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The Ryobi Electric Pressure Washer has a maximum pressure of 2700 psi and a flow rate of 1.1 gallons per minute (gpm) of water, allowing it to blast away caked-on filth, grime, and other stubborn stains. Driveways, fences, decks & patios, window screens, outdoor furniture, and many more may all benefit from a good cleaning with this product.

One of the nozzles on the machine is designed for high pressure, while the other, known as “Rapid Change,” has settings for 15, 25, and 40 degrees, along with fan soap and jet soap. In addition, there is a non-marring high-pressure hose 35 feet long and an onboard detergent tank. The hand truck has convenient storage space for the hose, nozzles, and sprayer, making it simple to move anything about.

The weight of the brightly colored greenish-yellow Ryobi pressure washer, which comes in at 50 pounds, is significant. It is delivered in a few separate pieces, and the assembly process requires a t30 Torx bit, which is not included in the package.

Because of its high power and low footprint, the RYOBI 2000 psi 1.2 GPM Electric Pressure Washer is an excellent choice for cleaning tasks around the house. This pressure washer has a sturdy metal roll cage frame that can be easily transported thanks to its wheels, telescopic handle, and other convenient features. Driveways, decks, windows, yachts, campers, and other locations around the house can all be cleaned effectively with the help of the powerful 2000 psi force delivered by the electric motor that draws 13 Amps.


  • Powerful
  • Wide variety of nozzles are included.
  • A hose that is 35 feet long, an onboard detergent tank
  • Easy movement for the hand truck
  • Storage for the nozzle and the hose.


  • An extension cable reduces the product’s efficiency.
  • The spray nozzle might become clogged.
  • The assembly instructions could be clearer.


The Ryobi RY142022 has a cleaning power of 2400 Cleaning Units thanks to its universal motor, which is rated at 13 amps, and its axial pump, which generates a pressure of 2000 PSI (about 33 times higher than a regular garden hose) as well as a flow of up to 1.2 GPM (figures as per PW101-2010).

Since the RY142022 is an electric pressure washer, the motor may be readily started using the short ON/OFF switch. The 35-foot GFCI wire included in the package makes the device worry-free and ready to use immediately.

Design & Handling

The Ryobi RY142022’s portability is one of its primary advantages because of its portable design and estimated dimensions of D16.4 x W14.6 x H17.2 in. The solid metal frame ensures the assembly will last a long time. The telescoping handle makes it much simpler to store the item and provides a suitable pulling height, making transportation much simpler.

Because it weighs just 29 pounds, the system may be moved about with relative ease. In addition to its low weight, this model’s mobility and simplicity are further enhanced by incorporating two 6 “wheels that will never go flat.

Main Features

In addition to the Ryobi RY142022 power washer, the kit comes with a spray gun, wand, a pressure hose, , detergent injection AND three nozzles function will be detailed in further depth in the following paragraphs.

  • The detergent storage is guaranteed by a separate tank, which is utilized for soap injection. The Ryobi RY142022 is equipped with a system for automatic soap dilution, which will dilute your detergent at a ratio of 20:1 for you. When a soap nozzle is attached, the water receives the additive on its own without any intervention from the user.
  • High-pressure hose: the 25-foot-1/4-inch version “When not in use, the high-pressure hose packaged with the device may be tidily stashed on the device itself by using a pair of straps that are simple to use.
  • Spray gun and wand: The supplied traditional ergonomic spray gun and its accompanying wand can be placed in a slot specifically designated for that purpose.
  • Nozzles: The following table details the three nozzles that are packaged with the device and the different types of surfaces that are best ryobi pressure washers suited for each of them individually.


  • Onboard storage: A Ryobi RY142022 features a convenient storage compartment that allows you to store nozzles and accessories. As a result, you will always be prepared and have everything required for the task.
  • Protection:A trigger lock mechanism increases operational safety (which prevents accidental operation).
  • Accessories: A Ryobi RY142022 includes an owner’s handbook (which opens in a new tab) and some basic literature to help you get started immediately. In addition to that, you will receive a spray cannon, a wand, a pressure hose, an electrical wire, and a nozzle cleaning.

Maintainability And Stability of The Ryobi


Maintenance is required to ensure that ryobi electric pressure washers continue to function reliably. This applies to every component, including cleaning the nozzle, examining, and changing the pump oil, and doing routine engine maintenance.

Electric pressure washers generally have a far lower rate of requiring maintenance. The electric motor is mostly to blame for this result. The engine of a gas pressure washer comprises many moving components that require maintenance consistently in the same vein as the air filter and the carburetor.

Pressure washers frequently need to pay more attention to their pumps during maintenance procedures, whether powered by electricity or gas. In lower-end models, the pump is hermetically sealed; thus, it does not require any maintenance. Nonetheless, most models need the pump oil to be checked regularly. There is no provision for an oil filter within a pressure washer’s pump. This indicates that particles within the oil have the potential to cause harm to the pump. Enough clean oil is always required to maintain the pump’s functionality.

Much like other firms, Ryobi strives to make it simple for consumers to do maintenance. They make their pressure washers so that it is as simple as possible to get to all the moving components and clean them.

Ryobi gas pressure washers feature Honda engines with carburetors with a specific drain valve. These engines are used in the Ryobi brand of pressure washers. This makes it much simpler to clean the bowl of the carburetor. It enables the carburetor to be cleaned without being removed from the engine.

When it comes to longevity, pressure washers should be constructed to resist rigorous use and be considered durable, particularly the heavier-duty types. According to our research findings, this is the situation with Ryobi pressure washers.

The following are some other components of a pressure washer that are essential to the machine’s dependability:

Make use of fittings and connections that adhere to industry standards: It is essential for any high-pressure equipment to have fittings and relationships that are dependable and of high quality. In the context of a pressure washer, the output pressure will be reduced if one of the connections is not secured properly. Ryobi’s fittings, nozzles, gaskets, rubber seals, and O-rings are high-grade. On the other hand, it is essential to examine these components regularly and replace them as necessary.

Safeguarding the engine, motor, the electronics: If you want the life of your pressure washer to be as long as possible, it is imperative that you keep the engine, motor, or pump clean and free of dust and debris. The producers of pressure washers are the ones who are responsible for ensuring that the engine of the gas-powered pressure washer is adequately protected. In addition, if it is an electric type, the machine, and any electronics are shielded from water and other forms of moisture.

It is complex to obtain all of the necessary information. However, my personal experience and the results of my limited study demonstrate that Ryobi is successful.

Good quality hose and pressure guns: Pressure guns are a crucial pressure washer component, so invest in high-quality pressure guns and hoses. This is the component that you are now handling in your hand. Even after many years of use, the trigger should continue functioning properly. The hose should be pliable and durable enough to withstand pressures of up to 4200 pounds per square inch (PSI).

According to my study, Ryobi triggers are similarly susceptible to malfunctioning. In addition, a hose may result in various complications. Nonetheless, the number of problems is not much higher than those reported by other leading pressure washer manufacturers. The quality is satisfactory; therefore, there is no reason to choose a different brand.

What To Look for In A Power Washer With 2,000 PSI


Discover what to look for when purchasing a power washer with a PSI rating of around 2,000. We will ensure that this amount of pressure is sufficient for the tasks you have in mind, and we will assist you in selecting the most appropriate characteristics (engine, pump, and more). Remember that the information presented here is generalized; as a result, there may be outliers in some situations.


PSI and GPM Two thousand pounds per square inch (PSI) are often sufficient for the typical residential homeowner, although it is essential to have reasonable expectations. You will be able to revive the appearance of an averagely unclean surface. Still, you will most likely need more powerful cleaning agents if you want to tackle more challenging circumstances, such as mold or oil stains.

Gas vs. electric

You may have seen that this tutorial does not include gas-powered pressure washers. Because even the weakest gas pressure washer begins operating at 2,400 PSI and most models operate at over 2,800 PSI, it is impossible to compare the various models. But, gas versions offer two key advantages worth consideration, even if it means purchasing beyond 2,000 PSI: they may be used anywhere since an electrical cable does not constrain them. They often have higher quality components than electric ones do.


Suppose you are seeking the peace of mind that comes with having an item exclusive to Home Depot and, as a result, being able to have it mended easily. In that case, Ryobi’s electric and gas pressure washer choices are both fantastic for you. The electric machine may be overpriced for its cleaning power, but the additional cost covers several quality enhancements, including an induction motor.



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