Samsung Smartthings Tracker Review

The Samsung SmartThings Tracker takes all of the work that has been done and technology that has been developed over the years to bring us trackers that are small but powerful, and it gives all of that in a package that is as simple and straightforward to use as possible.


You can rest assured that you will receive a tracker that looks great and is compatible with a wide variety of electronic gadgets and provides a wealth of practical functions thanks to the Samsung smartthings tracker discontinued. Nevertheless, perhaps most importantly, it manages to accomplish this while retaining a toughness that allows it to resist most circumstances.


The fact that the Samsung smart things tracker near me includes the first year of cellular service for free is a significant selling point in this case. This means you will have a complete GPS and LTE connection, allowing you to track live from a smartphone whenever and wherever you want. Because of reason, it is an excellent choice for use on children, automobiles, pets, and other things. You won’t find a better personal GPS tracker(Click here to BrickHouse Security Spark Nano 7) than this one.


Design and Features


The Samsung SmartThings Tracker has a pleasing aesthetic compared to other trackers. This device is completely white, has a matte finish, and is tiny enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Its corners are rounded nicely. This weighs much less than an ounce; thus, it is difficult to detect.


This loop connection makes it simple to hook onto a bag or a piece of clothing without the need for additional fasteners. This makes it simple to transport and use for various tasks as and when they arise.


The system was designed to cooperate with GPS and LTE-M, a low-power cellular network that was developed especially for using such devices. It implies having the ability to track anywhere in the country in real-time using a smartphone that has specialized software installed.


Everything has a rating of IP68, which indicates that it can withstand water immersion in freshwater up to a depth of five feet for up to half an hour. It eliminates the need for you to be concerned about sand, dust, or rain in any way. It is perfect if you want to attach it to the outside of a bag to get the greatest LTE connection possible. Despite this, its performance in the great outdoors isn’t quite up to par, and if you’re looking for a GPS device that can assist you in remote locations, the Spot Gen4 is a far better option.


The SmartThings Tracker is not very attractive. It is a compact white plastic measuring 1.7 by 1.7 by 0.5 inches. It has a little gray strap that can be threaded through the tracker and attached to bags or handbags. It weighs less than one ounce.


It is almost twice as thick as Tile and does not come in the same range of colors or sizes. But, it does have a classification of IP68, which indicates that it is resistant to water immersion for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 5 feet in freshwater and provides protection against dust, filth, and sand. Only the Tile Sport and Style get such high ratings within the Tile range.




The activation and installation of the specialized application are not very complicated. You will be ready as soon as the cellular service is up and running, and a date will be provided to indicate when your free year will end. Following then, the fee for the cellular connection is either $50 per year or, if paid monthly, $5 per month.


When the device exits specific areas, notification zones may be set up to give you notifications. Perfect for a parent who has to put this up for their kid but can’t leave the school as a zone throughout the day. There are two possible zones, with the shortest radius being 700 feet.


Samsung Smartthings Tracker Performance


In applications that take place in the real world, there is a delay between when the samsung smartthings tracker on cat is moved outside of the zone and when the notice is received. This delay is known as the lag time. Expect this to take as little as four minutes but as much as nine minutes. It’s not fantastic, but it’s an improvement over nothing. This does not mean, however, that it is not fast if you ask to check where the device is from inside the app; doing so works immediately, and the findings are shown on a map.


Power-saving modes are helpful, saving battery life by preventing pinging while the device is still. The option to customize the times at which various modes are activated is also quite helpful. If you set this feature on, you may anticipate getting a week’s worth of use from the gadget on a single charge. Turning it off increases the likelihood that you will want a recharge after around five days.


Automation is a fantastic bonus feature if you already own other Samsung Smart Things devices. When someone is spotted in the area, this system may be programmed to turn on the appropriate gadgets. When it senses that you have entered the home via the front door, for example, it might activate the lights in your home.


Instead, consider the AngelSense Guardian if you require a more subtle gadget for keeping tabs on youngsters or the elderly. In certain Samsung smart-things tracker cases, it’s the better choice.


How Does It Work?


Start by turning on your SmartThings Tracker and then downloading the SmartThings app if you don’t already have it. Wait for your phone to identify the tracker after selecting “Add device” in the app. If you follow the procedures for activating your cellular service, you will see a date that indicates when the free year of service will come to an end. You may be interested in BrickHouse Security Spark Nano 7.


Following that, setting up notification zones is simple. They are fantastic for receiving warnings when children, pets, or assets such as bicycles or automobiles leave a predetermined region. Nevertheless, you are only allowed to set up a maximum of two zones. I made use of both my house and my place of employment. Seven hundred feet is the shortest radius that may be used for such zones. The range included four streets in my area, which meant that my kid or pet might be wandering around on a neighboring busy street, and I wouldn’t be aware of it.


During my testing, SmartThings alerted me between 4 and 9 minutes after I left or arrived at a place. That’s not terrible, and it’s unquestionably preferable to having absolutely no monitoring at all. Still, nine minutes is a long time to wait, whether you’re talking about a teenager driving or a dog running.


The samsung smartthings item tracker performed far better when it came to finding objects in response to commands. After you have the application open and have tapped the button labeled “recenter GPS” in the bottom right corner, you will get a real-time ping of the tracker’s position. This result may be seen in either a map or satellite view, which is handy if you are interested in the landscape immediately around you.


In order to get the most out of your SmartThings Tracker, you will need to reduce the amount of tracking you do in order to preserve the battery life. You can activate a mode that saves power by preventing the tracker from automatically updating its position when it has been stationary in the same spot for a significant amount of time. When it moves, updates do begin anew from the beginning. You have the ability to customize this mode for certain times of the day and days of the week. The battery could last for up to a week if power saving is activated. If not, a charge should last you between four and five days.


SmartThings Tracker as a SmartThing


Since this tracker is a SmartThings device, you can also use it to launch “presence-based automation,” to which are what SmartThings refers to as “presence-based automation,” which are automatons that are triggered by the presence of a user. In order to do this, you will need to create a one-of-a-kind automation in the SmartThings app that depends on the tracker’s position. Examples of what may be triggered when the SmartThings Tracker enters or departs one of your preset zones include turning on or off lights, locking a door, and playing an audio notice.


As I left or entered one of my zones, automation was simple to set up and responsive to my actions. SmartThings also provided me with a notice to let me know the action had been activated. It is not the primary selling point of the SmartThings Tracker that it can be used in this manner, but it is a pleasant feature for houses that already make use of other SmartThings products or devices that are compatible with them.


The Cellular Advantage


The SmartThings Tracker is more expensive than Tile and TrackR, two popular alternatives. This is due to the fact that it foregoes Bluetooth in favor of an LTE-M connection, a low-power network designed exclusively for Internet of Things devices. The technology is more costly to build, but it has a range that is orders of magnitude greater than that of Bluetooth.


Smartthings Tracker Advantage


The TrackR’s maximum range is just 100 feet. The Tile Pro, the company’s most cutting-edge product, has a Bluetooth range of up to 300 feet. With the cellular strategy that SmartThings takes, the range is as extensive as your carrier’s network. If your tracker goes beyond that range, you will have to depend on crowd GPS and other app users to locate or discover your lost item.


Once you activate the SmartThings Tracker, cellular coverage is provided at no additional Samsung smart things tracker cost for the first year. The service will cost $5 per month or $50 for the whole year, depending on the service plan provided by AT&T. Depending on your carrier; your pricing can change.

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Should You Get the Samsung SmartThings Tracker?


Anybody interested in GPS and LTE tracking on demand for long-distance monitoring should strongly consider this option. It’s a terrific method to test out service like this since it has a free year of connection. The inclusion of IP68 water resistance, device connectivity, and the useful app with map-based information make this a very enticing option for the price.


AngelSense is one example of a gadget specifically designed to monitor the whereabouts of children and elderly people. Yet, considering that this is a gadget designed for everyday usage, its performance is remarkable.


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