Gift Card Granny Review

What is gift card granny? A mobile application and website claim to make purchasing and selling gift cards over the Internet easier. You may find it at on the Internet. In 2009, online entrepreneur Luke Knowles established the firm that bears his name. At the moment, their headquarters may be found at 495 Mansfield Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15205.

Gift Card Granny asserts that it has helped its clients save $150 million in cash. You may search for gift cards on the most reputable gift card exchange websites (link opens in new tab) to locate the most significant price reductions and desirable deals currently available.

This website offers a unique perspective on their many purchasing options and contains a wealth of information about gift cards. There is a blog devoted to do-it-yourself projects, methods for saving money, and shopping advice. A plethora of additional reading material is available, all written to help you save time and money. You may also check out the latest gift card news and read research regarding, among other things, how millennials are saving money and the operation of electronic gift cards.

There is also the possibility of downloading an application, which brings the website up to date with significant competitors, as well as a browser extension, which ensures that you are constantly informed of the greatest bargains. The fact that you cannot sell your gift card to granny gift card is one of the things that sets this company different from others.


  • Informative & user-friendly website, with the extra option of an app
  • Recently recognized by the Better Business Bureau with an exceptional A-rating,
  • The cashback option enables you to make purchases while retaining your ability to save money.


  • It won’t purchase your gift card, but it will assist you to sell it elsewhere.
  • The offers could be more impressive, and they could be better.

How Does The Gift Card Granny Work?

Gift Card Granny

How to use gift card granny? So, let’s get down to business. On card granny sell, both buyers and sellers may do business.You may sell a gift card on Gift Card Granny for the amount that buyers are prepared to pay for it if you have one that you do not wish to use.

Granny gift card operates differently compared to sites such as CardPool and CardCash regarding the purchase process. On Gift Card Granny, you have the option to either buy brand-new gift cards at full price or browse through a selection of gift cards that have been reduced. If you indicate that you are interested in purchasing a discounted card, you will be redirected to a different website where you may purchase the reduced gift card.

Selling Your Gift Card on Gift Card Granny:

  • We won’t buy your gift cards
  • The comparison feature isn’t always correct.

Gift Card Granny will not purchase your unused gift cards under any circumstances. On the other hand, if you want to make the most money possible, she will advise you where you should go. Input the brand and quantity, and in a few seconds, Gift Card Granny will provide the top five firms to sell with, the amount they’ll offer, and how they’re willing to pay you, which might be through a check or PayPal.

We tried to sell a $20 Walmart gift card and had multiple offers from a few different websites, such as CardCash and Gift Card Spread. However, the offer we received from GiftCash was the greatest one, for $17.00. When we clicked through on the link, we were unhappy that this listing was inaccurate because GiftCash only accepts cards valued at $25. Even though this automatic comparison is a good idea, we were sorry to find it inaccurate. Nevertheless, it is a useful method for determining how much money you may earn in exchange for your gift cards. This may vary based on the availability and demand of the card you are attempting to sell. If you would like to conduct the transaction in person with a real person, you can visit particular businesses to do so. On the website, you can view the most convenient location if you input your zip code.

Purchasing Gift Cards with Gift Card Granny

  • Cashback if you cannot locate a discount
  • Customizable eGifts offer Gift Card Granny a more personal feel.

The availability of cashback in addition to savings is another aspect that distinguishes Gift Card Granny from other websites that facilitate the exchange of gift cards. You cannot choose between the two possibilities since they are mutually exclusive.

We searched for three typical gift cards across all websites on the same day for around half an hour to get an idea of the choices a gift card exchange offers. We searched for gift cards from Macy’s, American Eagle, Walmart, among other retailers. The selection on gift card exchange websites shifts daily, just like on other websites, because fresh gift cards are added to the market while customers buy others.

However, this discount was only available on plastic cards, whereas eGifts offered a pitiful 0.5% payback. Macy’s discounts were equivalent to those offered by other companies, such as Cardpool. This 0.5% cashback offer was also offered at Walmart; however, no discounted cards were to be purchased. eGifts were the sole option offered, and customers could receive $0.12 cashback on a $20 purchase with that purchase type. American Eagle did not have any discounted gift cards for sale either.

There is not a very wide selection of offers. In general, Gift Card Granny provides gift card granny customer service with access to a vast selection of stores, some of which include Starbucks, Best Buy, Walmart and Fandango. There is a good chance that you can locate what you are searching for, but you may not get a very good price for it. However, receiving a little return is preferable to receiving none at all, and the corresponding savings are on par with those offered by other websites such as Cardcash.

One aspect of Gift Card Granny’s customer service that caught our attention was the ability to buy an eGift and personalize it by adding a message and choosing from various styles. Gift Card Granny is an excellent option for purchasing gifts for other people because of the personal touch it provides. A selected list of gift card bargains updated regularly and leads you to other stores is also available. This page, which led you to bargains where you could acquire gift cards worth up to hundreds of dollars at a discount of up to twenty-five percent, impressed us very much.

Gift Card Granny: Customer Reviews

  • A- rating with the BBB
  • recently been accredited by the BBB

With some of the businesses we have researched, we have observed a trend of customers leaving bad granny gift card reviews; however, this is different with Gift Card Granny! Gift Card Granny has maintained an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau throughout many years. In addition, it was just recently recognized by the BBB, which is really nice compared to other businesses in the same industry.

Granny’s Prices on Gift Cards

Gift Card

The price of a gift card granny will change based on how popular the store is and where it was purchased from. When this analysis was performed, the most popular brand’s gift cards were available for purchase at a discount of at least 5% off but no more than 10% off. On the other hand, gift cards to less well-known retailers may sometimes be acquired at savings of up to 50% off or even more. They include several additional businesses inside a category called Next Gen Gift Cards. Inside this area, they assert that you may obtain exclusive discounts on brands such as Netflix, Apple, Uber, Xbox Live, and PlayStation.

Therefore, as you may have anticipated, retailers cannot get the full price of the gift cards they offer if consumers purchase them at a discount via our site. Gift Card Granny asserts that depending on the retailer, you might receive a cashback reward of up to 92%. You can also learn about how to use gift card granny on amazon. For instance, according to them, the gift cards resold the most in 2017 were for iTunes, Amazon, WalMart, and Target. Therefore, if you have these, you can obtain a decent offer.

It should come as no surprise that selling unused gift cards is not necessarily a dependable way to make money online, particularly considering that you will only obtain some of the value of the card you sell. Check out my recommendation for the best work-from-home opportunity if you seek methods to create consistent money, which can lead to a full or part-time income.

Gift Card Granny Refund Policy

The procedure for processing refunds needs to be more transparent. However, we did find some material buried deep inside their Terms Page that suggests if anything goes wrong and you get caught up in a scam, you will have to take it up with the partner firm that sold you the gift card. This information suggests that you will only have recourse to pursue legal action. You can check gift card granny review about refund policy.

Is It Safe To Use A Gift Card, Granny?

Is gift card granny trustworthy? Gift Card Granny is trustworthy, and the idea behind it is, for the most part, successful. However, you might lose money if you buy a gift card that doesn’t function, and the partner website would prefer to assist you. Considering your choices before making any financial commitments is in your best interest.

But if you can acquire gift cards for free, why would you spend money on them? There are a variety of websites, such as,, and, that can reward you with gift cards simply for engaging in activities that you already like doing online, such as viewing movies, going to websites, playing games, and more. Taking surveys on can allow you to earn even more gift cards for your participation. After that, you can use your gift cards to any use you see fit, including selling them on Gift Card Granny in exchange for actual cash.


Gift Card Granny has a good range accessible, even though this selection is presented in a format distinct from many of its rivals. This is because Gift Card Granny offers a free app that can be used on the move and lots of gift card selections from dozens of exchange websites and even more merchants. If the money-back option interests you, this is a wonderful alternative because it allows you to personalize eGifts that may be sent to people you care about.

One of the most significant drawbacks of using Gift Card Granny is that, despite publishing a lot of helpful and informative information and having numerous gift cards listed as being for sale, they do not allow you to sell your gift card. If that is what you are looking for, you have come to the wrong website.