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eCRATER is a web-based marketplace where users may purchase and sell goods without creating their websites. Put your wares up for sale & make some money by opening up your customized shop to display them. eCRATER lacks several crucial areas compared to the most successful online auction platforms. It has a restricted userbase, which restricts the number of people who will see your things to purchase, and it has very few customization choices owing to a lack of HTML or other code capabilities. Also, it has a small user base, which limits the number of people who will see your items to buy.


But, eCRATER does have a few things going for it, such as the fact that it is easy to use and provides several different payment choices for the user’s convenience. It is also less crowded than other online retailers, which means that even if the potential customer base is less, it is simpler to distinguish yourself from the other businesses in the industry.


  • Also, there are no monthly subscription fees.
  • There are expenses for seller verification.


  • It doesn’t allow HTML or other coding possibilities.
  • A modest number of existing customers

Ecrater Review: Features


You won’t have to worry about paying fees if you sell through an online auction site since they do it all for you. There are no setup fees, monthly fees, or expenditures to get verified as a seller when you start a store with us. In this scenario, you will be subject to a fee of 2.9 percent of the total transaction amount. This charge is computed based on the total price the customer pays for your goods. You cannot sell through the primary Marketplace, but doing so will make it more difficult for purchasers to find you and purchase your wares.

More than 65,000 people utilize this service at any given time. Although this is not the largest of the online auction sites we researched, it is insignificant. We suggest you sell through eBay since it has millions of registered users, allowing you to reach a larger audience interested in purchasing online. When you use this service to set up a store, you can have your items supplied to Google Shopping, which will help you sell more of your products and attract extra customers. Integration with Google Analytics is another option for monitoring store traffic and making necessary improvements. Read more at  Top Gift Card Exchange Sites.

eCRATER does not come without its share of restrictions, though. With this service, worldwide shipping is not an option; you may only ship within the United States, which restricts the pool of possible customers. Because eCRATER does not accept HTML or any other coding, the customization available for your business is quite limited. This is a disadvantage because personalization may help you bring in new consumers and keep the ones you already have returning.

Getting your shop up and running will take you only a short time. You may add goods and adjust your preferences with the help of the icons that are provided. You can pick the features and settings for your store from a menu on the side, which makes it simple to set up and have your store up and to run. You may also import items from eBay into your eCRATER shop, saving you the effort of manually importing products already listed on eBay under your seller account. You must refrain from importing your comments into the shop to demonstrate to customers that you are a reliable business.

 Review Of Ecrater, Focusing on Its Support and Payment Alternatives

Ecrater Review

This online auction site provides users with a wide variety of different ways to make payments. You may take payments in the form of money through direct credit card processing using Stripe, money orders, PayPal, cashier’s checks, personal checks, and COD, which stands for collect on delivery.

This service offers just a limited number of different alternatives for customer assistance. Email is the only way to communicate with customer service, as neither a phone number nor a chat feature is available. On the firm’s website is a page titled “Frequently Asked Questions,” which may address some of your queries, but it is not very long. (Try here)

Should You Make Use of Ecrater?

eCRATER is a web-based auction service that allows you to put up your store at no cost. This service has a low monthly subscription price, but compared to other online auction websites, it has fewer features and fewer options. Your business will not be able to distinguish itself from competitors since it does not allow HTML or coding, and there are very few choices for providing help to customers.

While it is straightforward to use this service, even if this is your first time creating an online store, its listing options and capabilities are lacking in certain respects. Because it doesn’t service anywhere like many people as eBay does, the audience size is another significant issue that holds it back.

Requirements that must be met before a product can be listed on an online auction website.

A variety of standards must be met before a product may be listed on an online auction website. The following are some of the standards that must be met to offer products for online auctions:

When you post your things for sale on any websites hosting online auctions, be sure to familiarize yourself with the unique rules imposed by each site.

A Current and Active Auctioneer License

Most websites demand that auctioneers hold a current and legal auctioneer license from the relevant state. Auctioneers that sell specialist items must obtain the appropriate license for their sector. For instance, to sell industrial goods at auction in the United States, auctioneers need to obtain a license issued by the Industrial Auctioneer Association (IAA).

Achieve The Desired Level of Performance

Auctioneers who wish to continue selling items through an online auction website must satisfy certain regulations specific to online auctions. The website mandates that auctioneers have a functional website with a specific page that details the object being placed for sale. Auctioneers must also maintain special hammer sale rates when selling items online.


Several websites verify that auctioneers have a successful history. Because of the accreditation, the online auction account will have a higher level of legitimacy.

Benefits Of Ecrater

There are several benefits for both vendors and customers on eCrater:

One of the best features of the Marketplace is that it’s a free platform that charges neither listing nor monthly fees to vendors. Because of this, it’s a good choice for people just getting started with selling products online, such as sole proprietors or small businesses.

Simple, eCrater makes it easy for sellers to open an online shop and control their listings. The platform’s intuitive design simplifies common tasks like product uploading, order management, and payment processing for merchants.

Sellers can reach a big audience on eCrater due to the site’s extensive community of buyers and sellers. Small company owners trying to broaden their consumer base may find this helpful.

eCrater Checkout is a payment tool that streamlines the process of collecting money from consumers and sending it to merchants. With this connection, the merchant and the customer get a streamlined checkout procedure.

The site’s layout adapts to the screen size of the user’s mobile device, making it suitable for use on the go. Customers purchasing from their smartphones or tablets may benefit from this.

Compared to other online marketplaces, our transaction costs are reasonable and competitive. As a result, merchants may reduce overhead and boost their earning potential.


Because eCrater is a free platform, there are no monthly fees nor listing fees required for vendors to use the network for marketing their wares. Instead, they make income through its Pro program, which charges merchants a monthly subscription for access to various additional products and services.

When a seller subscribes to the Pro plan, they have access to extra services such as the capability to design individualized shop pages, the opportunity to advertise their items on the homepage, and priority customer assistance. In addition, users of the Pro plan are eligible for a commission reduction on any sales handled through their payment provider.

Although utilizing Marketplace is free, sellers ought to be aware that they will still be liable for paying transaction fees on any transactions made through the site, regardless of whether or not they made the sales. In general, these costs are between 2.9 and 3.5 percent of the selling price, in addition to a flat charge for each transaction, although they can range anywhere from 2.9 to 3.5 percent depending on the form of payment the buyer chooses to use.

In conclusion, eCrater does not charge any listing or monthly fees for its basic service. Still, it does offer a paid Pro program with more features and services, and it is the responsibility of sellers to pay transaction costs on any purchases that are made through the site.

Ecrater: A Guide to The Selling Process

The process of selling on eCrater is uncomplicated and can be finished in just a few easy steps, including the following:

Register: To start selling, register for an account using the platform’s interface. You will be asked for basic information, such as the name, address, and email address, among other things.

When you have completed the registration process, you can set up your store by selecting a store name and personalizing your store page with your company’s logo, banner picture, and business description.

Create a list of your items: The following step requires you to create a list of your products by including product data such as the product name, description, price, and photos. You also have the option to include many variants for each product, like an extensive range of color options or size options.

Set up the shipment choices: Before opening your online store to customers, you must configure the shipping options, including shipping costs and delivery methods. The platform makes several different shipping alternatives available, such as shipping at a flat charge and shipping that is determined depending on the product’s weight and location.

Accept payments: eCrater’s Checkout, a payment tool that enables you to process payments from purchasers, is integrated with eCrater’s platform so that you may accept payments from customers. You can take payments from many sources, such as credit and debit cards, PayPal, and direct bank transfers.

Take control of your orders: As soon as you begin receiving orders, you can take control of them from the dashboard area of your account. You will have access to the order data, will be able to alter the order status, and will be able to connect with purchasers.

You will need to package & ship the goods to the buyer as soon as you order that product from a customer. You will have the capability to print shipping labels right from the dashboard, and you will also be able to give purchasers tracking information.

Selling on eCrater is an easy and uncomplicated procedure that entails setting up your business, listing your items, arranging your shipping choices, receiving payments, handling your orders, and distributing your products.


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