Photo Books Mixbook Review

In our opinion, the best picture book website is Mixbook, which will be released in 2021. Although most businesses will tell you that their products are suitable for every event, mixbook soft cover photo books is one of the few that provides options for (nearly) all of these occasions. There is a good chance that you will be able to find a suitable template for your requirements among the 24 categories for all of your picture booking needs. These templates range from straightforward designs to Martha Stewart’s distinctive collection. You can import photographs from various devices, and there is a chat option available in case you have any questions or need assistance throughout the process. The procedure could only be made a little simpler. Mixbook photo books most likely offers the individualized picture present you are seeking if you are looking for one. And even though it does not offer the practicality of printing photos on the same day, as with other suppliers operating physical storefronts, it provides a wide variety of print sizes and offers excellent shipping alternatives. This guide will provide you reviews on mixbook photo books.


Mixbook Photo Books

+Web editor that is both simple and quick to use, ideal for creating your product.

+Quality picture prints and books of the highest standard.


-You need to have two blank pages after the document.

-On the inside of the rear cover, the logo cannot be removed.

-There are no gift boxes or wrapping alternatives available.

Pricing Of Mixbook

Mixbook Photo Book at Mixbook for $9.59

On the website of photo books mixbook ,a hardback book with 25 pages that is 8.5 x 8.5 inches may be purchased for $36.95. Because this provider also assesses a fee for regular delivery and the applicable taxes, you should budget an additional twelve dollars and ninety-nine cents. When considering tax and delivery costs, we discovered that this pricing for picture albums is about par for the course. You can discover alternatives elsewhere that are more affordable, but you may also find more expensive alternatives. If you want your book to have longer than 25 pages, you will have to pay an extra $1.39 for each page after that. Even though this is not the least expensive option for adding pages, we believe this is fair pricing. Try using a service like Shutterfly  if you want to lower the amount of money you spend.

Qualities and Services

The project we created with photo books mixbook was delivered in a much shorter amount of time than many of the others we bought. Our testers judged the cover to be thick and durable, making it an excellent candidate to guard the photographs contained within for many years to come. The colours on the cover were spot on, and the print quality was excellent. Our experts agreed that the reproduction of the photo on the inside was practically excellent, but they noted some graininess. Mixbook photo books come with a flyleaf that provides additional protection for the pages and lends an air of sophistication to the finished product. Artefact Uprising is the only website that offers superior printing quality.

Mixbook is regarded as one of the best sites for purchasing picture gifts because of its extensive feature set. The online picture book editor provides a selection of visually appealing layouts that have already been put together, from which you may choose. With a display that is completely responsive to swipe and touch inputs, the templates may be easily navigated from your desktop computer or mobile phone. The mixbook photo books reviews will guide you about it’s features.

You also have access to hundreds of different templates to pick from. Many of them have themes, so you may construct a book to memorialize everything from a birth to an adoption to a trip to a pet to old family recipes. You may also use generic templates as backdrops for your picture book if you don’t want it to have a particular theme. These designs can be found online. You may search for backdrops in a flash on the website, and as soon as you select one, you can get started personalizing the site.

Mixbook photo books has an additional cross-device option, which allows you to search for and upload photographs straight from your personal computer, link to your social network accounts, and post from your mobile device by scanning a QR code. You can do all these things without transferring between your various electronic devices. Thanks to the newly integrated photo alteration tools, you can now apply effects to the photographs by selecting them from a dropdown menu. For instance, you don’t need professional photo editing software to adjust an image’s shadow, colour, blur, distance, angle, or opacity.

This is one of the few online picture services to let users collaborate on projects simultaneously. You may easily add many persons to a project as contributors if you want multiple people to participate in the same project. It is optional to provide a password for any contributors to upload photographs, adorn pages, or update the project. You may also publish your work on a website or blog or share them on social media platforms like Facebook.

Where are mixbook photo books printed? Mixbook stands behind every product’s quality by providing a money-back guarantee on the personalized books it creates. Your photographs will be uploaded to Mixbook in their original resolution, and you will receive a warning if the quality is not high enough to be printed. You may either swap the photographs or reduce their size so that each page has eye-catching illustrations because the mixbook photo book delivery time takes to process orders before they are shipped ranges from one to three days on average; making preparations is essential if required your book by a specific date.

Book Options and Creation

Mixbook Photo

Mixbook offers one of the largest sizes and mixbook photo book examples giving eight distinct possibilities for the size of personalized picture books. These options range from a little pocket book measuring 8 x 6 inches to the most common size measuring 11 x 8.5 inches to a huge coffee table book spanning 11 x 14 inches. Mixbook soft cover photo books has one of the largest selections of sizes. There are four square book sizes: 6 inches by 6 inches, 8.5 inches by 8.5 inches, 10 inches by 10 inches, and 12 inches by 12 inches.

The publisher offers ten distinct cover options, some of which are genuine leather, while others include matte and glossy hardcovers and softcovers. A photo may also be used to construct a dust cover for the book. Mixbook is proud that its customization choices include many different covers, which is simply one more facet of personalization.

How many pages in a mixbook photo book? There are four different kinds of paper available for your selection. The standard semi-gloss paper is of high quality, with a thickness that makes it resistant to tearing and creasing. You can also select pearl finish, premium matte, or lustre lay-flat pages if you’d prefer something that’s prettier and more official than the standard option.

Mixbook’s UI is among the most intuitive and straightforward of any of the sites. Whether or whether you are proficient with computers, you won’t have any trouble navigating the site. When you first start using the service, a guided tour will walk you through the process of using mixbook photo books by pointing out the most significant features and tools you will need to be familiar with. While working with the editing tools, you will be told where on each page you may drag photographs and write text. In addition, a button labelled “Help” can be embedded on each page. This button allows you to request assistance at any point throughout the construction process or obtain further information about a particular feature. Because the labels on the buttons are easy to read, even a designer with little expertise may produce a high-quality result.

Support and User Reviews

Additionally, the website of the firm provides technical help. In addition to a section devoted to frequently asked questions, a live chat facility may be used to communicate with the customer service staff and an email address. Mixbook does not offer a phone number for users to call in for assistance over the phone. We strongly encourage customers to use Mixbook’s live chat function because the company’s customer service representatives are knowledgeable and quick to answer. You cannot pick up your Mixbook projects from a real location as you would at other retail chains. If you need your project quickly, we suggest using Walmart Photo since they provide same-day pickup. You will be reducing the quality of your work to increase its pace; thus, we strongly advise you to use Mixbook photo books only if you can plan.

If you submit your order early and give yourself additional time during the Christmas season, the busiest time of year for book services, your book will most likely be sent to you promptly. The delivery of our book took less than a week after the purchase was placed; however, a regular delivery can take anywhere from four to seven business days, so make sure to plan. Despite this, we couldn’t be happier with how quickly our book was printed and sent out and that Mixbook could match the delivery times of its online rivals.

Should You Create A Mixbook Account?

The on-site book editor offered by photo books mixbook is intuitive enough to be used by anybody. Still, it also offers a sufficient number of customization options to pique the interest of more experienced picture book designers. Similarly, the books have a sturdy construction that will preserve the photographs within them for many years. The opportunities for personalization and the variety of available templates are quite amazing. The time it takes to mail your package may be annoying but be assured that the product’s quality will be well worth the wait. Although it is neither the cheapest nor of the finest quality in terms of printing, the Mixbook experience is the one that provides the most all-around value. Mixbook excels in the majority of areas where its competitors fall short.

Bottom Line

When we factored in budget delivery, the total cost of the book we bought was $88.27. Photo books mixbook with standard paper would have cost $41.28 if the premium lay-flat paper option had yet to be selected, for which the company paid an extra $40. A word of caution: if Mixbook already includes 20 pages, the company will charge you an extra price of up to $2.29 per page for any additional books you buy.

Mixbook photo book prices, on the other hand, remain comparable to those of other providers in its category. You’ll need help finding another picture book with the same level of quality that is priced far lower than Mixbook. In general, Mixbook lives true to its name by providing a picture book of good quality while maintaining reasonable prices.