Kenmore Elite 81714 Review

It takes numerous passes with this vacuum to get the job done, which results in a higher cost overall. If you are searching for a canister vacuum, it is effective on pet hair. You can check out this Kenmore elite 81714 review.


  • Long remittances
  • Excellent maneuverability
  • Exceptional efficiency with pet hair
  • The in-built motorized attachment removes tenacious debris, pet hair, and dander from the surfaces in a short amount of time.
  • Features Reduce allergens and improve the environment with the aid of a HEPA filter.
  • Features a design that is both small and lightweight, which enables it to be maneuvered with relative ease.


  • Expensive
  • Poor performance on the edges
  • During operation, the bulky head may, on occasion, give off an odor similar to plastic.

Animals are wonderful, and an increasing percentage of households now have at least one pet. According to the findings of one consumer research poll, around 23 percent of individuals throughout the globe own a cat, whereas approximately 33 percent of people worldwide own a dog.

These animals are considered members of the family by a significant number of humans, and they are treated as such. But despite how adorable and cuddly their pets are, something that may be quite frustrating for many who own pets is the quantity of dog and cat hair that can be found in random places.

It is highly suggested that everyone who has a pet make the investment in a good vacuum that is safe for use around pets so that they can stay at the forefront of this growing issue. The issue is that there are so many alternatives out there to choose from; how can one possibly know which ones are any good?

We discovered in our Kenmore Elite 81714 review that it is a pet-friendly, ultra-plush, lightweight canister vacuum that comes with a pet Powermate, HEPA, an extended telescoping wand, a retractable power cord, and four different cleaning tools.

Lightweight Canister Vacuum

The one-of-a-kind design prevents tangles from forming in the hair surrounding the brush. An aluminum wand that is not only lightweight but also extends to a reach of ten feet and has a handle that can be detached is ideal for carefully washing the furniture, the inside of a vehicle, and other locations with limited access.


To tell you the truth, it doesn’t appear all that thrilling, which is something we won’t sugarcoat. However, what exactly is a vacuum? It has a muted silvery-gray color, and despite its relatively small size, it comes with a few additional cleaning tools for your convenience. Additionally, there is a large rubber shield that wraps within the canister to protect it in the event that you unintentionally knock anything over. This protection prevents you from inflicting any harm.


This Kenmore vacuum offers a total of six distinct methods of cleaning, and it comes with a variety of attachments that are designed to make your life just a little bit simpler while you are cleaning. Even the fluffiest of pet hair is no match for the motorized Pet PowerMate tool, which is, without a doubt, one of the nicest things that this vacuum has to offer.

In addition, it offers swivel steering, which allows for increased maneuverability and on-handle setting adjustments.

The LED performance indication on this vacuum is one of the extremely cool features that it comes equipped with. This indicator notifies you when the bag needs to be changed since it has become too full. For more information, there is a Kenmore Elite 81714 manual available.


This vacuum cleaner is a little bit heavier than the majority of the other vacuums that are now available on the market. It weighs almost 30 pounds. But don’t let it deter you too much since it still moves about effortlessly, so don’t worry about it. The bare floor brush that is built into this Kenmore elite vacuum makes it easy to cover a variety of floor surfaces.

There is a power cable that is 26 feet long, which means that you can vacuum a lot bigger area without having to continuously plug and unplug the vacuum every five seconds. This makes cleaning around the home much simpler. The fact that this vacuum is so lightweight, which makes it extremely simple to move about, is another one of the many amazing benefits that it offers. Cleaning the Carpets: An Example of Performance

The first thing we did was put every vacuum through a grueling series of tests to see how well it cleaned the carpet. For the purpose of evaluating performance, we employed materials that are difficult to vacuum, such as flour, oats, rice, and cereal, on carpets with both a medium and a low pile. The Kenmore vacuum had a shaky beginning with the rice test, as it sprayed the grain all over the place.

This Kenmore Elite performed somewhat better with the oatmeal, and it shocked us by being able to completely vacuum up the Cheerios in only five passes. However, the flour test revealed that it failed miserably, leaving behind a cloud of powder.

Ease of Operation

After that, we put kenmore elite vacuum through a series of tests that rated and scored it based on how user-friendly it was overall and how simple it was to use while cleaning various parts of a house. We evaluated each canister vacuum’s edge cleaning, reach, ability to maneuver around furniture, and surface switching capabilities.

Kenmore Elite Vacuum

When it came to this particular aspect, the Kenmore Pet Friendly performed quite well. It is equipped with a foot switch that allows the user to toggle between four distinct cleaning settings (XLO, LO, MED, and HI), therefore optimizing its performance on a variety of floor surfaces. The motorized brush roll may be activated or deactivated through a switch located on the handle of the tool. You can use Kenmore elite 81714 manual for instructions.

Because of its 26-foot cable and 9-foot hose, the Kenmore received great grades for its outermost layer transition and reach capabilities. These performances earned the vacuum high marks. However, it failed miserably once again when it was put through the edging test.


For the sake of our handling metric, we tested each device on stairs, and we also considered how nimble and maneuverable it seemed overall. If you need a vacuum that is easy to move about and pull or push, look no further. However, it was unsuccessful once again in its attempt to clean the steps.

A descent of around seven steps may be cleaned without repositioning the vacuum’s base. Additionally, the weight of the Kenmore elite vacuum is on the lower end, and it has an integrated stair grip that makes it possible to comfortably carry it up most stairs. On the simulated flight of steps, this worked well.

We noticed that the Kenmore Elite was quite agile and maneuverable, even while cleaning a room that was packed with furniture. It is simple to push and drag the Kenmore Elite over most sorts of floors, and it is compatible with most types of flooring. The vacuum’s canister base typically performs an excellent job of following, and the vacuum’s flexible neck is an asset to maneuverability.

Vacuum Canister Base


Because it is constructed with two walls rather of just one, its overall design is more durable than that of a few of the alternative vacuums that are now available. And despite the fact that the attachments are made of plastic, they seem to be rather durable. Having said that, the rear wheels of this vacuum are the one item that must be kept in mind at all times. They are on the larger side in terms of size and are not very sturdy overall. So, just keep this in mind while you rush about the home picking up things here and there.


There isn’t much to put together in this vacuum. In the off chance that you really do get lost, the instruction manual has everything spelled out and illustrated for you to refer to. When you initially obtain it, the first dust bag will already be placed for you, so you do not need to worry about doing so. Kenmore Elite 81714 manual will help you further in assembly.

Cleaning of Difficult Surfaces

For the purpose of this evaluation, we conducted our battery of cleaning tests on a section of laminate flooring that was similar to all of the other sections using each vacuum. The overall performance of the Kenmore Elite Pet Friendly wasn’t nearly as outstanding as it had been in the past, which was a real shame. Even though it was eventually successful at picking up grains and oats, even with the brush roll disabled, it was not nearly as efficient as other vacuums.

The Kenmore Elite operated similarly with Cheerios; however, we did notice that we had to alter the clearance settings significantly in order to avoid moving the Cheerios about. This was necessary since the Kenmore Elite moved the Cheerios around.

However, we noticed that the cereal would occasionally become lodged in the extractor’s head as opposed to traveling into the collecting container. This vacuum worked marginally better than the others we tried on fine messes, but not by a substantial margin; it still left a small film of flour behind after use.

Pet Hair

When it came to the task of collecting pet hair, we ended our testing with an outstanding performance of the Kenmore Elite Pet-Friendly Canister. This is not surprising, given the name of the product. For these experiments, we started with fifty grams of pet hair, which we weighed, then spread out on either a carpet or a hard surface, made four passes over it, weighed what was gathered, and translated the results to percentages. The Kenmore Elite was successful in removing 95.60% of the total amount of pet hair.

By this point, you should know that Kenmore elite 81714 pet friendly canister vacuum is the best option for your pets at home.

Should you invest in the pet-friendly Kenmore Elite model?

Regrettably, it may be quite challenging to ascertain whether or if the Kenmore is actually offering a very reasonable price. It is rather expensive for performance that is satisfactory but not outstanding, and inexpensive vacuums perform significantly better in comparison.

If the idea of using a canister vacuum excites you and you live with a furry friend, you should investigate the Kenmore elite vacuum since it is an excellent choice for people in your situation. Because of its many useful functions, it is an excellent choice for cleaning up after animals. It is not only very simple to use and convenient, but it is also quite successful in removing pet hair from surfaces.

Have a look at this Canister Vacuum if you are looking for a device that is effective at removing pet hair and is built in a way that is tailored to canisters. Despite the fact that it is not our all-time favorite canister type, this device scored fairly well in terms of its capability to pick up pet hair. It received a score of quite high.

However, its cleaning ability on both carpeted and hard surfaces was below adequate, despite the fact that it is very easy to operate and extremely maneuverable. The asking price is difficult to justify when one considers the product’s subpar quality.

When it came to cleaning pet hair from carpets and upholstered furniture, this pet-friendly product functioned really well. In spite of the fact that it is an alternative that is both practical and simple to use, its level of cleanliness is inadequate. Although it does a good job, this canister vacuum is not the greatest one available, nor is Kenmore elite vacuum the most affordable.


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