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While Costco may not be the first name that comes to mind when thinking about the most affordable services for purchasing checks online, this is a market in which the bulk purchase specialist — along with its steep discounts — can be found.

It may be a surprise to learn that Costco provides diverse check designs, ranging from graphics representing “inspirational and cause-related” topics to animals. The cheap prices that may be found will come as less of a surprise, but in order to bring that price down, you will, of course, be asked to purchase quite a few checks. This is necessary in Order checks to get the price down.


With both personal and commercial checks accessible online, Costco has most of the bases covered when it comes to its Costco check ordering service. Popular cartoon figures such as Batman and Scooby-Doo are competing for attention among graphics representing various dog breeds and scenarios that are more patriotic. The design possibilities are vast and diverse as well. In the meantime, Costco business checks are available in various slick styles and manual, computer, and high-security formats.

Although common customization features like picture checks and logos are not included in the standard designs, there is still some room for personalization in the designs themselves. It is possible to choose a font style of your choosing, and you can also write a personal note in the empty area above the signature line on your check.

The online check-buying service offered by Costco also includes all necessary accessories, such as deposit tickets, binders, and checkbook covers, required to keep track of expenditures and pay bills using a checkbook.


As you would expect, all of Costco’s custom checks come equipped with several built-in safety measures to protect the customer from fraud and identity theft. High-security personal checks are offered to consumers in both the personal and commercial markets, catering to individuals who need the utmost level of safety for their financial information. These checks come with various extra characteristics, including heat-reactive ink, holograms, fluorescent fibers, watermarks, and many more.


While Costco customer service representatives may be reached by email, phone, or regular mail, the Costco website is simple and shouldn’t provide any difficulties for anybody. Repeat customers also have access to a convenient and speedy repurchase option. (Visit here.)

A simple online form must be filled out to direct you in the right direction and assist you in finding what you’re searching for when it comes to computer checks and their compatibility with your equipment. Just picking your printer and application will bring up printed checks and forms for Quicken, QuickBooks, Peachtree, Profit, and Intuit, among others.

While shopping at Costco, you are required to make purchases in bulk, and the smallest order that may be placed is for two cartons of the item being purchased. Prospective purchasers are not likely to be deterred from purchasing the property, though, if you intend to make advantage of the about 200 checks that this will give.

Should You Use Costco Check Service?

A wide variety of checks that are suitable for most people can be found at Costco, and the website is straightforward and simple to use. Customers who use the service for their businesses and personal lives get adequate service, and the safety issue is well addressed. Nonetheless, the absence of picture checks may put some people off, and certain companies may be dissatisfied that they cannot print their company emblem on their checks.

The second primary factor to consider is if you really need or want to purchase such a large quantity of checks simultaneously. If you are certain that the sight of Tweety Pie every time you have to sign a check will not get tiresome, then there won’t be an issue.

Costco Check Service

What Kind Of Payment Options Does Costco Provide?

The ability to accept various payment methods is provided by Costco, including the more common credit cards, debit cards that need a PIN, gift cards, electronic checks, fleet cards, corporate cards, EMV chip cards, and contactless payments. Credit cards such as American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club, Discover, and JCB are accepted here. With Dynamic Currency Conversion, Costco also allows customers to pay for their purchases in various other currencies. You may collect payments in person and countertop terminals. Elavon’s round-the-clock customer service is also included in Costco Payment Processing.

In-Person Processing

Costco Payment Processing provides in-store payment solutions for traditionally operated businesses with a storefront. Accepting and processing payments at the point of sale may be accomplished via point-of-sale equipment or countertop terminals.

Mobile Processing

Costco Payment Processing makes advantage of Elavon’s mobile apps, enabling you to use almost any smartphone or tablet currently on the market as a secure payment device. Almost any place with a wireless connection may take payments, and credit cards and debit cards with signatures are simple to process.

Virtual Terminal

For individuals who would rather take payments using their current computer, Costco provides Elavon’s Converge Virtual Terminal, originally known as VirtualMerchant. Converge is a hosted payment service that enables users to receive payments in-person, by mail, or over the phone. Credit cards, debit cards, electronic checks, gift cards, and EBT cards are all acceptable forms of payment. You can also set up recurring billing for any products or services provided on a predetermined schedule, such as subscriptions paid for every month.

Check Acceptance

Elavon provides a service known as the Electronic Check Service, which facilitates the conversion of paper checks into electronic transactions. Throughout the next 24 to 48 hours, you will get paid for these transactions.

Gift Cardscostco checks customer service

Gift cards may be a fantastic method to promote repeat business. Elavon provides this convenience, in addition to knowledge on how the use of gift cards may contribute to the expansion of your company.

What Equipment and Software Are Offered?

For processing, Costco high security checks provides both mobile and countertop terminals. Particular characteristics might vary depending on the model, but examples include hand-held designs, LCD panels, and the ability to take more recent payment technology like EMV chip cards.

Elavon provides its customers with the extra reporting software known as MerchantConnect. This application may assist you in gaining insight and managing your company by providing you with account activity, retrieval statuses, chargeback and other useful alternatives.

How Much Does It Cost to Purchase Checks From Costco?

The price you pay for your checks from Costco will vary depending on the kind of checks you buy and the number you buy. According to the information provided on its website of Costco, the typical price for Costco Business members or Gold Star is around fifty percent less than the price you would pay if you bought checks directly from your bank. As a Costco Executive Member, you will get an extra 20% discount on purchases. In addition, as a Costco member, you will be eligible for free standard delivery on all purchases.

Basic Checks

The least expensive option is basic checks. Checks with designs are significantly more costly, particularly if the designs are for trademarked trademarks like Disney or Star Wars. Checks with additional security measures may also cost extra.

If you are Costco Executive Member, the cost of 400 checks in either blue or gray is $20.02. If you are Costco Business Member or Gold Star, the price is $25.03.

Checks With Design

If you would like your personal checks to have a design, you have several options, one of which is Majestic America checks. They may be purchased at the same price as standard checks, which is $20.02 for 400 checks for Costco Executive Members and $25.03 for Costco Business members or Gold Star.

Character Checks

You may also receive character checks for Marvel Comics or Disney Princesses. If you are an Executive Member, the price for these checks will be $23.41 for 400 checks; however, if you are a Gold Star Member or a Business Member, the price will be $29.26.

High-Security Company Checks

They are packed three to page and 600 to box, including watermarks, holograms, heat-sensitive ink, and other security features. For Business members or Gold Star, a single bundle costs $90.73. Executive Members pay a fee of $72.58 per year.

Do I Need to Be a Costco Member?

Only Costco members are eligible for the discounted prices that Harland Clarke provides. You can order personal checks, company checks, or both as a member.

Costco Member

Can I Receive a Check on the Same Day?

You won’t be able to acquire checks from Costco on the same day since Harland Clarke has to print your order before sending it to you. Free standard costco checks shipping typically takes 12 to 15 business days. If you pay $17.58 for safe trackable express service, your package may be delivered in as little as seven to nine business days. Even if we pay more of our bills online or via mobile applications, we still need to write checks occasionally. You may save money and time by ordering them from Costco.

Processing of Payments at Costco

Costco Payment Processing does not have a particularly strong reputation on the internet; yet, the company is usually considered to have a poor reputation owing to surprise fees and pricey tiered pricing. Conversely, Elavon has, ever since 2009, maintained its accreditation with the Better Business Bureau. While it has an A+ rating, there have been 170 complaints resolved over the last three years and 62 resolved over the past year.

The accessible complaints cite difficulties with canceling the subscription, problems with the Converge Virtual Terminal and inadequate tech assistance, typically being unable to get through to customer service when issues occur, hidden costs, problems with equipment, and inaccurate invoicing. It seems the cost was far more than anticipated, which is the primary reason for the desire to cancel.

Ripoff Report has received 45 complaints about Elavon, most of which are identical to those lodged with the BBB. They also have the lowest possible rating on Yelp, one star out of five. While not everyone who uses Elavon does so via Costco, other complaints describe doing so and experiencing the same problems. Hence, even though you may not discover much information on the Costco Payment Processing website itself, you can certainly anticipate the same level of service quality that Elavon customers claim to get in their testimonials.


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