burner. Subsequently, it includes equipped with a barbeque add-on, which we will discuss in deeper detail later on in our review. This will provide you with additional alternatives whenever you require them in turn, and since it is so enormous, it is quite doubtful that you will have any problems with room in the near future.

In this Monument Grills 77352 6 Burner Propane Gas Grill Review we will further dive into other aspects of this grill.


If you were to look up “large outdoor 6-burner gas grill ” in an authoritative encyclopedia, you would see a picture of the Monument Grills 77352-S next to the entry. The heavyweight and sturdy grill, the open lid, the side tables, and the boxy cabinet beneath are all telltale signs that this barbeque is of the cart kind. This one-of-a-kind design has a variety of eye-catching flourishes and is built completely out of stainless steel from head to toe. The original surface of the material has been polished to a high shine in order to bring out its reflective qualities.

Large Outdoor 6-burner Gas Grill

The front panel of the grill is where all of the controls for the burners and the centralized push-button ignition are located. The thermostat is built directly into the grill, and the larger digits make it easy to see and adjust the temperature. Your liquid propane (LP) tank may be found in the area below, which has two sets of doors on each side of the room. In addition, there is adequate room for you to store other items, such as an extra tank if you so want.

A noteworthy additional element is a slide-out tray that is used for the liquid propane (LP) tank. You are aware of how frustrating it might be to have to bend down in order to attach a full LP tank. It is also a 6-burner natural gas grill so there’s nothing to worry about. Tanks may be quickly placed or removed from this apparatus by sliding out the tray, positioning the tank so that it sits on the tray, and then attaching the hose.

Very well done, and the logic behind it is made very apparent.

The controls, as well as the usability

Some models are equipped with blue LED rings that surround the knobs and may be utilized for nighttime grilling (or just as a novelty element). The cabinet hides a 20-liter gas bottle on a sliding tray that is only accessible via the bottom doors. You have plenty of room to store tools on hooks that are positioned under the left-side table. When preheating the device or checking the temperature while it is in operation, the massive thermometer that is incorporated into the lid of the rotisserie comes in handy. The 6-burner gas grill has to be the standout feature of it.

In this circumstance, we have the ability to choose holes by using a Monument Grill. Where do we stand? The engine that is attached to the rotisserie is one of the components that stands out the most. Or the fact that there is a bottle of propane taking up precious space in the base cabinet, which might alternatively be used for storing other things or maintaining an acceptable temperature for preserving food.

Gas Grill Usability

In point of fact, some user reviews suggest that its placement has a tendency to greatly warm the bottle, which indicates that you may need to wait for a while before you can safely turn off the gas. This is because its location has the propensity to warm the bottle significantly. However, doing so would be a waste of effort since, in general, the presentation is not something that can be improved upon. In addition, the assembly of this barbeque has been designed to be straightforward, and if you make a good job of it, it will be as durable as a tank when it is finished.


This grill is considered to be their most premium model. The primary burners on this are made of stainless steel, and it has a total output of 96,000 BTUs. There is a complete cooking space that encompasses 900 square inches in total.

The major cooking area is 634 square inches, while the warming racks take up 266 square inches.

The appliance’s glass face is one of this grill’s many interesting features. This enables you to examine the contents of the pot without having to open the cover and therefore releasing some of the steam. While this may not seem like a big deal when it’s 90 degrees outside, it makes a major difference when it’s chilly, and I’m in the kitchen.

This Monument Grills 77352 has a generous amount of area for cooking thanks to its primary cooking surface, which is 634 square inches, the elevated warming shelf cooking surface, which is 266 square inches, and the additional burner that is located on the right side of the grill.

The central grill area provides an enormous output of 72,000 BTU, which can be adjusted over six separate individually electrically lit burners. The ignition for all six burners is controlled by a single push-button. An additional 12,000 BTU output is provided by the side burner, which is concealed behind a practical cover that allows you to utilize the right edge of the unit as a side table when you are not cooking a pan.

High-quality stainless steel is used for both the grill grates and the flame tamers that control the gas flow, so the grill is protected from rust and other forms of corrosion. A tapered collecting pan catches any greasy drips and carries them to a sizable grease tray; the pan and drip tray pulls out of the grill’s rear for easy cleanup.

Gas Grill Stainless Steel


The 77352 6-Burner Propane Fire Grill is mounted on casters, and despite the fact that these casters are not made of heavyweight metal, sadly, they are more similar to upholstered chair wheels. These should be sufficient for periodic wheeling over small distances. In addition, they lock into place, ensuring that your barbeque cart won’t move about while you’re using it. Even though it’s somewhat hefty, you could easily remove them if you’re just intending to use the grill in one location.

The long eight-year guarantee offered by Monument is not a tangible element, but it is one that provides reassurance all the same. In the event that you do run into problems, you may count on that. A searing station may be found off to the left of the main grill. The lid may be closed while the burner is not in use, and it has its own temperature control knob.

When you fire up the barbeque, that’s when the magic occurs. The enormous cooking surface, which is covered with grates made of stainless steel 304, is visible. It has a smoke box, making it convenient for anybody who enjoys smoking certain foods. You may get access to the greased pan on the rear of the grill, making emptying and cleaning it much simpler.

A wonderful additional feature is the USB LED light that is supplied. When the LED lights are turned on, the knobs also take on a blue hue, allowing the user to easily monitor the temperatures they have selected. This grill gets really warm. In point of fact, we reached temperatures of well over 700 degrees in less than five minutes.

Before using it and witnessing it for myself, I never would have thought about including appliance glass on a barbeque. However, now that I have had the opportunity to do so, I wonder why it isn’t standard equipment on all grills. This grill has more than sufficient space for cooking a large quantity of meals at once. You’re looking at more than $116 worth of food, and there’s still plenty of space to grow that supply.

Feedback from users

The 77352 Grill delivers satisfactory results most of the time. Even if a few customers have mentioned that it has some hot patches, it is still capable of reaching extremely high temperatures and has a tremendous BTU output that is accessible to the primary grilling surface. Some say that they were looking for a 6-burner gas grill, and Monument’s grill seemed to be the bet option.

The unevenness of these may be mitigated to some degree by using ceramic briquettes purchased from a third party, but we’d much rather they were never there at all. Some people have pointed out that the rotisserie component may need a little more vertical headroom, despite the fact that it is a fantastic concept and seems to be capable of producing a delicious roast once the appropriate heat settings have been determined.

Gas Grill Interior

If you’re cooking a whole chicken, for example, you’ll be touching the grill bars, and a drip tray probably won’t fit beneath. But it is a 6-burner gas grill which makes up for it.

Customers who have already purchased from Monument Grills have raved about the company’s responsiveness to their complaints of dents and bumps, even if some reviewers have pointed out that the primary structure is made of somewhat flimsy material. Even though only a small percentage of customers appear to have had corrosion problems, we still think it’s best to keep the 77352 Grill covered if you live near the ocean or another saline environment.

The Monument 77352 is a pretty cool barbeque cart that has fantastic aesthetic appeal and a lot of functions that make it a necessity for do-anything backyard cooking. This is the general agreement, but there may be niggles. The grill performs well, is simple to clean, and has received glowing reviews from the great majority of customers; for the price, it offers excellent value.

Should You Make the Purchase?

It’s possible that some individuals won’t be able to fit it in their backyards or that they won’t find it useful enough for their purposes if they don’t have many guests around for garden parties. Moving it to a different site for a BBQ would take a great amount of manual labor on account of the fact that it is both enormous and heavy. If you are out there looking for a cooking rig like this then, monument clearview® 6-burner propane gas grill with side burner model number: 77352-mb is your option.

However, this Monument 77352 Gas Grill has emerged as an excellent option to consider purchasing if you are looking for a grill that can be purchased at a price that is reasonable and has a large cooking surface, in addition to sophisticated features such as a rotisserie and the peace of mind that comes with a lengthy warranty. If you are looking for a grill that meets all of these criteria, you should give serious consideration to purchasing this grill.


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