Photo Cards Tiny Prints Review

Tiny Prints is most likely more recognized for the chic personalized cards and invites that it creates rather than the picture albums that it sells. Many of you have received greeting cards from Tiny Prints, particularly during the holiday season. Over the past few years, the bulk of Christmas cards we’ve received from friends of their gorgeous children have featured the Tiny Prints logo. These cards have been sent to me as a token of their appreciation.

Tiny Prints was my most recent service, and the birth announcements we ordered for Photo Book Baby were produced beautifully. To the best of my knowledge, Tiny Prints provides what they call “Premium Double Thick Matte Paper,” among the thickest (and maybe the widest) that can be found on the market. The firm also differentiates itself by providing card designs that are contemporary, clean, and fresh. This is likely the result of the company’s collaboration with several well-known designers.

Tiny Prints is also related to Wedding Paper Divas, a website specializing in all the paper goods involved with weddings, including invitations, thank you cards, and other similar items. In addition to that, they provide complimentary wedding websites. Follow the steps outlined in the link to create a free wedding website. In addition, you may obtain eight free samples of wedding stationery by using the tinyprints coupons: free try.

Tiny Prints used to have its product line for photo books; however, since Shutterfly purchased the firm in 2011, customers who want to produce a photo book through Tiny Prints are now routed to Shutterfly’s site. Tiny Prints used to have its product line for photo books. You’ll find an option to examine “Tiny Prints picks” while looking at the site’s well-designed picture book themes. This feature may have been carried over from the site’s inception, but it’s still valid.


+Tiny Prints provides a collection of design templates that are among the most eye-catching in the business.


-There needs to be more room for personalization in the provided templates.

Tiny Prints Design


Tiny Prints was acquired by Shutterfly in 2011, so you can now access this sibling service through the Shutterfly website. Small Print is a service that allows you to design and personalize elegant greeting cards for any occasion using photographs you have uploaded to their website. Many design templates blew us away with their innovation, professionalism, and contemporary aesthetic. However, those on a tighter financial plan should look elsewhere for a picture card service because this is one of the most pricey options we analyzed.

We acquired 10 picture cards printed on the least costly paper for a total of $35, which included tax and shipping costs. This was half as many photo cards as we were ready to get from the least expensive businesses. It costs around $2.34 for each card in a pack of 15 cards, making it more costly than most other firms. You can order a single card to serve as proof, but after that, you can only buy amounts that are a multiple of five.

Tiny Prints Services

We requested a card printed on pearl-shimmer paper for one of the cards and signature cardstock for the other card. The standard cardboard cards printed out well; they had excellent colour fidelity and graininess that were noticeably lower than most other cardstock cards. Unlike those offered by most other companies, Tiny Prints’ pearl-shimmer cards did not change the images’ colouration or clarity. The sheen made our Christmas cards more elegant, making the reds stand out more prominently. The reverse sides of both cards had a snowflake design on a red backdrop, and the Tiny Prints logo was placed in a tiny font at the bottom centre of the card. This particular company’s logo was the least distracting among all the others printed on the cards.

Although the pearl paper was a little thinner than the signature cardstock, either would be sturdy enough to match the trendy patterns. The envelopes were better than usual but were still not the finest ones we’ve ever had. Tiny Prints provides several envelope colours and designer envelopes with themes and patterns that are unavailable in the standard selection of possibilities. We got the basic white envelopes, but the company also offers other designer envelopes. These elegant envelopes would be great for sending invitations to a wedding or other formal event.

Tiny Prints Quality


The template designs & paper quality offered by Tiny Prints, in addition to the picture reproduction, were both exceptional. Compared to other picture card printing businesses, the templates provided by this one had a great deal of character that was appropriate for the event. We saw basic intelligent cards beside photo cards with elaborate text, shapes, and decorations. Your choice should be based on who you are as a person as well as the function of the card.

This business can provide you with envelopes before the cards so that you can address them and be prepared to place the cards in the envelopes, seal them, and send them. Once you have created an address list as part of your Tiny Prints account, you can also have the company address sealed and ship your greeting cards on your behalf if you are short on time. The option to have it mailed to you is more expensive, but it is incredibly convenient, especially during the busier periods of the year, such as the holidays.

Tiny Prints furthermore provides customers with an extensive range of envelopes and liners to add more elegance and personality to their correspondence. This firm also provides a wide variety of decorative accents to choose from for each of its cards. Make your design stand out from the crowd by using scalloped edges and various other features for a nominal additional charge. Several template variations are available with foil elements, which lend a contemporary aspect to the finished product.

The website for wwwtinyprints offers customers a wide variety of high-quality layouts for their holiday picture cards. Tiny Prints is the only online photo card company that can compete with its competitors when it comes to its consistently high level of quality. The cards available for Hanukkah, Diwali, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Chinese New Year, Rosh Hashanah, and a variety of other festivals, and the layouts are contemporary and appealing to look at. Tiny prints offers tinyprints coupons for its customers.

The assortment of items that are not related to holidays is likewise really astounding. A wide variety of stationery available may be customized with a photograph, including notifications of a move to a new address, thank-you cards, graduation cards, birthday invites, and many others. On the vast majority of social networking or photography sites, you have access to your photographs. You can pull in photographs from Shutterfly, Google Photographs, Facebook, or Instagram, in addition to uploading photos from your local hard drive. In addition, you have the option of using a variety of colours, trimmings, and designs. Tiny Prints will also offer recommendations for colours and fonts that it believes go well with the overall design of the greeting card. You can check tinyprints review before considering it.

Tiny Prints Customer Service

Making your card is a fun and simple process. You position your photographs where you want them by dragging and dropping them and then write your own words in place of the sample text. Tiny Prints will add the information you have entered for your card onto the digital version of your photo card after entering it. On the other hand, if you want to personalize your photo card, you could find the website needing help to use. Unlike other services, which let you erase text boxes and other elements, this website makes it more difficult to go outside of the templates provided. On the other hand, Tiny Prints will be fine if you want to be as accurate as possible to the appearance of the already appealing templates.

The customer service provided by Tiny Prints is top-notch. You may contact staff via phone, email, and live chat on the wwwtinyprints website. Tiny Prints can reproduce your picture cards at no additional cost if you decide you don’t like them, provided that the problem wasn’t caused by any errors you made while entering the information.

The fact that Tiny Prints has a blog where it instructs readers on how to throw successful events is the strongest indication of the company’s dedication to excellent design. Well-known individuals in the fashion industry have selected some collections.

Tiny Prints has an extensive collection of stunning designs available for purchase, and the quality of their printed cards is remarkable. On the other hand, the prices are steep. This is a beautiful service if you are ready to pay for the convenience of having someone else address and ship your greeting cards on your behalf. Because there are so many different ways an envelope may be personalized, this is an incredibly wonderful option for formal parties. Tiny Prints is simple to use, and the finished products will undoubtedly exceed your expectations. However, if you are looking for a photo card service that is more affordable, you should look elsewhere.