Riding Lawn Mowers John Deere Review

John Deere E180 is dependable mower that can easily handle challenging terrain. The E180 Lawn Tractor has various characteristics that make it an appealing alternative for heavy-duty duties, and it is also one of the finest riding lawnmowers you can purchase. This lawn tractor, for instance, has a V-twin front-mounted engine that has a total output of 26 horsepower, making it suitable for use on terrain that is both steep and uneven.

The maximum speed of the riding mower is 5.5 miles per hour, making it an easy machine to manage. As you are mowing, the fuel gauge should be in plain sight so that you know how much gas is still available. Check out our john deere e180 reviews to ride-on lawn mowers to get an idea of what features you should look for in a machine to suit the requirements of your particular property. We have also included a comparison of several riding lawn mowers types, including zero-turn, lawn tractors, and rear-mounted riding lawnmowers.

Mowing Experience

The cutting breadth of this lawn tractor is an impressive 54 inches; none of the other lawnmowers we looked at had a large cutting path. The amazing breadth reduces the number of passes over your lawn, allowing you to complete the task quickly.

For a more precise cut, the blades may be adjusted to one of eleven distinct settings, ranging from one to four inches in height. This enables you to get the precise grass height that you want. In addition, it is simple to change, which means that if you have various areas of your garden that you want to maintain at different lengths, you can make the necessary adjustments in a matter of seconds and continue mowing.

Because of its 18-inch turning radius, this riding mower performs best in broad fields or big yards free of obstacles. Some lawnmowers have a turning radius of up to 14 inches, while others, like the Cub Cadet, use zero-turn technology to go past trees and other obstructions.

If your vehicle has a pedal-operated hydrostatic gearbox, you won’t have to distract yourself from steering by messing with the shifter knob. You can concentrate on what is in front of the riding mower rather than your pace, thanks to the riding mower’s cruise control feature, which lets you choose the speed at which you want to go.

This riding lawnmower has headlights that are quite bright and gives superb vision even in low-light conditions, such as in the early morning and late evening. Nonetheless, you should never mow the lawn while it is entirely dark. Even with these strong lights, accomplishing it won’t be safe enough.

Like many others in the riding lawn mower category, this model has a comfortable seat carefully designed to minimize rider discomfort. For lengthy work, a cup holder allows you to keep hydrated. Thanks to the luxury cushioned steering wheel that measures 14 inches, your hands will remain comfortable throughout the day.

The wing deck adds extra support by bolting into the frame rather than just resting on top like other machines, ensuring a long life while offering improved grip and simple maneuverability across challenging terrains. Other machines only sit on top. The E180 has a powerful engine that generates 17.0 horsepower, making it capable of easily mowing lawns of almost any size. Moreover, it uses very little gas for a mower of its size.

Main Features

The mower’s deck is made of durable 11-gauge steel for stability and longevity. Your tools will remain safe inside a covered tray until you need them to adjust the riding mower’s attachments or conduct periodic maintenance. The finish of the mower is built to last thanks to a powder coating that shields the iconic John Deere e180 for sale green from the elements and keeps it looking new.

This riding lawn mower comes with a gasoline tank with a capacity of 2.4 gallons, which is more than enough to complete mowing a lawn but is around a gallon less than the capacity of the biggest tank in our comparison. A tiny storage container is located on the right wing of the vehicle. If you are mowing the lawn, you can easily store a drink in this and empty your pockets simultaneously.

This riding mower is ideal for professional maintenance and landscaping because of its powerful engine and adaptability. Also, the tractor can transport a yard-striping attachment for sports fields and other outdoor activities. There are presently 16 tow-behind tools that are compatible with the E180 Lawn Tractor made by John Deere, which allows you to utilize it for nearly any mowing operation.

To safeguard your financial investment, it comes with a guarantee that covers either two years or 120 hours of riding time. This is common across the riding lawnmowers we tested. But, we came across several with guarantees of three or five years.

John Deere Mower

Pros & Riding Comfort

Since it is a zero-turn mower, there will be no need to waste time rotating it in a circular motion. You have complete control over the course it takes! The only thing you need to do to move it around is direct it with your feet as you would on a bicycle, and the controller will take care of the rest of the job. Since you don’t have to move a heavy lawnmower around, you won’t have any additional achy muscles or muscular pain from using this machine.

Another very powerful piece of equipment is the john deere e180 parts diagram. It has a V-twin engine with 54 horsepower, so it won’t run out of gas in the middle of your yard work and will get the job done faster and with less effort on your john deere e180 parts.

It is long enough to trim large yards without being so long that it would take all day to complete or cause you to feel overwhelmed by its size. Although this model weighs 350 pounds, only roughly 200 pounds will be pushed through grass, making it significantly gentler on the knees and back joints during long periods of operation.

The John Deere e180 model is outfitted with three blades, each designed to lift and cut the grass with high accuracy. This device was developed expressly as an entry-level version of the bigger and more costly E320, making john deere e180 price the ideal option for individuals looking to save money or who do not want as much power as the larger machine.

The business of lawnmowers has been completely transformed due to the John Deere Easy ChangeTM 30-second oil change technology available on most of their lawn tractors. It is no longer necessary to be concerned about removing the oil from the machine. We can’t disagree with John Deere’s claim that this is a game-changer!

Fuel is fed by a pulse pump system and an assembled mechanical carburetor fuel gauge; a separate system cools the engine oil. The John Deere 180’s hydrostatic gearbox makes for a comfortable ride and gives the driver more control on inclines.

Its engine has the potential to generate 23 horsepower, which equates to a significant amount of power for your garden or garden. This mower offers a choice of three cutting methods, including mulching, side discharge, and rear bagging, to accommodate a wide range of user preferences. Since the John Deere 180 has a large petrol tank capacity, you will often only need to refill it once every couple of days while working on most lawns.

Thanks to its wide wheels and steel axle, it can handle any terrain, even steep inclines, and uneven ground. The rear wheel brake is designed to stop both of the vehicle’s rear tires if one becomes obstructed while the vehicle is descending a slope. The mower’s handling is nicely balanced, and the turning radius is fairly decent, thanks to its 22″ rear tires and 16″ front tires. Both the front and rear seats provide lumbar support and are adjustable.


Offers limited cruise control features yet allows you to operate at the speed of your choice. The engine tends to make a lot of noise. There is just one throttle setting, and it cannot be adjusted in any way. No simple method for disengaging the blades does not involve activating the ignition key. Trimming may be challenging in certain locations, such as tight corners or close to impediments like trees, due to the peculiar form of the mower deck. Due to its location behind the back seat, access to the fuel tank might be difficult. If you are lazy like me and like to merely slide the seat forward to reach it, you will be dissatisfied with this product.

Electrical and Battery

The riding mower, the John Deere E180 specs, is equipped with a robust electric start system powered by a battery. Its automated charge-sustaining circuit keeps the batteries charged. At the same time, the mower is being used, making this type one of the most user-friendly in terms of power and simplicity of operation. You have the option of choosing between two distinct models powered by either petrol or electricity if you’d want to reduce your impact on the environment.

With a single charge, the battery has a run time of one hour and fifteen minutes. The lawnmower may be charged by plugging it in or using the charger that comes with it; however, unlike some other versions, it does not include a cordless operation option.

You will be able to monitor how much power is left thanks to the Fuel Gauge on the panel of the mower. The fuel tank can be replenished with unleaded gasoline. It also includes a gearbox that can be adjusted to the tough terrain, making driving on any terrain, even steep and uneven terrain, a breeze.

With a “smart choke” mechanism that enables the engine to keep its prime after restarting and an automated decompression function for a simpler beginning, the lawnmower is extremely simple to start. Also, the gearbox lets you modify the speed so that the vehicle may be driven on various terrains without encountering any difficulties. If you are searching for something more adaptable than just mulching or bagging grass clippings, this product is ideal since it has five different cutting heights that increase by one inch from three to six and a half inches.

The transaxle oil filter and the anti-scalping wheels work together to save the engine from wearing down prematurely. The front axle is far more robust than in earlier versions, and it has a tapered-blade design that contributes to improved performance. Moreover, it features two blades on each side, giving you greater cutting power on uneven terrain. The turning radius is great, coming in at 42 inches, thanks to the sturdy rear tires and the easy steering.

Should You Purchase A John Deere E180?

This is the greatest riding mower money can buy, except for a few minor criticisms. If you have a garden that is on the larger side, it is difficult to go wrong with anything that John Deere manufactures; nevertheless, this specific model is an excellent option that no one will ever be sorry for selecting.


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