Bestway SaluSpa Fiji AirJet Hot Tub

Tense muscles and brains can benefit from the relaxation provided by a hot tub’s water massage thanks to its combination of heat and motion. Yet, only some can afford or have the space for a full-scale permanent replica to display in their home. Also, while on vacation or camping, putting up a hot tub for some relaxation could be fun. With the greatest hot tubs inflatable spas, you can create your little oasis virtually anywhere there is water and sufficient room.

One to six people can comfortably fit inside an inflatable hot tub, which may have water jets or air jets for a massage-like experience as they soak. Even though they can weigh more than 100 pounds when folded up, these hot tubs can be kept in a garage, cellar, or even under a bed if compact. Controls for the temperature, comfortable chairs, neck rests, and computerized controls are some of the amenities that may be included. You have arrived in the exciting world of inflatable hot tubs. Have such a seat and put your feet up as you browse our buyer’s guide to choosing which product is ideal for your garden.

Coleman Saluspa Inflatable Hot Tub

Coleman SaluSpa



Capacity: 4-6 people, 242 gallons

Max water temperature: 104°F

Included: Cover, chemical dispenser, two filter cartridge




Coverage on bubble jets

Stable design and construction

The heater can keep the temperature constant for up to seventy-two hours.




May face an early failure of the pump.


A Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub provides everything you need for a comfortable evening in a hot tub, including all the essential features. A computerized control panel enables the temperature to be readily adjusted to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. As the temperature rises by around two degrees per hour while the heater is on, it may take some time before it reaches the setting that was originally set. Once it’s there, an automated timer retains that heat for up to 72 hours.


The control panel also controls air jets that encircle the bottom border of the hot tub. Seats are not included in this design but are available for purchase separately. Yet, when seated on the bottom, those air jets softly massage the lower back. It’s billed as holding four to six people, but then in actuality, it accommodates four average-sized individuals nicely. Because the structure of the Coleman incorporates inner wall supports, the sides are robust enough to be used as seating. Despite this, it can be folded up into a rather small space.


Failure of the pump to operate during the first year should be watched out for. Even if only a small percentage of people are affected by this, and even though the organization has excellent customer service, it still could be an issue.

Intex Purespa Greywood Deluxe

Intex SimpleSpa 28481E Inflatable Hot Tub



Capacity: 6 people, 290 gallons

Max water temperature: 104°F

Included: Insulated cover, two filter cartridges, LED light, filtration system, carry bag, floating chlorine dispenser, inflation hose, test strip




The internal structure contributes to support and form.

Bubble jets create a massage-like experience.




The operation is somewhat quiet


The LED light on the little floating chlorine dispenser corrodes quite rapidly.

Even when it is full to its maximum capacity of 290 gallons, the Intex PureSpa Greywood Deluxe can maintain its shape thanks to its fiber-tech inner construction. As many as six persons can fit within, of which two can use the supplied chairs. On the other hand, the water in this hot tub isn’t that deep, and the seats lift you quite a bit above the surface.


The bottom perimeter is surrounded by 170 bubble jets, each moving a significant amount of air. They pull air from the outside, which means that if it is cold outside, they can also lower the temperature of the water. With the wireless digital controls, you may regulate the temperature to a maximum of 104 degrees Fahrenheit and control the bubble jets. Both the pump and the heater have very low noise levels. This model comes with several extras, such as a thermal ground cover and an insulated cover, which both assist in preserving energy by keeping heat. Also, this model comes with a lot of extras.


The color-changing LED light adds something more to the atmosphere of PureSpa. Nevertheless, some customers have reported that the bulb corrodes fast, so it must be replaced frequently. This is a potential flaw in the product. In addition, the floating chlorine dispenser included in the package is so undersized that you will need to look for another way to maintain the cleanliness of the water.

Bestway Saluspa Fiji Airjet

Bestway SaluSpa Fiji AirJet Hot Tub



Capacity: 4-6 people, 210 gallon

Max water temperature: 104°F

Included: Cover, chemical dispenser, two filter cartridges, pump




Adjustable hydro jets

The flow rate may be increased or decreased depending on how the angle is twisted.

Simple assembly coupled with a robust interior structure




Problems with the chlorinator


It has a sturdy internal I-beam construction that maintains its shape over time; nonetheless, the hydro jets and the design of those hydro jets are why this model is included on the list. The angle of the jets may be adjusted by pivoting them, which helps target pain spots. The water flow may be modified to provide a certain type of water massage by simply rotating the angle on the jet.


In addition, it has a computerized control panel that allows for temperature changes of up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. With this particular model, having an automated timer might be beneficial and detrimental to your efforts. If you intend to enter the building after the heat has been turned off for 72 hours, remember that it may take several hours to reach the desired temperature after the heat has been turned off. Nonetheless, this practice is a fantastic method to conserve energy. When used daily, you need to train your memory to recall to turn the heating and the pump back on. Other outstanding features include lift handles and an insulated lid for the container.


The chlorinator is where this device needs to catch up to its potential. It needs to be increased in size to maintain the water’s cleanliness. To properly disinfect the water, most consumers need to employ an alternate strategy.

Intex Purespa Jet and Bubble Deluxe

Intex PureSpa Portable Bubble Jet Spa



Dimensions: 30″L x 21″W x 40″H

Weight: 163 lbs.

Material: Laminated PVC

Water capacity: 210 gallons

Seating: 1-4

Jets: 120




Two headrests Wireless control panel

Capability to link a phone with an audio device.




It is heavy, and it takes a longer time to heat up.


The Intex Purespa Jet & Bubble Deluxe is shaped like an octagon, providing a highly comfortable environment for four people to soak in. You can manage the settings of this inflatable hot tub through an app on your smartphone, which sets it apart from competing manufacturers. The control panel is likewise wireless and will not require charging using the wireless charger included in the package for the first forty-eight hours of operation. Since it is a larger tub and only operates off of 120 volts, it may need additional time to reach the desired temperature; yet, having this option is convenient.



When you use all 120 jets, you may rest your head on one of the two headrests included. One thing to remember is that this hot tub calls for the usage of salt water, and according to what I’ve read in the reviews, if you don’t use salt water, you will get an error code. If you are okay with the taste of salt water, you won’t have any issues with the system built to treat hard water and saltwater simultaneously.

Intex Purespa Greywood Deluxe

Intex PureSpa Greywood Deluxe Six-Person



MSRP: $1,099.99

size:65 inches (inner diameter) / 85 inches (outer diameter), 28 inches (height)

Dimensions: 20.13 x 23.5 x 32.5 inches

Weight: 110.44lbs

Material: Heavy-duty PVC (3-ply laminated)

What’s included: Filter cartridge, insulated cover, carrying bag, two headrests, thermal ground cloth, inflation hose, test strip, multi-colored LED light, water heating pump, floating chlorine dispenser, and wireless touch display control panel.




One hundred seventy bubble jets offering therapeutic massage.

A stylish woodgrain appearance

Robust construction is all included.




It could take a long for the room to warm up.


Because of its reputation for longevity and sturdiness, the Intex PureSpa Greywood Deluxe series carries a price tag that is marginally more than comparable models’ competitors offer. It has a solid construction that places it on our list of the finest inflatable hot tubs for home use, and it is available in two different designs: one for four people and one for six people. It also emanates elegance, thanks to the woodgrain design that covers the outside, and it blends in perfectly with most patios and backyards.


An Intex PureSpa Greywood Deluxe is an excellent option if you frequently have achy muscles or want to conclude a long workday with a moment of pure relaxation. Even if it lacks the power of the greatest hot tubs, it is much simpler to install, and it frees you from the obligation of going to the nearest spa every time you feel like swimming. In addition to this, inflatables are simple to fold up and transport to different locations.

How To Choose the Right-Sized Inflatable Hot Tub


The size of your intended space is a major factor in determining the best inflatable hot tub to purchase. You should search for one that will fit in the area you have available, allowing for easy access from all sides. You can repair the problem without draining the system in an air leak. The external pump requires adequate space for operation, and the length of the cable determines its proximity to an electrical outlet.




Weight Inflatable hot tubs can range from the low 50s to well over 100 pounds. Larger inflatable hot tubs for sale are naturally heavier, so if you plan on taking yours on the road, you’ll want to go for a smaller, lighter one. It’s important to consider where to install it, as certain places, like a hardwood deck, have weight restrictions.




Material Choose vinyl or PVC if you want the inflatable hot tub to endure as long as possible. Triple-ply materials guarantee the durability of any inflatable hot tub. If you need to store it in direct sunlight, check product specifications to see if the material is UV resistant.


Capacity Of Water


When the tub is 80 percent filled, that’s how many gallons are involved. More water in the tank means more time to get to the correct temperature and more energy to keep it there. If you are okay with waiting around, a greater water capacity is a good option. A lower water capacity is the way to go if you need something to heat up fast or on the fly.

Because they are shallow, most hot tubs inflatable don’t come with chairs; however, some feature cushioned floors for a more comfortable experience. Your needs and venue layout determine the number of seats you’ll require. Having two adults and two children in it may feel quite different from having four adults.



Top rated inflatable hot tubs with jets use compressed air to force water through narrow openings. They typically feature between one hundred and two hundred jets.For maximum enjoyment, aim for 200 jets rather than 100 jets. Yet, such a strategy might require more work and time to achieve the same temperature reduction. You’ll get the desired gentle massage sensation no matter what setting you use.


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